Quilted Tote Bags

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Quilted Tote Bags

I know it’s Christmas and believe me…I’m feeling the pressure to get things done on my Christmas to do list, but today is Anti-Procrastination day. That means it’s the day to do something you’ve been putting off. Of course, that is unlikely to be something on my Christmas ‘to do’ list!  Three of my sweet readers won quilted tote bags the first week of November on my Blogiversary (Yipes!), which means I need to quilt those bags…ASAP!  Thanksgiving kind of took over before I realized what was happening.  But I haven’t forgotten my winners! :o)

button holes

So today, before I head off to the Houston Blogger Meet Up this evening (7:00pm at La Madeline’s in The Woodlands), I’m going to spend the day finishing up those tote bags. I’m hoping to get FOUR in the mail tomorrow morning when I run errands.  I also need to sew a shower curtain for my friend Laurie, but I may not get that finished until tomorrow evening. 
Then I can work on our Christmas cards, family photo, and sleep bags for the nieces and nephews with a CLEAR CONSCIENCE! Sometimes, it’s so hard to really enjoy the holidays, because there is something sort of ‘hanging out there’ undone that we know is really important. So today, I’m stopping the ‘holiday train’ to do this very special task.  

Actually, I've been procrastinating much worse than this if the truth be told. Aunt Joan, Angela, and Nanamom..I'm so sorry that I'm still behind on your projects...but the antique quilt blocks, Great-grandma's postage stamp quilt, and the last couch cushion covers will have to be January projects. I AM going to finish your projects too. :o) I promise!  You'll be famous..IN January! Sigh..talk about procrastination! Yipes!

quilt block 2quilt block 3quilt block 1

It will be fun thinking of my friends NannyKim, CountryMama and Cindy of RickRack and Gingham today while I work. 

tote bags

After doing one for Linda of The Briar Rose Gate (which I’m sending in the morning) and my secret sister, I’ve finally found a better method for appliquéing the blocks to the bags. Practice always helps!

Is there some project you have been putting off that is keeping you from feeling like you have a ‘clear deck’ for working on holiday tasks? Let’s get it done today! There is plenty of time to do what you need to do. Just decide what is truly important and leave the rest to work itself out or not. 

What project do you need to do that you’ve been procrastinating on? I’ll be cheering you all the way!

Happy Homemaking!



GlorV1 said...

Very nice Donna. I'm sure they will appreciate all the work you are doing in the quilting. You are definitely an artist in the way you plan the designs for your quilting. I've got the linen closet that needs straightening out. I will get to it before the year is out. Tee Hee. I'm making molasses cookies today. Have a great rest of the week Donna, take care.

Caroline said...

Have fun tonight!!

Goose's birthday is TOMORROW! so I always feel like I have to get birthday stuff done before doing christmas stuff. We do both on a relatively small scale but I still feel like I have two things to keep track of ... not my favorite thing. BUT goose loves the season - it's just one long party starting with thanksgiving and then his birthday and then Christmas. He is so happy running around the house today, shouting, "my birthday is tomorrow!!!"

I wish I could get to my ever lengthening list of sewing projects ...

Jill said...


Those totes are just gorgeous and even better they are made by hand!
Have a great time tonight and stay warm! Your package should be arriving soon i sent it priority mail.
Have a great evening!!

Donna said...

I'm so happy for Goose, Caroline! You are such a good mom not to let his birthday get lost in the holiday shuffle. :o)

Thanks Jill! I can't wait! Yippee!

Kerrie said...

Your tote quilting is beautiful! Chemo for hubby today at 10:45, won't get into too many projects today but will make time for something! Have a wonderful day!

Beautifully Veiled said...

Woooooeeeee! Looking at all that got me excited! I'm going to get in on "Anti-Procrstination Day" too!!! .....as soon as I get a nap!!!! ;-)

meg said...

"Is there some project you have been putting off that is keeping you from feeling like you have a ‘clear deck’ for working on holiday tasks?" My friend, that is my LIFE! lol! Those totes are lovely!

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