How to Make Our Family's Southern-Style Potato Salad--a Favorite for 23 years!

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How to Make Our Family's Southern-Style Potato Salad--a Favorite for 23 years!

This potato salad is not a mustard based one...because no one in my family likes 'tangy' potato salad. It calls for Mayo instead and is more of a creamy and salty style.  Everyone at church ADORES this potato salad! It is perfect for cookouts and big family gatherings. I have one very loyal fan, Tammy's husband, Mike, who always makes a beeline for it if he hears that I have brought a bowl full.

Since I don't have a recipe, I'll just show you how to do it. I mean, really, you just add all the ingredients 'to taste'. If you want more pickles ..throw 'em in! If your short on onion...well, just leave it out. I mean, you all ladies know how this is done. It's standard practice in most kitchens, as far as I know. :o)  All you need is mayonnaise (the real stuff), diced onions, crumbled cooked bacon, diced dill pickles, cold cooked cubed white or red potatoes, and salt and pepper.  The amounts really are up to you.

The first step is to boil the potatoes. I usually cook at least five pounds of potatoes because I'm normally  cooking for a big get together. My sister and I boil them with their 'jackets on', and then peel or scrape them off afterwards.

While the potatoes are simmering, I start the bacon frying.  I always chop my bacon before I cook it so it's easier to just stir and fry.  This was a great idea of my sister's. I'm pretty sure she is the one who taught me how to make potato salad this way. I sometimes put in a whole pound of bacon! This last time I only put in a half a pound because that is all that I had on hand.

When the bacon is done, I scoop it all out into a paper-towel lined bowl, to drain

 I usually chop about two handfuls (cups??) of dill pickle slices into little pieces, 
and put them in a small bowl off to the side.

Then I dice my onions. I usually put them in a bowl and cover them right away so they don't smell up the whole house. Rebekah refuses to dice the onions, but I told her some day she was just going to have to grin and bear it. Dicing onions is an unavoidable task for good cooks. :o) Of course, there are kitchen gadgets that help with this job too.

By this time, the potatoes should be done. If you drain them and pull on their skins under running water,  right after they have cooked through, they usually slip right off. If you wait and let them cool, you will probably have to get out a pairing knife to get the skins off. Once they are peeled, I dice them into big cubes and set the bowl aside so the potatoes can cool. I don't like sticking them in the fridge right away because it's bad for the fridge temperature.  This works out well because you are usually cooking other things like brisket and greenbeans and onions..right? :o)

If you must cool the potatoes in a hurry, you can always lay them on a wax paper lined cookie sheet. Cover the potatoes with saran wrap and put the sheet in the freezer for about ten minutes.

Now for the final part--putting the ingredients altogether. This is where I add a huge scoop of mayo, maybe two, depending on how much is needed to make a somewhat creamy coating.  I stir the mayo in first, then toss the bacon pieces, onions, and pickles on top.  I go ahead and salt and pepper the mixture too and then stir it all together.  Be sure to reserve about a 1/4 cup of bacon pieces for 'decoration' at the end. I forgot to do that this time, but they look nice sprinkled on the top.

Now you are all ready to wow your friends and family at your next gathering. Enjoy!  Oh, and don't forget my giveaway! I'll be picking two winners and posting quilt blocks for you to choose from on November 1st.

Happy Homemaking!


GlorV1 said...

Donna, I popped in real quick and am signing off just about as quick. I have lots to do but I wanted to say, I will make this potato salad today and in fact I'm headed to the kitchen to put some potatoes to boil. Thank you for the recipe. Sorry your hubby and son will be gone for 9 days did you say? You'll miss them but be so happy when they get back. Have a great weekend and I have to go. Working on studio today too. Take care.

Donna said...

Oh..I'm so happy! You are such a good cook that I feel complimented. :o) Thanks, Gloria.


Anonymous said...

Hi Donna...Thank you for sharing the way you make your Potato Salad! I look forward to trying it your way! Simple blessings for your weekend! ♥ Teri

Caroline said...

okay, I'm going to come back later and read this because that looks really yummy.

But, I made the pattern for the sleep sacks, loosely based on some shirts he was wearing ... they ought to be a bit big anyway, so very forgiving to make your own pattern. I still have it in my file somewhere ...

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Yummy!!! I am going to have to try the bacon in there too. I will also check out the give away. My neighbor is giving me her old sewing machine so I would love a quilt project to begin my adventure in sewing. My neighbor is a great guilter and promises to guide me through.

delitealex said...

Thanks for the recipe I'll definitely have to try it.

Laura said...

Good Morning!
Can't wait to try your recipe...I've never thought of bacon in potato salad...but I know that my family will love it!
Thanks for sharing!

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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