Gift Wrapping Made Simple

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Gift Wrapping Made Simple

 Am I the only one who gets overwhelmed at the thought of wrapping, packing, and shipping Christmas gifts? I don't have such a problem with wrapping the gifts--I can live with that. But when you also expect a S.H.E. like me to scrounge around for the right sized boxes in which to pack them..and also find enough packing peanuts or other materials  to keep them safe until they arrive... well, Sister..then you are surely asking for trouble .LOL!  It's just too much for a 'visually' cued person like me to handle!!

I was so discouraged, the other day, at the sight of all those items to be wrapped..and the boxes all jumbled in a corner of the living room..and the garbage bags full of various packing materials that I've saved all year surrounding me...that I almost gave up altogether. First, I thought about cleaning the oven..or maybe writing a poem...or planting bulbs for next spring. I also considered going on vacation..but I don't think Christmas is the best time of year for that..regardless of what 'Mr. and Mrs. Crank' might think.   It just looked like way too big of a job!

gifts under tree 3

I'm sure it would have helped if I had worked at this a little bit at a time, but now that the kids are older, there seem to be so many evening activities, that I have to carve out a whole day..or two or do this. I know, I should have gotten those packages in the mail five days ago, but two tires were on the brink of blowing out, and my 20yr. old daughter was about to drive to Dallas and back--by herself, and we had company for dinner...and went to visit family...and the weather was soooo.... lovely...

packages in boxes

Well, when it could be avoided no longer, I sat down to wrap gifts with Rebekah, my daughter, and we plugged away at it very valiantly (I thought) and then cratered and went to bed. The next morning, the sight in the living room was just too much for me. I determined to come up with a better plan.  I just can't stand working in chaos, so I organized all the piles, turned on the Christmas music, made a cup of cocoa and put it in my new penguin cup, (thank you Jill!), and went to work in a much better frame of mind than the day before.

Here are the steps I took to make gift wrapping simple....

1. Gather tape, scissors, ribbon, bows, packing tape, gift tags, mailing labels,  addresses (a print out or book), sharpie, and ink pen. Put it all in a pretty basket. :o) This way, we all know where these items go when we are not using them and I won't keep losing all of these items every time I wrap a gift. (I say 'we' because I assume you gathered recruits for this project--no child is too small! My kids have been 'wrapping' gifts for years!! :o)

2. Gather all the gift bags and tissue paper that could be used for Christmas gifts and put them in the biggest bag. Gift bags make gift wrapping immensely more simple. Grab your gift wrap paper and brown shipping  paper while you are at it.

3. Put all the bows  in another gift bag so they don't end up all over the floor when you are  trying to pick the 'perfect' color.

gifts to wrap

4. Gather all of the gifts you have purchased and put them in a laundry basket or two somewhere nearby. (Be sure to mark out all of the prices or remove the price tags, and of course, the receipts need to go in an envelope labeled 'Christmas' for possible future returns.)

packed boxes
5. Gather all of the miscellaneous boxes you can find in the house. (If you don't have enough, put this step off until tomorrow. Tonight, at 11pm to midnight or so, go 'shopping' at Wal-mart. You can drive your cart around everywhere and take all the boxes you like for free. Just don't take any marked 'Wal-mart' as they have to return those to their main headquarters.

6. Gather all of the packing peanuts and other materials that I hope you have saved for the last few months plus any grocery bag stash you might have. Grocery bags make great packing material!

7. Lay out all the boxes in a row by family so you can tell who gets what. Write the family name on the lid so you can tell who is who. Start with the packages that have to be shipped of course since it will take some time for them to get them.

jars in box

Go ahead and put the items in the boxes so you can tell that they will fit when wrapped. This will keep your living room much neater. Make sure that you leave plenty of room for packing material.

donna wrapping gifts

8. Now it's time to wrap those gifts--one destination at a time. Just do it! If you can put it in a gift bag..well then, by all means, do so! If not, well.. you know the drill. Hopefully, you have organized your supplies enough to stay fairly sane through the process. If you wrap all of one household's gifts at a time, then you will know you haven't left anyone out and even if you only do three or four boxes, you will be able to ship some of them tomorrow morning!

gifts under tree

 Once you have the gifts that need to be shipped out the door, you can wrap the rest in a more leisurely manner..which is a lot of fun of course. :o)

Now turn up the Bing Crosby music..and let's start wrapping!


Mary said...

I know what I am getting you for your birthday!

Also popcorn can be used for a shipping filler, and if you put it in thin baggies (bought at Dollar Tree or Dollar General), that will give you an air pocket (less shipping weight) and the popcorn can then give the receiver something to munch on while admiring the gift.

Kerrie said...

Beautiful as always! Very inspiring :*)

A Primitive Homestead said...

I have never liked the task off wrapping Chriatmas gifts. This year I have made it a lot easier on my self. Bought less for each. Your assembly line is a good idea. I will try it. Baskets are such a great help organizing things. The quilt behind your sofa in your header photo is beautiful. I am guessing you made it. Thanks for all your kind prayers. Blessings!

Donna said...

Actually, I have made many quilts but the one hanging on the wall was store bought and was my father's. It matched the Christmas decor, so I used it. I have a beautiful Christmas quilt in the making..but it's not finished yet. :o)

I'll have to post that before Christmas this year.

Hmmmm...wonder what Mom is going to get me for my birthday??!!

That is a novel idea, Mom! Real popcorn. I never thought of that. Very ingenious for sure!

Donna Carol

Lorraine said...

wow you sure have got a lot of packing to do and it all looks lovely. I love that advent photo with the girls looking at the candle one with awe the other one looking fed Like the quilt in your blog header and what a good idea with popcorn as long at its in the states as I dont think customs would be happy

GlorV1 said...

Hi Donna. You definitely are the GODDESS of all things homemaking. You have great ideas. Thanks so much for sharing. Take care.

Susan B said...

I've always loved to wrap Christmas gifts, though there are years where it seems like a big chore, instead of fun. (I like to listen to Christmas carols while wrapping too!) Thank you for sharing your tips on organizing the wrapping process!

Thank you for your note, and kind comments on my blog. Blessings...

Jill said...

You are ahead of me, I have more wrapping left to do! A few more presents to get yet, also. Where is the time going? Glad you are enjoying the hot cocoa!

Trudy said...

I didn't know gift wrapping could be so easy. Thanks.

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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