Answered Prayer~The House is Selling..Today!

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Answered Prayer~The House is Selling..Today!

Well, the long journey of selling Dad's house will be over by the time you read this post! I guess the paint job  we did on the garage door, posts, trim and door frames must have met the HUD appraiser's standards. (Gee..thanks for telling me guys.) I didn't find out until yesterday morning. I'm meeting a notary at a Starbucks in town to sign my set of papers for closing the sale of the house TODAY. I think I will have to celebrate with a Starbucks coffee..for sure!

God is so good to help us stick with this through all the ups and downs.  After days and days of hard work..someone has actually bought the house, and we are free of this burden. 

It's hard to believe it ever looked like this!

I remember the day Jacob and I drove to Grand Prairie to find this mess on the lawn. I almost gave up in despair..right then and there, but my son said, "Let's pray, Mom!" So we did..and then I began the step by step journey..that led to this... I wrote about that trying day on March 13th of this year here. It seems like a lifetime ago! I was afraid I would never see the miracle that has happened today.

The mess is all gone now and this house has been transformed thanks to the help of my children, husband, mom, sister, Heather, and some local friends who volunteered to help me as each crisis occurred. I could not have done it without their help. Bless you! And thanks to all of my dear readers who prayed and encouraged me when the job just seemed to big for me. You kept my spirits up!

Now, except for the fact that I still have a pile of paperwork to process and utilities to shut off, etc., our family will be able to go on with normal life.  Perhaps we can consider painting our own house! Wouldn't that be wonderful?   So while you are reading this...I'm signing papers and making phone calls and writing checks to try to finalize this whole process. But I'm doing it with peace in my heart. If you are facing 'impossible' situations, I hope this story encourages you not to give up hope. Our God loves 'the impossible'!

Happy Homemaking!

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Breathing In Grace said... glad all your hard work has paid off and you can put this behind you!! It has to be a load off your shoulders!

GlorV1 said...

Congratulations Donna. It's great that the house has sold. I wish you r and r for a little while. You have to take care of yourself. You need a getaway, a short getaway to just relax. Again, congrats and hopefully you can go back to normal living conditions, but alas that is a lot too. tee hee.

Needled Mom said...

Yeah. Glad it is behind you.

Rae said...

I know it's a wonderful feeling! Congrats on the sale.
Thank you Donna for joining in on Tuesday Tea.You are so wonderful to have tea with my dear!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you! Guess you did get my "Donna needs some good news" vibes. :)Maybe after a much needed break you'll gave a second wind to take on some other productive projects...but first kiss the grandkids and love on the family. I'm sure they're missed the less-stressed version of you.

Kelly said...

Donna; What a wonderful inspiring post about not giving up! You are so right when you say, "God loves the impossible!"
Now you can enjoy the peace that He has left you with in knowing that you have persevered and endured and will now be truly blessed!
God bless you Donna!

Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

so glad for you!

Caroline said...

Our miracle of house selling happened almost a year ago today. SO HAPPY For you - what a weight must be lifted!!

antmee said...

So happy all your hard work and patience paid off!

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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