Sneak Peek at January’s Posts

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Sneak Peek at January’s Posts

Dear friends, I’m on a bloggy vacation, so I’m not going to do an actual post until  Jan. 3rd’s Tuesday Tea.  I just finished up the quilted tote bags for my giveaway winners last night and will be shipping them tomorrow. While I'm spending this week learning how to sew with my new Serger, I thought I’d leave you with a few sneak peeks at January’s posts.  I do hope you are enjoying as lovely a holiday as I have been! 

So what’s coming up for January? Well, here’s the list so far…

sleep sacks

  • Sew a Toddler Sleep Sack in 30 Minutes or Less (pattern included)
  • How to Use a Plastic Snap Tool

kitchen drawers

  • Organizing and De-Cluttering Kitchen Drawers
  • Top 10 Worst Dressed Appliances of 2010 

  • How to Make Your Own Shower Curtain
  • My Homemade Chicken Pot Pie Recipe 

teacup with stevia

  • The Surprising Side Effects of Sweet-n-Low (Personal Testimony)
  • Learning to Use a Serger  
  Christian playing pool

  • Parenting Pre-Teens and Teens
  • Organizing Your Crafts and Sewing

  • An Amaryllis Blooming
  • Goal Setting for The Overwhelmed
  • Sharing Tea with the Women in Our Lives 


  • Antique Treasures
  • Why the South Beach Diet Actually Works!

Tim on Pawnee Pass

  • Hiking up Pawnee Pass in Colorado
  • Why You Need an Accountant
  • Never too Late to Learn Something New

    • Yummy and Satisfying Salads
    • Repairing Antique Quilts

    See you in a week!

    Photo Credit for Top Photo~ The photo of me at the top, was my youngest son's idea. He is pictured with the pool stick in  my hubby's office/rec room. He is 16, loves photography and has a photo blog.  I asked him to take a photo of my hands drawing my sleep sack pattern and he said, "Just hold it right there,  Mom, and look up at me." That boy is just a natural photographer I guess. I certainly would never have thought to do a 'pose' like that.  I guess the Lord knew that I needed a 'live in' photographer to help me with my blog. LoL!

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    Unknown said...

    Donna, I had the craziest dream last night that I was that a party and you were there too!! I guess I've just had all your awesome Christmas posts on my brain!

    I can't wait to read these full posts!

    Donna said...

    That is such a sweet thing to say! Really, Mommypants, all I do is post what I do..and that's whatever happens to pop up. These are things that I either had to do and or that have come up in conversation with friends. I'm so relieved to know that 'real life' is interesting to read about. Ha! Where do you live? Perhaps we should meet. LOL!


    Hills N Valleys said...

    I can't wait to see what you are up to in Jan! I'm glad you had a nice Christmas...we did too...actually the best EVER! Thank you for your words of wisdom in my teen have given me a lot to think about in a way I may not have before.

    Hills N Valleys said...

    Oh and I like that picture your son took of you!!

    “Old World Goodies” said...

    Can' hardly wait, it is such a pleasure to read and the themes are very, very interesting...
    thanks for sharing

    Caroline said...

    A new serger ... how lovely!

    I am looking forward to the organizing post I think - organizing your sewing and craft stuff. lol! Of course you would be the one to be so organized! Enjoy your break.

    GlorV1 said...

    Looks like you are all set for next year. Hope your Christmas was great! I wasn't sure what you meant by a "subscribe" thingy. Don't you have a reading list on your blog? That's all I use to see if someone has posted, plus it shows up in the front of my blog. I don't understand??? Oh well, you have a great week. Take care.

    Jill said...

    Looks like some great posts coming up! Have a great week!

    Teresa Kline said...

    wow, you are one talented lady...wishing you blessings in 2011...I found you while blog hopping, have a super week!

    enjoy *~*

    Laura said...

    Dear Donna,
    A new wonderful! That is something I would love to have one day...what a handy machine to have. I love your new look...and look forward to all your upcoming posts! Girl, you are way too busy! It makes me tired just reading all the things you're doing! Seriously though, I just love reading about your projects.

    Have a very blessed day,

    Maria Killam said...

    What a fabulous line up Donna! I hope you are going to say that Sweet & Low is bad, bad, bad. That's what my mom tells me anyway. Love your new header by the way, it looks great. And the way you are showing your photos, looks so soft and inviting.
    Happy new Year!

    Donna said...

    Ha!Ha! Maria..yes..I am..but you let the cat out of the bag. The shocking thing is what the side effects actually were... All I was worried about was cancer. I had no idea that all the unexplained problems I was having were due to Sweet-n-low or why. Now I do. I've been off it a year. I should have posted this a long time ago!

    Glad you like the photos. :o)

    Photography said...

    What is your sons photo blog? Would love to visit it :-)

    Caroline said...

    huh, yes, of course you can link. I don't think it is that fabulous (she says, as she sits here with messy hair and an outfit she will NOT be blogging about :)) but sure! Good for your daughter. From what I've seen on your blog, you look just fine! I don't ever want "looking nice" to become an obsession for me (with my personality this is a distinct possibility) ... just what I've been thinking about....

    Happy new year!! January is a little bit slower for us. We should pick a date to get together.

    Donna said...

    That would be just awesome Caroline! Funny...I'm going to be in College Station on January 6th for a square dance with Tim and the kids. One of these days, we should just come a couple of hours early and drop. :O)

    “There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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