Wonderful Gifts from Jill

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Wonderful Gifts from Jill

Jill is the writer of Blessings of a Stay at Home Mom…and, my goodness, does she ever know how to host a giveaway! I’ve been visiting Jill for a couple of months now. She's a happy homemaker like me and signed up to follow Comin’ Home, so we started chatting back and forth..leaving friendly comments, like bloggers do. I fell in love with her darling daughters—they brought back so many memories of the precious moments I shared with my children when they were little, especially Rebekah.  They are the cutest little girls who always have big smiles on their faces. Jill does the sweetest things with her girls too…craft projects, recipes, school projects, and day trips.

In fact, I actually teared up at the most touching video of her youngest girl, Kathleen, practicing for a ballet recital.  It was priceless..and I laughed out loud. She’s a dancer in the making for sure.  The photos Jill takes are very good too—eye candy is what they call it :o). She’s a pretty amazing mom!

She had left a comment letting me know about her giveaway so of course, I did the neighborly thing and entered. :o) What are friends for? I just barely squeaked in at the end of the line…so the last thing I expected was to hear those thrilling words…You’ve won my giveaway!  Well, I wasn’t paying really close attention to all the things she was giving away. When I received her beautifully wrapped package, I was quite literally blown away--so many cute things!! It was like Christmas come early for me. :o) I just had to show you all the pretty things she sent me. Plus she wrote the kindest note and gave me a Christmas card too.

The boys aren’t crazy about my blogging..and tolerate it (with a lot of teasing on the side) but they are getting warmer towards the idea considering the consolation prize Jill sent…chocolate kisses..and lots of them—in fact a whole extra bag. I put some of those in the candy dish for hubby. :o)  Maybe Mom’s blogging isn’t such a weird hobby after all!  Tim had some of the chocolate and I think I caught him eyeing the hot cocoa too. He ADORES hot cocoa.  He needn’t have worried..I bought lots of flavors to put in his stocking. :o)

Rebekah nabbed the scented reed diffusers… She was sure she would find just the right place for all three…especially the gingerbread scented one. Hmmm… I do think that even after the family each chose their favorite things from the box that there were some cute things left over for me too. (Like a Snowman gift bag, snowman hand towel...and other snow man goodies. I really like snowmen!)

I especially love the darling Snowman coffee cup and photo holder! The ice cube looks so real, that I just couldn’t quit admiring it. And as I mentioned Thursday, the cocoa got me through the bottleneck of getting into the spirit of gift wrapping.

And if that wasn’t special enough…she sent an adorable teddy bear for my newest grandson, August. It made me thank the Lord anew just thinking of his newborn ups and downs and his stay in ICU when he was only ten days old. God was so good to clear up his breathing and blood infection issues!

I really just sat there staring at all the stuff in the box  the other evening thinking, "This just can’t be happening to me!"  I felt like the Lord had literally rained down blessings on me!   I couldn’t wait to say thanks publicly to Jill and to share my joy with you, my friends.  Perhaps some of these things will give you some good ideas for last minute Christmas gifts. I LOVE good ideas for gift giving..and Jill certainly seems to have a knack don’t you think?
I hope these photos help get you in the holiday spirit too. Jill’s gifts certainly reminded me yet again…that Christmas really is the season for giving.  Thanks again, Jill!


Needled Mom said...

What a lovely win, Donna, and she sounds like a true blogging friend.

Debby said...

You are so deserving of all those goodies. Merry Christmas.

Jill said...

Hi Donna,

What a lovely post, thank you so much for all the kind words! I am so happy these are things you are enjoying. We love to give! I feel very very blessed to have met and become friends with you. It is a true treasure. Have a wonderful weekend!!


Jill said...

P.s. I made reference to this on my post. Thanks again!!!

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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