Another Woman’s Treasure… Smarter Ways to DeClutter

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Another Woman’s Treasure… Smarter Ways to DeClutter


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It’s funny..isn’t it? The things we decide to ‘declutter’ are just the things someone else really needs.  I think it’s wonderful that we have so many ways to pass on our trash…I mean treasure…to others.

There are several ways to de-clutter, as I'm sure you know.   You can, of course, just box it up and donate it to a thrift store. I have several favorites!  

Hoop, flowers, beer bread, craigs list 068-2000 Good bye…sweet rocking chair…

You can do what I did this weekend, and give away some of your treasures to new homes  like to friends or family. Or you can also sell your extra stuff at a garage sale or on Craig's list or Ebay.

This week, I managed to do several of these things, though I hadn't actually planned to tackle the 'Ebay' process.  My mom decided to drop by for a visit as I mentioned earlier and I was able to give her back several of the 'treasures' that I've been enjoying this year.

Hoop, flowers, beer bread, craigs list 070-2000

I didn't cry..but was hard to let them go.  The cradle is just so beautiful..and so is the old rocker.  The antique gold chair has held an honored place in our home for well over a year.  But they are gone now…giving us much needed space.

Hoop, flowers, beer bread, craigs list 134-2000

Today was spent doing something very high on Dear Hubby's list...selling our excess stuff (some call it clutter) on Ebay and Craig's list.  It sounds so simple, but wow--it was a LOT of work. (And it’s very painful too when you have to part with an antique  like my dear sewing machine!)

Hoop, flowers, beer bread, craigs list 153-2000

First you have to clean everything..and some things are NOT easy to clean, I must say.

teddy bear shakers

Then you have to research the prices on everything. I couldn't believe my Teddy Bear salt and pepper shakers were selling for $39.00!  (I’m starting the bidding at $15.00. )

  Peg Perego High Chair

And the high chair originally cost $200-300.00!  Of course, it's not worth that now, but still. That's pretty amazing! But I didn’t know what all the features is had until I researched it.

high chair in lower and  slanted new born position

It can lower seven degrees of height, tilt back at an angle, and collapse with one hand.  I should have looked up the features years ago!

Hoop, flowers, beer bread, craigs list 107-2000

I couldn't put the bumper pool table on Craig's list yet, because I need Dear Hubby to help load it. I'd hate to have someone call only to have to tell them, "Wait till Monday."  But I did take lots of photos.

folding table and chairs

I managed to get several things posted but I have lots left to do to.  Still..the office is much more spacious is the living room. Yeah!  Hubby will be so happy when he gets home!

Retro Chair

My beloved ‘retro style’ vintage chair will be sold on Craig’s list..sigh…

Of course, Mom loves to shop at antique shops and thrift stores and we visited several this week.  So…I’m also having to make room for new treasures like new and stylish clothes from Macy’s (all my size), new glasses and silverware (I’m selling the old stuff). 

Hoop, flowers, beer bread, craigs list 072-2000

mom's visit 004-2000

I also bought a darling sign (for .25 cents) to put in the spot where the dulcimer used to hang. (Mom bought it for I gave it back to her.) :o)

tea cup

At the thrift store, I found two lovely tea cups for a $1.00 each, and a small George Forman grill to put in my daughter’s hope chest. I also found a nicer butter dish to replace my old one which was too bulky and didn’t match my dishes.

Hoop, flowers, beer bread, craigs list 049-2000

Mom found these gorgeous plant stands at the giant garage sale only two miles from the house.  This is the same place I bought my new wardrobe and a booster seat for toddler sized grandchildren ($2.00--to replace the oversized high-chair.)

I was so pleased to discover that the woman doing the sale is a quilter. We’ve already made plans to visit soon and to do a little quilting together! :o)

Hoop, flowers, beer bread, craigs list 040-2000

Darling sign picked up at a Goodwill Store (and plums from our tree ripening in a safer place.) 

So a lot of things are being sold, or have been given away. But I’ve also added some ‘treasures’.  We have to get rid of the ‘old’ if we are ever going to make room for the ‘new’.

What is your favorite method for parting with your treasures? Do you sell your stuff on Ebay or Craig’s list?

Hope you had a fun weekend!

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Melissa said...

Great post Donna! Yo have a great eye for thrifted pieces, I would have scooped up a few of your treasures, most notably that beautiful Singer and rocker. I love how you made room for new stuff as well. I think most of the thrill of thrifting and yard-saling is the find, not necessarily the sale. So it's nice when we can guilt free bring something home now and again.

Kerrie said...

Donna, I LOVE the old sewing machine! Just like my Mom had in the 40's.

Amy said...

We typically give to the Blind organization for their thrift store. My mom always did the same--it's funny what parents pass on sometimes:) Congratulations on opening up space. It is hard to let treasures go. . . but the space? That's a treasure in itself. (Although I will say some of yours are SUCH treasures! That cradle!)

Donna said...

I know..the cradle just made my heart ache..but OH MY it is Sooo big! Percy loved it..but you are right Melissa..the space is invaluable. We have a small home..and I'm determined to make it feel as spacious as possible.

Plus, I needed to raise some funds to pay for my new wardrobe..LoL!


Donna said...

Amy, I have my favorite thrift store too. It helps people recovering from bad situations. They give money to the needy in our town..and jobs to others. I never feel bad about donating to them..or buying from them. :o) I love Angelic Resale!


You are right..our moms do tend to pass on those values. Mine taught me right too! :o)

JJ said...

Wow, I am impressed with how much you were able to clean out. I have such a hard time parting with stuff but I hate clutter.

GardenOfDaisies said...

Yes, it is hard to get rid of things, but it is better when they go to someone who can use them and love them and you can make room in your home for the things you want.
Be sure to stop by my blog. I'm having a giveaway!

Needled Mom said...

My kids sell a lot on those sites, but I haven't gotten into it yet either.

I love that cradle. I would have had a hard time parting with it. Isn't it a shame to "learn" about an item only when you are getting rid of it? I am the same way.

Caroline said...

oooh, a dulcimer! how neat!

Yeah ... I donate lots of stuff because it is just easier. Selling bigger stuff - I haven't figured out craig's list either.

I like to pass stuff down to other people - knowing your stuff is being used by someone you care about is special.

I have a box of stuff joining my friend's yard sale. Hoping most of it sells ...

Toys are the hardest. They can't be donated. :( And usually everyone else has too many too.

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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