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Sparkling Beauty in the Woods

It’s not often that we get either snow or ice in our part of the woods North of Houston…but this week, we are having record low temperatures. We didn’t  get the promised snow, but this morning we woke up to a field of sparkling beauty!

Horse trough

It really was quite breathtaking!

frozen leaves

My 16 yr.old, Christian, was up first thing taking photos while Dear Hubby and I stayed snuggly warm.  But the bright sunshine and crystal beauty was too much even for him. So we bundled up and headed out before it all melted away.


Tim loves the cold and wanted to take a walk right away. And considering just how beautiful everything was in the sunlight, I could hardly blame him. So I grabbed my camera (of course) and a nice tall cup of hot coffee…and followed him.

Iced vines 2

I’ve been waiting for just such a day as this. I’ve always been fascinated with the ethereal effect that ice has on the natural beauty of the woods.

back pasture and barn

Today was no exception.  The blue sky was a perfect backdrop to the frosty whiteness of the fields and trees.

 Frozen Rock Waterfall

broken ice

I don’t think we’ve ever had our pond freeze over before. Sure hope our little goldfish are all safely sleeping at the bottom of the pond!

Ice coated deck

The deck was not safe to walk on as poor Rebekah discovered when she slipped and fell. But try telling that to my 16yr.old..he was praying he’d get to ‘skate’ on the deck today…and he did!

Iced Clover 2  Iced Pine Needles

He got these amazing photos of the moss and the pine trees.

Walk in our woods

I do hope you enjoyed this little walk in the woods and around our little ‘farm’…from the warmth of your cozy home.  Have a lovely day..and to see more gorgeous photos of the outdoors..just drop by Fishtail Cottage’s Cottage Flora Thursday Linky Party.
Sometimes it’s nice to enjoy the outdoors..from inside isn’t it?
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Anonymous said...

Well Donna, it is lovely to look at from the inside. :) However we did get alot of ice here and the driving to work was quite an adventure! 17 degrees this morning I'm ready for some Spring!! :) Your photos are beautiful though!! :) Stay warm girlie!!

Ky said...

Absolutely gorgeous snaps, Donna! They are breathtakingly beautiful. Ice and snow sure is natures jewellery.


Kathy said...

Amazing Photos! My daughter went out to capture the dusting of snow we got last night. The temperatures are rising and it is almost gone! Love when our children are interested in photography!

Trudy Callan said...

I don't like the cold; so I'm staying inside. But Martin, our 8 year old, and I enjoyed looking at the pictures together.

Caroline said...

lovely photos!!

Rayanne said...

so pretty Donna, I enjoyed looking at all your pictures.
You had a little more ice than we did.
Stay warm!

Trudy Callan said...

Meant to mention that the photography is really good. You must have a great camera and certainly a good eye.

Gloria said...

Oh yeah! Stunning photos. Wow! I felt like I was there. I was shaking in my boots, errrr...tennis shoes. Tee hee. Great photos your son and you took. I love your property grounds and isn't it fun grabbing a cup of coffee early in the morn and taking a walk outside, yes indeed. Nice post, thanks Donna.

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Beautiful photos! You are having record cold and we're having record warm temps in California! The weather this winter has been crazy!

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