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Back from Bloggy Vacation... Tea Post Coming Soon!

Hi Friends! It's great to be back from my 'bloggy vacation' though I will miss the grandkids and Andrew and Ebeth. They are safely home now I'm sure.  I'm all rested up and am tackling the laundry pile and the paperwork of course. Funny how the mail just keeps pouring in even if you don't open it..LoL!

Right now, I'm typing up a special tea time post with a fascinating (and poignant) account of what life is like in Afghanistan for our military guys and gals. Matthew, my son, sent it for me to share. Since we just celebrated Memorial day, I thought this would be a good day to share it.

What's coming for this week? Well how about...

  • How to Re-Cover Patio Furniture
  • Super Cheap Way to Buy Flea Meds for Your Pets 
  • Easy PinWheel Puff Dessert Recipe
  • Sweet Blooms in the Flower Garden
  • Re-Introducing our Weight Loss Support Blog
 Coming Soon...
  • How to Make Your Own Hula Hoop (Adult Sized)
  • My Living Room Makeover
  • No-Sew Fabric Basket Covers
I'll see you this afternoon for a nice cup of tea...

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