An Easy Dish Towel Tote Bag for Mother’s Day

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An Easy Dish Towel Tote Bag for Mother’s Day

It’s the week before Jacob’s graduation as you know, and I found I just didn’t have time to do my ‘super’ newsletter. So I’ll be posting when I can this week. It’s probably for the best since I’ve done quite a few easy sewing projects this week in an effort to get the house ready for the party. :o) I’d hate to have to cut the instructions or photos short.

Today’s project is super fast and so easy that you or your kids could do it in a jiffy.  I thought it was a great gift idea, just in time for Mother’s day! I didn’t plan this…it just popped in my head. :o)

secret sister gift

Recently, I was given the most enchanting secret sister gift…darling spatulas, cookie cutters and heavy cotton dish towels all in a matching bag. The colors were just fabulous! So bright and springy. 

Sadly, the dish towels don’t match my kitchen..which is decorated in Americana blue and white. The neon green was just a wee bit too bright.  But I was just entranced by the festive colors and happy floral designs and had to do ‘something’ with this lovely fabric.

It just happens I’d been wanting a ‘spring’ tote bag to take with me on errands and to church. Wow—how did she know this was the perfect fabric for my purposes?  

I know there are ‘neater’ ways to do this project, but it was late at night after a long day of sewing covers for the patio furniture and I was too tired to come up with something ‘ideal’.  Using a Serger really made this project a snap! I bet I spent a whole 20 minutes on the project.


What do you need? Just two sturdy cotton dishtowels, thread and 2 yards of 1 to 1 1/2” wide grosgrain ribbon. 

 1 sew right sides together 2 dishcloths sewn end to end 3 turn dishcloths right side out 4 pin straps of ribbon in place 5 stitch to  reinforce  handle

Here are the steps:
  1. Sew the two dishtowels right sides together across the short ends. Turn right side out. Now you have a ‘lined’ rectangle though the sides are still open. You could baste the side edges closed to make things easier.
  2. Cut two lengths of ribbon of about 31” each or whatever fits comfortably for the receiver. A child’s bag could be shorter.
  3. Fold under one inch on each end and place the ribbons on the outside of one end of the rectangle and pin in place as shown. Do the same for the other end. (The short ends are the openings of the bag when sewn together.)
  4. Stitch squares and x’s at the bottom of each ribbon and again near the bags’ edge for reinforcement. 

  1. Fold the rectangle (with the handles tucked inside) right sides together. Stitch the side seams closed. Cut off the thick excess. (can be saved for making the bow) Finish the edge with zig-zag stitching if you like.
  2. Optional: For a semi-flat bottom, open the bag out on each side so that about one inch of fabric is laying to the right and left of the seams. This will make a point where the sides seams meet the bottom of the bag.
  3. Pinch this ‘point’ and stitch across the horizontal fold. You can tack the point to the inside of the bag for extra strength in the bottom of the bag, or just cut off the point and edge finish the seam with zig-zag stitching.

12 turn right side out add bow

Now turn the bag right side out and fill it with goodies for Grandma..or ‘Mom’. :o) (Optional~ You can make a bow with the trimmings and sew it on the front.)

I hope you have a great week! I have so many neat projects to share this week and next!
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How are you planning to celebrate Mother’s Day?  I’d love to hear your ideas…:o)

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claudia b said...

omg this is so pretty, Donna, thank you for sharing!

Caroline said...

oh cute! what a good idea to repurpose a gift that didn't "go". I'll just be glad to have hubby back home from traveling (he is supposed to be back Sat afternoon) then Sunday we are going to the wedding of a former student/athlete whom I coached when she was in high school in North Texas. How the years fly; she's about 23 now. Then we will spend a day in the metroplex and hopefully hubby will start getting over his jet-lag! But having him back home will be the best gift.

Don't you love this blast of cool weather? So lovely to sleep with the windows wide open and the covers piled on. Who would have thunk this would have happened the first week of May?!!

Hope your week is wonderful, if busy. :)

Needled Mom said...

Very "springy" too!!! Enjoy the fun and exciting week.

Lorraine said...

hello donna thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comments. Like your tote..its funny but we call those tea towels over here as dish cloths are small little rags not made of cotton.

Amy said...

So vibrant and cute. I just might need to refer back to this for a fun project:)

GlorV1 said...

I love the idea of making the tote bag and filling it with lots of goodies. Great idea Donna. Glad you are taking it a little easy. I love that picture of you with the skirt that looks like the 50's. Tee hee. :))) Have a great week and thanks for sharing.

Wanda Lee said...

Dear Donna,

Many thanks for your kind words and prayers last week for dear Pam.

The totes is a great idea and last week's tea talk post was delightful swell. We are about to redo our laundry room and love the inspiration!

Thanks for taking part with last week's TTTT and also with my
80th, Tuesday Tea For Two.., We always love having you join in the fun with us!.., Hope to see you this week as well!

Pam was much improved when they left for home last week; I'm delighted to be back in the swing of things once again with my own blogs as well!..,

Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee

Maria Killam said...

Love the colours, what a great idea to fill with wonderful goodies for our precious mothers! My mom is the best!

Ama x four said...

Sweet continue to amaze me with your talent, energy, and loving spirit.

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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