Tea Chat No.25 Laundry Room Solutions, Tea on the Go, Passover Seder, Grillin’ Good Recipes, Names of God Worship Banners

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Tea Chat No.25 Laundry Room Solutions, Tea on the Go, Passover Seder, Grillin’ Good Recipes, Names of God Worship Banners

kids at easter Happy Easter....  From Fourteen Years Ago....
Good morning friends! I hope you had a wonderful Easter. I know we did though we celebrated it much differently than when the kiddos were young.  I've so missed everyone, but with hubby's boss here all week, I've been running quite a bit. I also drove son to college every day since hubby was working with his boss here at home. I'm afraid I had my 'tea time' on the road more than I had it at home. LoL!
What a week!  I did manage to get some more organizational projects done, learned some new recipes, and attended my first ever Passover Seder. Join me and see if you find some fun things to read. I'll be visiting you soon too to catch up on your adventures. :o)  

laundry room 2

Monday ~ How to Streamline a Laundry Room that’s WAY Too Small

I really am amazed at how little room is allotted for laundry in the average home. In a mobile home or apartment it’s far worse!

Our floorplan leaves exactly 10” of space between the wall and the dryer door when open.  We can just barely walk between the washer and air handler on one side of the room and the wall. Talk about a tight squeeze!

How I wanted to at least turn the dryer so that it’s door opened out into the  walk space. (Too much re-wiring.)

Or perhaps we could move the washer and dryer so they were both facing the floor instead of the wall. Huge headache and too much plumbing work. Not good.
Tim suggested a stackable washer and dryer. This would be fine except that they cost a fortune—about $900 to $1200.00.  Average cost on Craigslist--$400.00. Condition -- VERY iffy. No thanks!
I pondered and pondered—sigh.. another sleepless night-LoL!
laundry 2

Then it hit me! I just needed to keep the laundry on ‘short accounts’. In other words, if we gathered the whole family’s laundry and washed it EVERY DAY, it wouldn’t take up much room at all. Duhh… Wherever were my brains?
How much space does a load of laundry actually take up? Answer: Not much at all.

Linking with BTNOP Monday Metamophasis
Tuesday Tea  - Tea Time … On the Go…

Like Amy of a Tea Girl in a Coffee World, sometimes we have to take our tea where we can get it.  Her last ‘tea time’ was on an airplane!  (Any scones on that tray, Miss?) Her pictures of her daughter’s experience of flying were so full of warmth. :o)

Note: The cup above says coffee...but I assure you that  it had TAZO tea in it. :o). That's how the girls serve it at the college.
tea at college
It got me to thinking….  If you only knew where I  blog from sometimes..you’d be surprised! It’s often far from home….

At my son’s junior college… I bring strong tea from home, usually in my Starbucks cup. It’s mostly like to be Irish Breakfast tea or Earl Grey…two bags please! It’s 7:00 am!

tea at the college I know..that’s coke..but I’d already finished my tea..LoL!

  This is such a lovely place to work. Very quiet. It’s a new campus and the locals haven’t discovered it yet. Perfect place to blog. Airy… and bright… no distractions. Think I’ll have another sip…

Click here to see beautiful college grounds and flowers... 
Do you find ways to have tea ‘on the go’? I’d love for you to join me. Coffee or Tea-- I’m not particular. The important thing is that we take the time for that comforting ritual..wherever and whenever we can. :o)

Do join me for tea--we'd love to see your beautiful tea cups and settings! What are you drinking today?

 I'm linking with these lovely ladies for tea time..... 
Thanks so much for joining me! 

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 Wednesday~Twelve Colorful Names of God Worship Banners 
For the seamstresses among you, I thought I’d share the banners I sewed for our church (in a school building), Grace Community. I’ve mentioned these before but never taken good photos until this week.  We wanted to make the school feel more ‘worshipful’ by hanging these each Sunday.

Jehovah-TsidkenuJehovah Nissi banner 7

The theme of these banners are the 12 names of God as described in various parts of the Old Testament. Hubby and I researched the names and their meanings. I wrote little phrases at the bottom of each banner to summarize the meanings. Then we chose the 12 colors from the colors of the stones used in ‘the New Jerusalem’ as described in the bible in Revelation 21:19-20.
Click here to see more pix and read the 'how to' steps... 
passover seder at yacht club

 Thursday ~ A Passover Seder—from a Christian Perspective 
We celebrated a Passover Seder with my pastor friend, Lee Rushing at the Bentwater Yacht Club. It was a GORGEOUS setting!  The dinner we had  before the ‘symbolic’ dinner was delicious!

The Seder dinner was—well..not meant to be delicious but rather..meaningful. Salt water symbolized tears, bitter herbs like parsley- represent the trials of the Jewish people in slavery. And there are many more..
 seder plate 2

Lee showed us beautiful things like seder plates, a special three layer napkin to hold pieces of matzo bread, menorahs and a shofar. He taught the history of this special Jewish dinner from a Christian Seder Haggada
Click here for links, more plates and photo of the kids....
grilled sausage  Friday ~Two Easy ‘Company’ Dinners and One Scrumptious Dinner Omelet!
Got company calling but can’t spend all day cooking?  I know just how you feel! I had to cook four ‘company quality’ dinners in a row. Hubby’s boss, Dan, doesn’t like ‘casseroles’ either.  What to do?
Dinner #1- Grilled Italian Sausage, Homemade Alfredo, and Steamed Broccoli with Melted Cheese  The beauty of this dinner is that it’s quick and easy.
Click here to see Alfredo and Omelet dishes and recipes... 
  funny photo of the week

I do hope you enjoyed this week’s newsy letter.  I thought I’d end on a funny note. You never know what a bored teenager will do.  You’ve gotta watch them all the time!:o)

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Jill said...

Another great post Donna. I always enjoy reading your blog. Hope you had a wonderful Easter! Have a lovely day.


Unknown said...

Wow I would love a place like that to blog at, if only the playground had wireless internet I would be all set ::sigh:: I love this post just as the other posts! I hope you had a great easter, I have been getting back into the swing of my blog since a bit before then. As always thanks for the constant encouragement

GlorV1 said...

Hi Donna. Great post, and lots to post about. Your life is so busy. Strange you should mention the Haggada. My bloggie friend Stephanie just bought the book about the seder dinner and it sounded interesting so I d/l the book on my Kindle and am in the process of reading the practice of this event. It's very intersting. I am enjoying the read. I'm not Jewish but it's always good learning about other peoples and their way. Great post you have here and thanks. Have a great week.

Maria Killam said...

Donna you are so funny, I just adore you, laundry every day--what a concept. I too could take that on :)
Thanks for your sweet comment just now and I'm glad you are spending time with your son!

Kathy said...

Hello Donna,
My laundry room is quite small too - plus it has to serve several other storage items. This old house has precious little storage space!
We do what we can - Hope you're having a wonderful day - today is catch-up day for me!~
God Bless,

meg said...

I would love a laundry room that allows me to completely open the dryer door (it leans against the wall) and doesn't flood in rainy weather... but I try to remember when I didn't have a washer or dryer and it's not so bad!

We had a guest speaker at church two weeks ago who walked us through a Passover seder for his sermon. It was very educational and the symbolism is quite beautiful!

Got my usual iced tea with me here--have a wonderful week! *raises her Mickey Mouse glass and a marshmallow bunny*

Needled Mom said...

It sounds like you had another busy week, Donna. I like the way you are doing your posts now.

We had friends who invited us to a Seder dinner, but were unable to go. It really sounds very meaningful.

Your banners turned out very nice.

Kerrie said...

Enjoyed the post very much! Hugs, Kerrie

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Donna,
I have a good sized laundry room with a half bath in it so I'm thankful for that. I have never had a Seder meal before but I have always been intrigued by it; I have a Jewish uncle. Enjoyed your post. Have a lovely week.


Caroline said...

Hi Donna! Wow, you've been busy.

Your banners made me smile. Kevin and I got married in a church plant he was part of (I had been part of the parent church) which met in a gym, and we had some banners for Sunday morning, similar to yours. Yours are wonderful! What a great way to use your sewing skillls. Hmmm ... wonder what is in my future?

Happy Easter! Christ is risen!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Even if I did a load of laundry a day, I am not sure I would get caught up :( You got a lot accomplished this week.

Donna said...

Hi Ladies, It's so good to hear from you again. I've been so swamped with graduation planning - party,announcments, and now the military has rejected Jacob getting in due to medical concerns. We drove all day getting more papers to try to convince them that Jacob doesn't have 'epilepsy'. Sigh.. Praying the Lord will get Jacob through this hurdle. I'm scanning documents and tests this morning and waiting on the MRI test results from four years ago at Tx. Childrens. Please pray that they will approve him after a review. They said they would look at his documents one more time. But they rarely re-consider once they've made a decision like this. We have plan B and C in place..but this was Jacob's dream.

I hope I can visit more after I get the medical paper situation resolved this afternoon.

Love you all! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

ADORE your comments...so funny and sweet! The laundry is almost everyone's nemisis I'm afraid. But I'm winning this little 'battle'. :o)


Amy said...

No scones on the plane:( However, I seem to have been eating them ever since landing! Time for some veggies.
We have Tazo tea at the breakfast here at our hotel:)
Also, those banners are beautiful!
We went to a Seder meal a couple of years ago, so I giggled at your point about it being meaningful over delicious.
Enjoyed reading your update. Being on vacation I feel a wee bit out of things. I must admit, I enjoyed your laundry part of the post because 1. I have a cozy laundry room and 2. I'm missing it! Time to go home:)

Becky Jane said...

Your laundry room make over is fab...isn't it funny how we can fuss and fuss over a dilemma and then the answer is so simple...

Maria Killam said...

I'm dying to see the church banner you did, have I missed it? I love your newsy newsletters and all the creative ways you make your house a home. If you need some help with colours and cushions let me know but you do have a great eye, so you probably don't when it comes to fabrics!!

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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