Join Me and my Friends for Sewing Bee.....Plus: Photo of Quilted Heart Banner

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Join Me and my Friends for Sewing Bee.....Plus: Photo of Quilted Heart Banner

Isn't it wonderful to get together with friends and work on a big project? Unless we are retired, or our kids are grown up and gone from home, most of us rarely enjoy the pleasures of a sewing bee. But the truth is that some projects are just too big to sew by yourself. The ministry banner for my friend, Peggy, was just such a project.

And doesn't it look lovely?  Peggy showed it off at a gathering of friends last night and just blessed me to no end. Her face was beaming and I could tell she was really thrilled. She gave me a beautiful thank you gift of handmade heart shaped soaps which she and Tammy had also made for the weekend participants.

I guess, technically, I could have done it alone. But why do that when you have great friends who can help? One of the important things about this banner, was that it was supposed to represent 'community in service'.  In other words, it was truly meant to be a group project. My friends, Christi and Ruth drove quite a ways, to get to my house out in 'the sticks' to come work with me on this banner.  Thanks so much ladies!

Christian enjoyed his little impromptu baby sitting job more than he had intended. A 16yr. old isn't supposed to want to cuddle up with two cuties, but imagine my surprise when I found him doing just that while watching a children's movie! Of course, who could resist such little darlings. You may have seen them on Christi's blog, Lachpach Pics.

 Laurie, my decorating friend whose house  you recently toured, and Suzanne, both from my church, cut out the letters for the banner which was a huge help since my hands tend to go numb if I do anything to repetitive. Thanks ladies!   Julie, who was going to be arriving with Rachel, was going to be given the fun job of gluing on the letters. (I also iron them on from the back--but don't trust that to hold!)

Christi did a super job quilting the scrappy heart, considering she had not quilted since she had lived in the country as a girl. She treasures memories of helping her Grandma quilt. I had her use a tight running stitch, to quilt the heart since she had not learned the traditional 'rocking' stitch. I thought it looked lovely. We weren't looking for 'perfection' here, but rather a group project from all of our hearts. :o)

If you love quilted things, be sure to check out my Blogiversary giveaway post and sign up as a follower. I'm giving away a quilted totebag and you get to pick the quilt block from my stash that you would like on the bag.  Carolyn of Handmade by Carolyn is also hosting a giveway that seamstresses would love!

Ruth is a little camera shy (aren't we all?) and is pictured above on the left. Here she is tracing the cutting line for the 'scrapbook edge' effect that I designed for the banner. She is an expert seamstress and I knew, if anyone could help me with the handwork, it would be her!

She was such a brave soul to let me teach her how to applique by hand--not a technique for the faint of heart!  She and Christi saved me many hours of work by doing the quilting and appliqueing they did.

 My friends Rachel and Julie, Tres Dias friends pictured here where I first showed you how I was making this banner, were not able to come due to Rachel's car breaking down. They were both so disappointed not to be able to come as they had planned.

Rachel is one of my few serious (and crazy!)quilting friends and she was going to machine sew on the borders for me. I knew she could whip it right out. Love you Rachel!! (Blowing you a kiss.)  Poor Colleen--she's my fellow songwriter, emailed me both times that I sent out the request..but she does have a houseful of sweet little ones and just couldn't break away. Thanks, Colleen!

She's a whiz at making machine sewn quilts and a great designer. I was hoping to let her sew the tabs too. I think they turned out pretty good, even if she didn't get to help me.  (Sorry about that..sad face.)

As it is, I found that I didn't have matching thread for the green fabric and had to spend an additional day sewing the entire outer edge by hand. I was out of time--yipes!  (The store is 30 minutes away.) I had to do a little babysitting of a certain grandchild (not that I minded at all), and help Laurie move, so there were a couple of delays after I had gotten this project started.  But there really was 'enough' time, as usual.  It was yet another chance to remind myself that interruptions can be memorable moments if you look at them the right way. :o) 

Well, I hope you enjoyed your little visit with us today. We had so much fun sewing with my friends and visiting over my stitching that we decided to figure out a way to do it again! I made a decision that day that I would start a sewing bee if it killed me. Ruth agreed to join me as the first 'official' member and Christi, who is an avid scrapbooker, said she was going to set a date for a 'scrap till you drop' bee at her house soon. Imagine my delight when I found out that Trudy, of Sewing with Trudy, wanted to start a bee too! So together, we are starting the 'Stitchin' Mamas' sewing bee. If you live in the North Houston area or anywhere nearby...just email me or Trudy for details. We'd love to have you join us!

Happy Homemaking!


Trudy said...

You all did a beautiful job. It's gorgeous.

Julia said...

How special and beautiful! Even better since it was done with friends.

Caroline said...

oh, it's done! so beautiful!

Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

what a lovely accomplishment!
it is inspiriting for me as i'm wanting to begin something like this for our worship area ...
thx so much for showing the work
in progress !
blessings to ea of u !!

Breathing In Grace said...

What fun! The banner is beautiful...excellent handiwork!

Cindy said...

Donna what a special banner.I love the verse on it!! I wished I lived closer to be in in the sewing bee. Maybe down the road I will participate via blogging!!

Hugs and squeezes from Cindy at Rick-Rack and Gingham and of course "Mornin Glories"

Hootin Anni said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!! What a wonderful work of art and devotion. I love this project.

Hi Donna...
I want to thank you for your sweet, wonderful comments left for me today.

To answer your question, I live in Corpus Christi. Retired here, finally, after we lived in the deserts of the Sonoran, in Tucson [I had enough HOT and dry, and wanted tons of water nearby. LOL]

The square dancing on the beach in Galveston sounds terrific.

Laura said...

Dear Donna,
Just wanted to comment on what a lovely job you did on this banner...such a wonderful project.
Sweet blessings,

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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