Route 66 Challenge Quilt~ My Art Show Entry

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Route 66 Challenge Quilt~ My Art Show Entry

My Route 66 Challenge quilt...all designed and hand quilted by me. This is my most treasured quilt. I had given it to Dad several years ago, shortly after I made it.  While caring for him, I found the quilt all folded up in a drawer. I felt as if I'd found a long lost child!

I'll be entering this quilt in our church's art show this Saturday, even though I won't be there. I'm so sad to be missing it!  Shona of An Artful Life hosts this at her home every year. It's part of our annual Reformation Festival.  I usually set up a Ladies' Medieval Tea Outdoor Tea Room with my friend Laurie. But this year we will be in Galveston at the Texas HoeDown (square dance convention). 

This is the first quilt I ever designed completely myself. It is all hand quilted except for the diner cloth, which my friend, Margie, machine quilted, due to the fact that I was running out of time. (5ft x 6ft)  (Click on quilt to see larger view.)  The inspiration for this quilt was this piece of fabric which I cut apart and appliqued in various places on the quilt.

It was less than a yard of fabric. Out of 24 very experienced quilters who were regulars at the Quilt Impressions store in Sugar Land, Tx....22 voted for my quilt. I'd only been quilting a few short months!

The Jack Rabbit Billboard in  Joseph City, Arizona.

That's when I knew that some day, when the kids were older, I was going to start designing my own quilts or wall hangings.  I couldn't paint and sculpt like Dad...(how I wanted too!), but I 'saw' pictures in my mind and discovered that applique was my method and fabric was my medium.

A Map of Route 66 across the US

I spent several days researching all the exciting stops along the way and picked the ones I liked best from each state. Then I made applique pictures of each landmark. 

The Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari, New Mexico


The Big Blue Whale in Catoosa, Oklahoma

The Gemini Giant in Wilmington, Illinois

Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Tx.


GlorV1 said...

Oh Donna. Why are you having it auctioned off? This beautiful quilt would be so happier staying in the family. I would definitely keep it, it is beautiful. You did a great job and it was a gift to your dad. I love the work you did on it. I have the very first two small hanging quilts I made. I painted on the material and sewed, it was fun. I think I am going to hang them in the studio. Have a great weekend and maybe it isn't too late to save the quilt? I'm sentimental, sorry. Take care.

Maria Killam said...

Those quilts are so amazing, thanks for sharing them with us! You are so talented Donna!

Ky said...

That's such an awesome quilt, you clever lady! So much work has gone into it. No wonder you love it so much.

Unknown said...

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Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...


Cindy said...

Donna..this is really awesome. Very creative!! Route 66 was the route we traveled to California as a child. Most of those stops I have been too. Looking forward to seeing the quilts in your future!!

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Laura said...

Dear Donna,
I love this quilt! What a wonderful piece of artwork...and so special that you made it for your dad. You are such a creative lady, my dear!
Sweet blessings,

Anonymous said...

thank you

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