Tuesday Tea No. 28 ~ If You Could Relive One Magic Moment…

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Tuesday Tea No. 28 ~ If You Could Relive One Magic Moment…

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Special moments happen in everyone’s lives. Unforgettable life changing events that can never be reclaimed..only enjoyed while you are there. If you could relive one ‘magic’ moment in your life…which one would it be?

I do hope you can join our Tuesday Tea chat. Rebekah and I picked out our favorite cups, lace hankies, and tea bags. I chose Christmas tea with a hint of cinnamon. I have a cold coming on and this flavor appealed to me.  tea time 28 007-3000

I’d love to have you  link up to my tea party today. And if you aren’t linking up you might still enjoy visiting these ladies’ lovely tea parties. They set the prettiest tables and teas I’ve ever seen! 

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“Favorite Memorable Moments” was the topic of discus sion that my teens were having while we shared tea this week. (or coffee..LoL!) 

Actually, it started out that a friend of theirs on facebook posed the question, “If you could live 25 minutes at any moment of time..what would that moment be?--i.e. the creation of the world, discovering the telephone, the breaking down of the Berlin Wall, or at the signing of the Declaration of Independence etc.

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Being a typical mom, their conversation got me to thinking about moments that mean more to me than anything like the list above.  I couldn’t make up my mind!  Would it be the day that Dear Hubby told me he ‘liked’ me? The day he told me he LOVED me? When he asked me to marry him?


Our wedding day..the birth of our children..and their many firsts? The list was so long and made me realize just how very blessed our lives have been!  I’m so grateful to the Lord for these golden memories. 

It’s so hard to pick!  I do think my very favorite memory was when Tim  ‘asked’ me to marry him.  He came by my office, where I was a secretary, (26 years ago) to ask me to lunch. He wanted to ‘talk’. Somehow..it sounded so official!  

Tim is the kind of guy who has a very hard time making up his mind…and it was much harder when he was young. How could he know what 'God’s will’ was for him…for me? Was I the ‘right’ one?  I used to mention ‘jokingly’ to a good friend that unless the Lord wrote ‘with sky writing’ the words, “She’s the one!”, I was likely to die an old maid. LoL! 

Now I so appreciate that careful decision making process which has protected us from so many mistakes over the years. Patience fixes so many things in life! I was not a very patient person at the time. :o) Though I’ve learned it from Tim over the years.

A dear pastor friend, had been my main ‘counselor’ as a young woman. I remember the day he asked me, “What about this Tim fellow?” Mike was always looking out for me. He had heard me mention Tim several times as we had gotten to be very good friends. He knew from all I’d shared that it was likely that Tim was ‘the one’.


So this day was special. Over lunch in the Univ. of North Texas’ student cafeteria, Tim told me that he’d been offered a full time position at the college he attended. It didn’t pay much, but it was enough to live on…and what would I think about getting married..THIS summer? It was a little bit formal and not too romantic..but it was good enough for me!

Tim and Donna wedding pix 008_thumb[2]

Was this a trick question? I had to laugh. I just couldn’t believe it! My girlish dream was coming true!  So what if we would be practically penniless…  Tim was a smart guy and determined. 

He did indeed finish his degree two years later..and he learned to program all on his own. And the Lord has always made ends ‘meet’ for us. 

Bud and Sunshine

We were so identical in our purpose and vision in life..and we truly complemented each other—opposites though we are.  For us, our life together was just a grand adventure and it still is. :o)

 Rodgers Family our back deck
easter dinner

We’ve had many special moments in our lives, starting with becoming Christians and getting baptized to …buying our first home (and in the country!)…making my music CD… Tim learning to play the cello… working together in ministry, our honeymoon, our trip to Germany, and 30 days to 14 national parks.  

true love museum Matthew and Colin

Then there are our kids’ special moments… one son’s solo in a glider, another’s first day in college, our kids’ first jobs, a daughter bringing home her first horse, and a son, winning at speeches and debate tournaments, the graduations, marriages, and birth of our children and grandchildren….

Donna and Tim-400_thumb[2]

But outside of salvation,  finding my true love..was the best moment of my life, ever. I’d love to be there one more time..in that college cafeteria…. 

If you could re-live 25 minutes of your life…what would that moment be?

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Trudy said...

Donna, thank you so much for the compliments on my singing. I really enjoy singing. I sing around the house quite often and love to worship in church. I used to sing in a school and church choir. It's just so much fun.

I enjoyed your post, "Getting Caught up." Lots of useful tidbits.

If I could relive any 25 minutes in my life, it would be 25 minutes of walking on the beaches of Cancun with my husband during our honeymoon. I wish we could go back just the two of us. Maybe some day. I'm sure some day I'll wish to relive 25 minutes of holding one of my babies again; but as I am about to have another baby, I'll will get to do that one more time. I'm really looking forward to that this August.

Kerrie said...

Loved this post, I smiled all the way through!! Hugs, Kerrie

Needled Mom said...

This was a wonderful post, Donna. Like you, there are way too many moments to pick just one. We have been so blessed, haven't we?

Amy said...

What a joy to read--and sounds like a true joy to live. Continued blessings.
25 minutes? Hmm. I better go enjoy a cup of tea and consider this for a bit:)

claudia b said...

What sweet memories! There are so many, we are so very lucky!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Donna,
I too have so many moments that are 'up there' that I couldn't possibly name just one. From the time I received a standing ovation for singing to our magical first kiss, to when Hubby accepted Jesus into his life. {He was my first convert!} The births of our boys, etc. Some of my most precious moments include special times with my kids. The Lord has blessed us beyond our dreams! Thanks for a wonderful post and for joining me for tea.


Jill said...

What an awesome love story...I love happy endings! what a lovely family the two of you have created!


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Forgot to mention that I love your pretty tea cups! Have a beautiful day!


Poppy @ With a Dash of Color said...

Hi Donna, thanks for sharing this beautiful story with us. I enjoyed every moment of it... precious memories... to be treasured forever in life.I am visiting from Lady Katherine's Tea Party and it felt so wonderful to read your post.. it is a beautiful post! You are having a tea party as well so I thought I will link up. I loved all your delicate linens and dainty tea cups.. so pretty especially the lacey pink one. Would love you to visit me sometime. ~Poppy


Miss Merry said...

What a wonderful love story! Thank you for sharing! Visiting from Lady Katherine's Tea Party!

Tea in Texas said...

How special to relive this wonderful moment about your husband and his asking your hand in marriage. I was so surprised when you said North Texas University for my husband and I graduated there. A few days later, we were married on June 12. I love the blue flowered teacup and saucer. Thanks for sharing your special moment!

Kathy said...

Hello Donna,
Quite belated - getting back into the swing of this! This sure has me thinking - which moment?
Sure enjoyed your sharing and your photos - wonderful family memories - great choice for a moment to relive!
Thank you for sharing this with A Return to Loveliness!
Have a blessed day,

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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