Mixed Media and Altered Art Projects...From The Artistic Mother Book

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Mixed Media and Altered Art Projects...From The Artistic Mother Book

 by me!!

 My good friend, Shona Cole, author of The Artistic Mother, has been encouraging moms everywhere to take a little time to work some art into their schedule. 

Her book helps you step by step to do what she does..or at least attempt it LOL!  I've had the book but was a little afraid to try this form of art. I'm just a chicken..really.

Well, last night..I took her advice and used a couple of hours that would otherwise have been spent watching a movie...to do Week 1's assignment..set up your 'artsy' spot with supplies, music, favorite drink etc..whatever would get you in the mood to create.

Amazingly we had most of what we needed on hand. Thanks Mom for Christian's art easel! I'm afraid he never got into the idea of painting. So I had the supplies..but didn't know how to paint any better than my son. I was just a little bit intimidated by the idea of 'paint'. 

Our first assignment after getting the supplies together and making your work space, was to gesso some papers...colored card stock, junkmail ads, and white paper to prepare it for background papers.

So we did that and then I started using one of her techniques to paint the background colors. The goal was to use some of them for a To Do List or whatever kind of list you needed to make to work art into your life.
I gessoed this to 'tone it down' as Shona had suggested in her book. 
(Actually, we didn't have gesso so I used white flat paint primer from the garage..LoL!

My first attempt, I thought was pretty bad. Too much paint..and too dark.  And I smudged the ink from the printer on the title.

The second one came out a little better. I liked it a lot. It would have helped if we had had stamps instead of having to use paint brushes and calligraphy ink..and stencils. They are a little tricky to use without smearing!

Rebekah happened to be walking by and saw my supplies all set out and said, "Ohh!! Can I make one too?" Of course! :o) She made a gorgeous 'wall hanging' for a friend. She did a lot better right from the start.  She leans towards cleaner lines and lighter colors.

I have to say that I'm so glad we are taking this 'leap of faith' into the world of art however uncertain I may be at my abilities. So many possibilities seem open to me with this kind of art. though!  Gift tags, stationary,bookmarks, cards, journals...are all perfect things to make using these techniques. 

Well..today we are cleaning and getting ready for Rebekah's friend who will be joining us for Spring Break. But last night..we had a little creative time..and it was refreshing!  

Have you ever wanted to learn to do a few new artsy things? Think you can't learn? Well, you need to consider buying Shona's book. If she can help me get started...I think she could help anyone. 

She explains every project whether it be art papers, poetry, photography, journal, tote bag etc..very well. There are 12 projects in all and tons of information on how to develop creativity. I can't wait to do more!

PS. Matthew called last night and all is well. :o) Thanks for all your prayers for him. xoxo


Rae said...

great job! Welcome to the world of Artsy!

GlorV1 said...


I love it Donna. See! You are very artistic amiga. Keep doing this and before long it will just become a part of your everyday life, like everything else you do. Oh I'm so happy that you took the plunge. Then again, you've always been an artistic lady.
Thanks for sharing and glad you liked my material.Take care.

Trudy said...

Lovely work and so glad to hear Matthew is doing well.

Unknown said...

oh how I wish I had all the time in the world to do all the fun things life has to offer. I love what you both have created! I love this style of art. I want to work on an altered book. Have my supplies, just not the time (yet)!
Nice work..

Amy said...

Glad Matthew is doing well!
Beautiful job on the art. I have a friend who does mixed media art, and I just adore it. She made me something for my 40th which I hung above my nightstand. So whether you create for yourself or others, I'm sure they'll be treasured. Maybe I'll be inspired to step into some new avenues! That looks like a great book to help:)

Debby said...

I love what you did. I am going to look for her book. So cute that your daughter wanted to do one as well.
Thanks for all your sweet comments. You are such a good person.
So glad that Matthew is okay. What a worry. I can honestly say I hated the time my son spent there. (((((HUGS))))

Unknown said...

Oh man. These are wonderful Donna. I too have Shona's book and love to look through it but have yet to plunge in. Maybe soon. You make it look easy, as does Shona.

Shona Cole said...

awesome post and artwork Donna, you would not think for a second this is your first of this kind. I love best of all that you are doing it together with Rebekah! let me know how I can help you keep it up.

nanasknoll said...

That looks like it would be fun to do.

Lorraine said...

well donna I am so made up that you are having a go..never be afraid of paint just play..its great that you have shona to help and dont forget you can always look at my videos if your ever intimidated by the white page!..I tend to tear papers, tissue etc as it blends in better than harsh straight lines...looking forward to seeing more! have a good weekend and glad that Rebekah is joining in and that Matthew is doing OK. I bet you have got the feeling that you have achieved something arty just for you instead of looking after the family and home all day..its so important that we do something for ourselves that is why I would rather mess round with paint than watch tv any day..keep going:)

A'n'G Johnson said...

what a FANTASTIC collection of pages!

With your interest in art, I'm wondering if you would consider joining a community art piece (I'm extending the deadline until the end of april). I would be honored to have you. If you have time and interest, please check it out here:


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