A Song for Valentine’s Day

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A Song for Valentine’s Day

Love is..

laughing, crying, rejoicing and sighing.
Together on the path that so many have trod...
 Love is ..giving receiving, always believing.
Faithfully living, every day unto God.


Forgiving, forgetting, so we're never regretting.
Words we have spoken, things we have done...
Love is patient and kind, and graciously blind.
Let's all live together in the love ...of God's son.
colin and brennan hugging

Love is hoping, enduring, living and learning,
growing together in grace from above...
Love is listening, praying, patiently waiting,
as God brings maturing in those that we love.

trusting 2

Love is sharing, caring, loads gladly bearing.
showing our love in so many ways...
Love is ... trusting, trying, from birth unto dying.
Following God, till the end of our days.


Forgiving, forgetting, so we're never regretting.
Words we have spoken, things we have done...
Love is patient and kind, and graciously blind.
Let's all live together in the love ...of God's son.

Hi friends, I try not to write a big post on Sunday..but I did want to link up for Natasha’s linky party as I know how much it means to have friends join you. :o). I thought I’d share this song I wrote a couple of years back and some of my favorite baby photos. The only one I didn’t take is the one of my grandsons, Colin and Brennan in the snow . I’m pretty sure my DIL, Amanda took that one.

Have a lovely day..loving those God has brought into your life. :O)

Linking with Natasha’s Sunday Song Linky Party.

If you would like to join her, she's doing a special Valentine's Day Linky Party next Sunday.



Kerrie said...

Donna, that was so sweet, I love the song, it made me smile and you inspire me ♥ Have a blessed Sunday and a wonderful week ahead, luv and hugs, Kerrie

Between you, me and the Fencepost said...

What a lovely song. I am listening as I type up this comment. Donna I look forward to your posts in my inbox they are always so inspiring. Have a good Sunday. xox Anita

p.s. I love your dream ! It's hilarious. Funny, we don't know each other personally but through blog land but I still feel like I can sit down and have a hot drink and just start listening, talking and sharing with you and not stop . . .

Donna said...

I'm so glad Kerrie. :o) You have a great Sunday too!

Anita, thanks so much for saying so. I know I'm not that great of a singer, but I figured I might as well share my music as to leave it stuck on a piece of paper in a drawer. :o)

I know just what you mean about being able to visit. You know I used to be so shy about just 'being me'. I had the oddest ideas of what 'blogging' was all about. Now, I don't worry..I just chatter. (Using my best grammar and spelling of course-LoL!)

I do hope you like tomorrow's post. I'm working on making it 'clearer', but it's about being content with our 'space'. It might not apply to people with larger homes, but the principle applies to a lot more than just space.

Just another one of those 'lessons of life' that I had to learn the hard way. Sigh..perhaps there isn't any 'easy' way to learn these things. Or maybe I'm just hard headed. :o)

Have a lovely day..Anita..and well..I think I'll go make that cup of tea..

PS. Kids ALL have the stomach flu..so I'm home this morning. It's very quiet around here!

Maria Killam said...

HI Donna,
Hey, are you registered with Google Analytics? Because then you'd see that the most hits you get each week is on Monday's when everyone's back in the office and catching up from the weekend so that's why I try real hard to always have a new post up for Sunday night (so just write your's in advance :) Hey I'm going to subscribe to your blog too, like I'm reading Anita is. . .I need to be on top of days like when it's your Birthday you special woman you! I read that comment you posted on my sisters blog, you know the one where she hasn't posted so long I've told her it's in danger of coming off my blog roll :) Just Kidding!!
Happy Belated Birthday!!

Donna said...

I've noticed Maria about the Monday thing. :o) I do check my Google Analytics. Now that I'm getting quicker at posting and in the blogging 'swing', I'm going to be pretty sure to have my best post ready on Monday. In fact, Monday's post is here! :o)

You are just too funny..and so sweet. Love you!


Oh my..that is a dire threat! She better post something soon. I keep digging for older posts to leave a comment on because I don't have an email address to write her. Tee-hee!

Trudy said...

Beautiful post!

Natasha in Oz said...

This is such a lovely post Donna, just perfect for this special time of year! It is always a joy listening to your music and reading your blog. You have a beautiful heart.

Best wishes always,

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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