August and Lena Get to Go Home! Plus 'Country Girl" photos :o)

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August and Lena Get to Go Home! Plus 'Country Girl" photos :o)

Lena is one happy girl...getting to play 'outside'.

I know everyone will be glad to hear the great news that Baby August is now home with Mommy and Daddy. :o) That is so much sooner than we were expecting! I'm so relieved that he is all OK now. I don't know all the details. 

Elisabeth called hoping I could bring Lena back right away. I know just how she feels! Poor thing. It's so hard to be away from your toddlers even for a day, much less several! I was always so attached to Rebekah especially. I guess it's a little girl thing. So, of course, I'm packing up a million little things while Lena naps.

Too bad I decluttered the baby car seat last spring from the potting shed,  as we could have used it in a pinch. The car seat is in the truck. Tim is driving to the local propane place to fill up A & E's gas tank so they can have hot water today. He is at their house. So I can't bring her to her mom and dad until Tim gets back with the car seat.

Anyway, our prayers are answered and all is well with my son's family. I thought you all might enjoy these photos of Lena's favorite thing to do every morning at Grandma's. (This is true of ALL my grandchildren I must say!) The first word out of their mouths in the morning is 'OUTSIDE??".  I can't blame them though. It is a lot of fun on the deck with all the pets and the cool morning breezes. It's a great place for toddlers.


I did a fun little sewing job on Lena's foam chair and will show the how to photos later this weekend. For now, it's back to Mom's cushions..after I get a little visit time with my dear August whom I haven't gotten to hold since he went into the hospital.

Have a great weekend and again THANKYOU so much!! For all your prayers! You are just so special to me!
Love and Blessings,


Breathing In Grace said...

So glad God heard and answered our prayers. Oh, Ms. Donna...she is adorable. I wish we had a GRAND-daughter, go along with our little rascals!!! Hope you have a great weekend...and a safe trip taking Miss Lena back home!

Melissa said...

Such wonderful news and and equally wonderful photos Donna! Have a wonderful reunion!

Ama x four said...

That is amazing! Children heal so incredibly fast...thank the Lord for that. I know everyone is relieved that he is home again and back with his little sis. I know How hard it was for them to be away from her, but she was in great hands. You are a super Grandma! They are very lucky to have you and Tim.
Prayers of praise and Thanksgiving all around...and for his continued good health.
Love to all.

Room for More said...

Praise God! What wonderful news!

Jill said...

Hi Donna!

So happy to hear August is home! How wonderful! Lena is so cute! My parents have a large deck my husband built for them, my girls love going out on it to play. they eat out there, wash dolls out there and everything. The simple pleasures of life! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog the other day. :-)

hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Cindy said...

Donna, Lena is so cute!She looks like she is having a great time at your house!!

Praise God for His healing hands on August! I will still keep in our prayers for his strength now.

Have a great visit with him and Lena.

Hugs, Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Debby said...

Great news about
Baby August. Lena is so cute. She reminds me of our little Mabel.

Ky said...

Lena is SOOOO precious! Love the photo with the stick hanging out of her mouth!
Fantastic news about August! Hope he stays well and grows to be a beautiful, chubba bubba.

Enjoy your family Donna. x

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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