Exquisite Presidential Ornaments

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Exquisite Presidential Ornaments


Good morning friends! It’s Tuesday and time for a cup of tea and a little chat. I would  love to have Rayanne’s good friends from A Lovely Thought join us at our new location here at Comin’ Home. Speaking of a good chat and a cup of tea, my friend Shona is hosting an actual…real..in person tea time at La Madeline’s in The Woodlands Texas! It’s fun to meet online and talk about things close to our hearts but how much better it would be to do this in person!


Rayanne,  Shona, Trudy, Shannon and I  (and maybe Terri B.) are all getting together at 7pm tomorrow evening and we would love to have any blogging friends drop by. We are going to ‘talk shop’. You know how it is when you get to talking about blogging and people’s eyes sort of ‘glaze over’… They just don’t get it…and how can we blame them? We didn’t get it either until we started blogging.

It’s such a rewarding and fulfilling pasttime and way to share our gifts with others and be blessed in turn.  I know I have friends who aren’t to far away like Angela, Anita, Terri S., and Shannon R. to name a few. I may just have to send out personal emails and BEG you all to come!  And even if you don’t blog, but READ blogs..and live in the area..you are as much an integral part of blogging as those of use who write the blogs…

Come one..Come all to the Houston Blogger Meet Up! 

Let’s have a great time visiting ‘face to face’!  And in the meanwhile, if you can’t come, and any little question has popped up in your head this week that you’d like to chat with me about, just send me an email. It’s on my sidebar under my photo. I’d love to chat about it at our next Tuesday Tea (of course it doesn’t have to be public).


Life doesn’t stop for Christmas as I mentioned last week, so I’m off to take my son, Jacob, to sign up for next semester’s dual credit classes, but take time this week, to have a cup of tea with those right there in your home..or perhaps a neighbor!  My teenagers (mostly boys) and I sit down with our cups of tea or mugs of hot cocoa or coffee almost every day, just to visit. I’m so glad we do! I never meant to start a ‘tradition’ but moving out here to the country, seven years ago, it just sort of happened  naturally.  The kids regularly get TYPE A me to just “STOP and have a cup of tea and a chat”.

So that’s the thought I’d like to leave with you today. No matter how busy it gets…take some time to sip a cup of something..and spend time with those you love. That’s one way to really enjoy the Christmas season and take time to reflect on the real meaning of Christmas.

 This one is from the Grand Canyon and not a Presidential Ornament..but I love it! We bought this as a souvenier.

 For Tuesday Tea, I'm sharing photos of my very favorite ornaments..all gifts from my husband's parents. These are so beautiful aren't they? I can never look at them enough. I'm just amazed that they make ornaments like this!

Please do write a little post or link to a recent one where you show off your pretty Christmas things or your tea cups and goodies! We'd love to visit with you. Just link up right here and I'll drop by to visit this afternoon.

Love you all!


Kelly said...

Hi Donna;
Wow, what lovely ornaments. The first one reminds me of Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice, I don't know why.
They are absolutely gorgeous.
Thanks for sharing them.

Debra said...

I love those Presidential ornaments. I have one from 2009. I hope to get one this year, too. :)

Shona Cole said...

Donna, thanks for the mention of our blog meet up tomorrow. I am looking forward to seeing you.

Mary said...

I am having Indian Spice Tea.

It has in it - Cardamom, Cinnamon, Rainbow Peppercorns, Clove, Anise Seed, Fennel, and Ginger.

On this crisp day, it is very warming to the body.

It has been a favorite for many years.

Donna said...

Hi Mom! I didn't recognize you when you left your comment as "Mary"..Ha! When I checked your profile I saw 'Disaster Reservist' and I thought- Ah Ha! That has to be my mother!

You make the very best teas! I can see why so many people order your tea bags. :o)


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