Just Home from Square Dancing in Galveston...Blogiversary Winners will be Announced Tomorrow

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Just Home from Square Dancing in Galveston...Blogiversary Winners will be Announced Tomorrow

We just got home from Galveston, late last night, so I'm a little behind on doing the drawing. Sorry about that folks!   I am working on this post  and hope to have it ready to post before I leave to take  Jacob to the Honor Society Meeting where he and fellow  home school students will meet the Mayor of Tomball. 

  The real square dancing action in the teen room at the Texas HoeDown Square Dance Festival. Can you tell how energetic my son, Jacob, and daughter, Rebekah are when it comes to dancing. Jacob is the president of our club, The Grand Squares in Tomball.
The winners of my Blogiversary Giveaway to celebrate my first ever blogiversary will be announced  first thing in the morning. I will also post photos of quilt blocks that the two winners can choose from to have quilted on their bags. In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy these photos from our trip to Galveston for the Texas HoeDown Square Dance for 2010. We had a wonderful time!

Rebekah and Christian on the Adult Dance Floor

  Rebekah and friend, Jeremy, decide to square dance '50's Style' in the evening.
Christian and Jacob found time to swim during a lunch break.

 While Tim, Rebekah, and I walked the beach.

I took some photos too since I seem to be getting the hang of taking better photos all around and wanted to work on some good beach shots. I would say that that is my newest hobby. 
I'm working really hard at improving my photography skills.

Rebekah had birthday money to spend..so we hit the local souvenir shops. One, Murdocks, was so fantastic that we brought our friends, The Strakas, back with us later in the afternoon. I will be doing a separate post about this great place!

We had a late lunch around three with Gary, Gaylan, and Sarah, one of Rebekah's favorite friends. We met this sweet family when we first started square dancing and have been great friends ever since!  

Of course, we voted for our very favorite place to eat in Galveston...The Spot.  The bikers all love it..but we don't hang out with them..Ha! We eat in the restaurant part and have a great time.

 Rebekah adores the motorcyles...as much as the food. 
Did I tell you she wants to learn to ride? Oh my!

Last stop was at the ice cream counter. They serve Blue Bell..and it's great. (No..I didn't eat any! They didn't have coffee flavored. :o)

Like father, like daughter...


 Christian..avoiding having to square dance..or get his photo taken.
 Tim and I on the ferry--a little wind blown I might add!

Tim helps fill the square. A mom (daughter of a caller)  'called' this dance because K.O. was on the second ferry boat,  but the quality of the recording was very poor. Too much wind!

We also had a fun time with the kids, square dancing on the Ferry. Now that is a really fun way to dance..but it made my stomach queasy!

The hard part was squeezing all the kids in just a few vehicles!

Sunset from the Ferry Boat...by Rebekah

Well, I have to get a last paper notarized for the house sale, and get supper cooked before heading off to Jacob's meeting. I'm working on my post for the drawing now and will have it ready to post by 12:00am tonight (tomorrow??).  Thanks so much for all your sweet comments! I pre-scheduled my posts for this week, because it was such a busy one and didn't get to visit you guys nearly as much as I'd hoped to. I look forward to a 'normal' rest of the week..and a lot of visiting. :o)

Happy Homemaking!


Julia said...

Great photos and videos. I used to love square dancing. We were in a group called the Teen Twirlers when we were teens, just a few years ago. There used to be a very active group in the town we used to live in. I don't know if they still dance or not.
I would love to go to Galveston. I've read several books about the awful flood there!

Lorraine said...

great photos Donna..I love the swirly skirts.

Tom said...

Hi, Donna.

I liked the photo of Jacob & Rebekah and the dancers so much that I used it as the cover on my new caller page http://www.facebook.com/Gray.Caller

Tried to give a back-link to your blog but FB blocked it. I appealed the block.


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