Happy Birthday!...to Four of My Five Children...all born in October

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Happy Birthday!...to Four of My Five Children...all born in October

 We have so many exciting things going on this week, that I can't write my usual posts, but I thought I'd pop these pictures up for you to enjoy. Today is my daughter, Rebekah's 20th birthday! We are having a quiet dinner at home and made her favorite recipe..Lasagna which I showed you how to make here. I also tried a new recipe for dessert because she did not want anything to do with birthday cake. We have way too many birthdays in one month not to get burned out on cake by the 26th.

  So I made Chunky Apple Cake..a recipe from Southern Living. Oh my goodness! It's absolutely heavenly, especially with warmed caramel sauce (rather than the cream cheese icing it calls for).  I took photos and will share this with you later.  It's hard to believe my sweet daughter is now 20! We are down to two teenagers..amazing!

Matthew's birthday was on October 12th. He turned 25! He may look all grown up..but he's still my baby. :o)  It was so good to visit with him over the phone. He will be deployed in January and you can be sure I will be praying for his safety all the while he is there. He will be working as a translator in Afghanistan.

 Christian celebrated his 16th birthday on October 7th with a camping trip for three..his friend Sean, his 18yr.old brother, Jacob, and himself. They packed plenty of junk food to sustain them and camped in the woods behind our property. With seven acres of woods..it was plenty remote enough for them.

Christian is the baby of the family. I can hardly believe he is 16 already!

Andrew turned 22 on the same day that Christian turned 16--October 7th! Don't ask me how I managed that one.  That made three birthdays in one week. It has had me running for years trying to have three separate birthdays so each child would feel special.

Here he is with his wife, Elisabeth, at the baby dedication for both their children, August and Lena.

Andrew and Ebeth came over when we held Christian's 16th birthday party. We sang Happy Birthday to both of them of course. :o)  So you see..October is plenty busy for our family..what with four birthdays. It will be a whirlwind sort of week, so my posts are going to be pretty light, but I look forward to a regular schedule next week.  Thanks, so much, all of you for your kind comments while I've been on the go this last week or so. You are such good friends!

Have a great week and
Happy Homemaking!


Trudy said...

Happy birthday, Everyone! We'll keep Matthew in our prayers. Whew! You sure are having a busy month with all of the birthdays and the painting and making these wonderful posts for us. I just don't know how you do it. You are a wonder woman for sure.

Needled Mom said...

Happy birthday to all. Our May and October are the same way. It gets a little crazy, doesn't it?

GlorV1 said...

Happy Birthday to all! How fun it must be to have such a big family. You are definitely a person who has it all. The important things in life, love and family. I applaud you and am glad I know you. I learn from you, the good things in life. Take care and again Happy Birthday to all your kiddies. :DD Tee hee.

meg said...

Happy birthday, all of 'em! My eldest, Ashley, shares the 7th with Christian & Andrew--how cool is that?! (March is our crazy month but that is mostly in-laws, not all of us.) *tosses cake & ice cream to all*

Caroline said...

Happy birthday everyone. I'm curious when the fifth has their birthday?

I'm reminded of a story of one of my friends, whose first four (now five) sons were all born within a six week stretch of dates in Jan/Feb. We kidded her about what might be 9 months before - turns out her anniversary is in April. :) She is now expecting #6 NOT due at that same time. I always makes me chuckle when I remember that.

My birthday is in october too. It's the best month of the year!

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