Tuesday Tea…Seven Secrets to Making A Happy Home

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Tuesday Tea…Seven Secrets to Making A Happy Home

 Dear Readers, It’s time for Tuesday Tea and I’m so looking forward to visiting with you this morning! Please do get your cups and tea…and pull up a seat. :o) I'm having several cups of hot tea and buttered toast...the perfect comfort food when you have a cold, I think. Tee-hee!  I'm snuggled up in a beautiful blue afghan crocheted, by my good friend, Peggy, who was my secret sister last year.  Rebekah and I would love to have you join us this morning! 
If you would like to link up your tea cups, tea and /or your own posts about what is on your heart today, please feel free to join us at the end of this post. Just be sure to mention Tuesday Tea and link back here in your post. I’ll be sure to drop by over the course of the day. :o) You can link to any old post, I just want to get a chance to visit. I love knowing we bloggy friends are all having tea on the same day..or you can just leave a comment telling me what you're sipping...

blue china tea cup2

This week I wanted to share with you the sweet gifts that my new secret sister gave me at church for my birthday. As you can see, this tea cup was delightful! I just could not stop making happy noises over this lovely gift! I never knew I could love blue and white so much! It’s just exquisite!

Tazo Teas

She also gave me a great selection of teas! I just love Tazo tea. It’s one of my very favorites! Rebekah and I will enjoy picking a new one each day. :o)

cup of tea w napkin

Can you believe I had a perfect hankie, one I’d bought three years ago, to match it?  I'm so glad I didn't de-clutter that bottom drawer of the dresser! Tee-hee! I found a whole stash of vintage napkins!

Well, I guess our tea is about steeped...I'm having Wild Sweet Orange tea by Tazo  (Thanks Secret Sister!), and it's probably about time to start our little chat.  Rebekah and I were having tea together on Monday…and talking about what it really takes to make a happy home. Both of us know that it has a lot more to do with heart attitudes and how we treat each other..than how pretty or how big our house is… how important we are in ‘society’..how good we look… or what our income level might be. If money could make a happy home..we have a lot more happy people than we do…and a lot less pain and difficulty in the world.

We agreed that it’s not as easy as it might look. I can write all day about how to clean the house, how to cook, how to organize, and how to sew…but those are only ‘tools’ in a homemaker's box..and by no means absolutely necessary.  (I don't teach how to decorate-LoL!..You' ll have to visit my interior decorating friend, Maria, for that part.) All you really need to make a happy home is a love for God, your family, and a willingness to serve those God has put in your life. As we bless others, we find ourselves blessed too. It’s a win-win situation that is sure to help make your home truly happy.

DSC04477 Birthday flowers from Elisabeth, my DIL. 

Today I’d like to share seven  of my favorite ‘secrets’ that I’ve learned over the years that are key to having a ‘happy ‘ home..and to being certain that you are being a ‘successful’ homemaker.

 Here is an excerpt from my ‘homemaker’s journal’…Thoughts of Home
Tip 1: ATTITUDE ~ Take Time to Be Alone With God—First thing..every day or just before bed.  The old adage, “If Momma ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy” is 100% correct. If you are not happy with your spouse, your children, your circumstances, your income, or anything else… and you express those bad feelings on a regular basis then all the rest is going to mean nothing in the eyes of your spouse and children.   When we take time to pray and read God’s word, we are able to give our worries to God and think ‘according to truth’. We need the encouragement of knowing the Lord is with us and holding us up in every difficulty. We need joy...the kind that helps us rise above whatever circumstances we might be in...and we need to know we are loved so we can love our husband and children.  Stinking thinking,  as Flylady calls it, will make everything you do as a homemaker worthless in the eyes of those you are making that home for.   When the Lord fills your cup, then you can fill your family's cup and guide them with wisdom and grace.  (See I Cor. 13)
Tip 2: MARRIAGE~ Put Your Hubby First…  Love him, respect him, Enjoy him and meet his needs as best you can. It’s the best gift you can give your children.

Tip 3: HOME ~ Give Your Home and Your Family Your Best…not just the leftovers… Where is your heart and focus?  Work First, Play Later… Love is best shown in our actions. There's nothing that says I love you better to dear hubby than clean socks and underwear! :o)

Tip 4: FINANCES~ Live Within Your Means…Overspending and money problems are one of the number one reasons for divorce in this country.  This one is a toughy for me, but I've made a promise to 'honor hubby' when I shop.  I want to bless him by not being careless with that debit card!
Tip 5: PARENTING~ Take Time for Your Kids …Listen to your Teens…they want YOU not better stuff..better schools…better car..or bigger house.  I know that this is just the 'season of life' I'm in.  I can pursue my 'own' things later...but right now...I just keep reminding myself that interruptions are God's appointments. :o)

Tip 6: REST AND RECREATION~  Doing things together is one of the best medicines for preventing the family dysfunction that plagues our generation.  Whether it's working or playing..there's nothing that builds family unity more!
Tip 7: WORSHIP~ Our home is the place where we can teach our children about God. They need to know that there is real purpose and meaning to their lives both here and for eternity.  Regular worship and learning about God is critical to having a truly happy home. Proverbs 31:19-21

To Read this post ‘in full’ just click HERE. :o)
tea with buttered toast
Well, we had such a nice tea time---How about you? I wasn’t feeling too well..what with a sinus cold making me sneeze every few minutes or so, but the hot tea, cream, and hot buttered toast… Sigh..It was the perfect breakfast!

power of prayer

My secret sister didn’t just give me a tea cup though, but also a wonderful prayer journal for mothers! How I appreciated this gift so much! Many days, I feel very much like King Solomon who had pleased God so much that God offered to give him just about anything he wanted…and King Solomon asked for this instead…
10“Give me now wisdom and knowledge, that I may go out and come in before this people, for who can rule this great people of Yours?” 2nd Chronicles 1:10
Wisdom to know how to best bless and advise and guide my children is worth more to me than any amount of money or any kind of accomplishment. I just want to be a good wife and mom. This journal will be such a help during my prayer time for my children.

Christian Babysits_thumb[1]

Have a lovely day…and I do hope you enjoy my post on Seven Secrets for Making a Happy Home.

I'd love to hear from you and see what you're drinking for tea this morning! :o) 
  Just write a little note and link up a picture of any  part of your 'tea drinking ritual'... 

It is such a satisfying ritual isn't it?  There is nothing more relaxing or pleasant than curling up on the couch or your favorite chair..or like Rayanne at A Lovely Thought..right in the middle of your bed sipping a hot cup of tea is there?  She literally 'tickled me pink' with her Pink Bohemian Tea Party..sipping her tea and making homemade Valentines. She did the cutest post about her tea time.

Faith, Hope and Cherrytea....the queen of tea cups and all things tea 'related' joined in my discussion last week about Givers and Takers with a reflection on what Hospitality is all about. It was called Hospital-i-Tea and was a very good post..thought provoking and uplifting...  I loved the scriptures she shared too...and of course, and her quote,

"William Penn Adair “Will” Rogers, said..
"Strangers are just Friends I haven't met yet!

So, if you've never joined our tea party before, please do today! You can leave comments or link up a current or past post. I'll drop by and chat with you..and perhaps you'll be featured on next week's Tuesday Tea party.  

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Kerrie said...

A very sweet post! I just love forget me not's and the cup is beautiful! My Mom used to paint them in China Paint. Have a great day! Hugs, Kerrie

Kathy said...

Hello Donna - so glad you stopped by so that I might find you! You have everything correct! I realized that wife/mom is the key to a harmonious home! God has been so good and so gracious - Love your teacup! It is gorgeous! I am now your newest follower - looking forward to sharing and to getting to know you more!

Trudy said...

I am drinking Yogi Woman's Mother To Be Tea and eating cheese toast while reading your blogs. This post really spoke to me. I went to Songs of Home and read your last several posts as well and printed them to be saved in a binder and reread. Get well soon. Maybe I'll see you Sunday.

Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

beautiful Donna!
thank you for your thoughtful tea posts~ happy to sit in with my cup of Perfectly Pear White Tea in my rose painted china from the local thrift store ") bits of inexpensive beauty that bring bountiful pleasure ") oops that should be saved for monday's multitude of thxgivings!
have a blessed day with the peace and rest you need to recover...
Much Love ~

Donna said...

Wow..sounds like everyone is having a lovely tea time today! Thanks for joining me. I'm so pleased!

What a great tea Trudy!..and I'm so glad my devotionals are helping. It helps me to write them too.

Perfectly Pear White Tea sounds delicious!


Needled Mom said...

Another wonderful Tuesday tea, Donna. All of your points are right on for a happy home.

Rae said...

good post!
i tried to link up earlier, but something was off. You had no side bar or a place to link up.
All better now.
Sorry about my post...i'm having an off day.

Donna said...

Brent Riggs is having trouble on his blog which is affecting the linky thing. Weird..I don't know why the sidebar wouldn't show up. I guess even bloggy land isn't perfect.

Don't worry Rayanne..I had one of those 'afternoons'...but I think the cold is just getting me down. :o) Tomorrow..will be brighter.


“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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