Getting ‘Caught Up’

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Getting ‘Caught Up’

How do you get ‘caught up’ when you’ve had a busy weekend?  It’s really pretty much the same as any other day of the week…but everything on the list takes a little bit longer than usual if it has piled up.
 christian doing school

For me, it’s this simple. I get my kids going on school work…take some time for devotions…and then hit ‘the list’.


First –Food! What are we going to eat tonight? Get something out to defrost…or decide to pick up something from the store. Chicken in the crockpot, spaghetti or hot dogs aren’t the fanciest dinners (or necessarily the healthiest..) but for a Monday..they’ll do.

feed the cat-3000 
Oh..and you might want to feed the pets while you are at it… Tiger gets very grouchy if he doesn’t get fed early..and often! (Photo by Christian)


Second – Dishes….Eewww yukk! Hope you didn’t leave them out last night!? We only had a few from late night snacks. Start them soaking or load the dishwasher..or unload it. You know the drill, girls!

Third- Laundry…sigh…  Ok- Start with hubby’s  ‘whites’..nothing makes a hubby happier than clean socks and underwear. Look at him smile!! LoL!  Of course, the kids will love you for it too. :o)


Fourth – Pick up……books…dishes from last night’s movie night (Wasn’t it great?!! We watched Frequency.  It is SUPERB..about a father’s love for his son… for teens and up only though.)  Run a duster over the living room—very quickly..or hand that job off to the kiddos.  :o)
FOR FASTER RESULTS: If the house is VERY messy and you feel overwhelmed by the sight of all the clutter, try this tip. Go to each room and pile all the ‘stuff’ into one spot like a chair, the sink, or one spot on the desk. Now the whole house ‘looks’ more orderly and you can put away the piles without being stressed by the magnitude of the mess!
toys-3000 Lena’s vacuum sounds real..but sadly…it doesn’t ‘work’. LoL!
Fifth – Floors - Sweep and Vacuum…just the heavy traffic areas. And damp mop the kitchen. Don’t spend all day on this! Just 10 minutes each. Set a timer if you must.


TAKE A BREAK! Time for tea… (You have my ‘official’ go do it…  :o)…now that the house is in order and the dishwasher and washing machine are humming their happy can rest easy..and sit down at your desk. Time to plan…

desk photo-3000

Now…it’s time for some quiet tasks. What about Finances? Is there money in the bank? Any surprises? Did you over spend the budget. Get your checkbook updated and make sure you’ve dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s. What about registrations for children’s events…car tags..any due dates that have to be met? Library books to return? 
Our college age son’s textbook was a rental and was due was his registration for the national speech and debate tournament…and daughter’s defensive driving course.  Failing to meet those deadlines can cost you a lot of money.
jacob On the way to Nationals in San Diego, Ca… ..then boot camp! (Still waiting to hear back about the medical review.)
Thank goodness, I planned ahead and had son return the book before our company arrived and did the registration late into the night on Thursday. Today..I think I’m oK! :o)
Finally…Errands and Emails.. Check them..but don’t dawdle! Birthdays? I’ve got a package to ship for a grandson’s birthday..and six graduation cards to fill out. Print letters for military son. Shop for his next box. (Make a list!)

After school, I’ll hit the road with a list, and my cards and packages ready to go. 

Really, the rest of my week will go pretty smoothly once I get through this routine. I’m sure there will be interruptions..but I’ll go right back to my list until I’m done. 

donna and Lena-3000

I hope this little post helps you. It seems so ‘intuitive’ to me, but a friend emailed me asking how I ‘get it all done’ so I thought my approach might help you. 

You Gotta Love Mondays! :o)

How do you ‘recoup’ from a busy weekend?

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my grandbabies-3000 
(PS. We had a WONDERFUL weekend with our kids and grandkids!  Expecting grandbaby number 3 for A & E this fall! That will make six grandchildren for us! :o)

Update on Matthew: I talked to my son Matthew via satellite phone. His latest ‘adventure’ went very well. The place they were headed was amazingly abandoned! Miracles never cease. He’s in very rough conditions…but at least we can still talk. Thank you Lord for satellite phones!  Thanks!


Debby said...

So glad that your son is okay. What cute grandbabies. They almost look like twins. Your day is busy. Lists always help. Monday is like a regroup day for me. Only 14 days left of work and hopefully then I can get organized again.

Anonymous said...

Wow! that is quite the list of accomplishments!
okay, so I was at your desk today, and you're invited to visit me at mine! see you there!

ciao bella

Creative Carmelina

I'm now following you!

Jill said...

I agree getting caught up on Mondays takes some time and I'm usually still tired from the weekend! Moving into summer my to do list has grown! Hope you have a great afternoon!!


nannykim said...

Congrats on the upcoming grand kiddie! I find Mondays are similar here, even though I no longer have kids at home!

Donna said...

I guess it's the same all over. :o) Wow--I'm so glad I stuck to my list! Can you believe I'm catching a cold? But the supper's done and the laundry is in the dryer. The house is picked up..Guess I can hang out on the couch and leave the errands until tomorrow. You can never predict what the next 24 hours will hold can you?

Donna said...

Jill..that video of your husband dancing in his daughter's ballet recital is just to die for!! So funny!! You're killing me. I'd so like to share that on Father's day. Real men wear wigs!!

Debby--sure hope you get to enjoy home soon. :o) Hang in there.

Nannykim..loved the letters on the wall idea! Hope you enjoy your new home.

Carmelina..I LOVE your blog!! Wow--I'm so glad you invited me to drop by. :o)


Unknown said...

I love the movie!!! Yet again, something we agree on.

I am so proud Donna. Today, even though I was WORN out from a non stop weekend, I got all laundry, washed, dried, folded and put away. Tomorrow, I'm tackling the kitchen. It's a bit scary in there!!!

I pulled out a mystery package from the freezer this morning, thankfully it turned out to be cooked and seasoned taco meat and not something harder to work with, LOL!

Donna said...

I'm so proud of you Christi! I know you are in the 'trenches' with all of those little ones. Yea for you!!

:o)You're such a good friend, Christi.

Cheryl said...

I found you at raising homemakers, this post inspired me to work at getting caught up, I feel like I am a million weeks behind. The past 14 months our 5 year old has been fighting cancer and 3 months ago we had our 6th child and I am always feeling behind, I am off to make a fresh list! Blessings!!

Donna said...

My goodness Cheryl! what a trooper you are. My heart just ached reading your comment. What you must be going through! I will add your daughter to my prayer list.

What a brave mommy you are! I know what that is like just a bit. My hubby battled cancer for six months..but thank goodness the treatments worked and he has been cancer free for 15 years. But I will say it had 95% cure rate. Still...taking care of five little ones ages 3months to 9 years..was overwhelming to say the least.

Wish I could help in some way.


“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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