Tuesday Tea No. 30 Remembering Leisurely Summer Pastimes

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Tuesday Tea No. 30 Remembering Leisurely Summer Pastimes

These photos are by Marty Callan...
husband of Trudy Callan of Sewing with Trudy
Do you remember when summer evenings were spent on the porch or playing games on the lawn? Welcome to Tuesday Tea!  I hope you'll join me for a trip down 'memory lane' today....

hula hoop 010-2000

I’m sipping Green Passion Fruit tea from Timothy’s and the smell is so fragrant and fruity that it makes me think of a beach somewhere far away.....  This box of ten different teas was a bargain purchase from Ross. I love outlet stores, don’t you? Hmmm…it’s hard to pick which tea to try each day!
hula hoop 009-2000

 hula hoop 008-2000

I picked the perfect cup too…my beautiful coffee cup from Corpus Christi that we bought when my dear daughter and I went on a senior trip year before last.  

Have you got your tea cup picked out and your favorite tea steeping..or perhaps you are having it iced today? Wow—is it ever hot! It was 101 today! It’s rained all around us..but not here.

If you would like to join today’s tea chat..just link up right here. I’d love to have you sit and visit for awhile. :o)

sawing logs

I was reading a friend’s post this week..and it really got me to reminiscing! Bee from Mawmaw’s place wrote about ‘homesickness’. 

Bee shared this song and I thought it would be perfect for Sunday song at Natasha's.

Reading her description of life before A/C and computers..about sleeping with a fan blowing to stay cool…and the night sounds coming through the screened in windows…

 christian and grandkids

It got me to thinking about my childhood…when the best way to cool off was a tall glass of iced tea, a big slice of juicy watermelon, a sprinkler (no pool at the house) … or just lolling under a shade tree or swinging on the porch. 


It made me remember all the board games we used to play..fishing by lamplight on the lake’s edge… and chasing fireflies in the cool of the evening on a summer’s night.  (Thanks Mom!)


We used to spend our evenings quite differently once upon a time! We were far less likely to be camped around a TV watching movies…and we didn’t have cell phones, laptops, facebook, blogging, twitter, Netflix or texting. You may not realize it..but constant noise and stimulation can be exhausting!


Last week found us lolling around the deck laughing at the grandkids’ antics in the wading pool, shopping, (I NEVER shop!) , and learning Canasta. Yes, we watched a few movies, but thanks to Ebeth’s love of ‘doing’ things…We didn’t sit in front of the tv every night!

It’s just too easy for me to relax with a movie when doing something would be a better choice. We had a lot of fun and I’m glad we didn’t miss out on it!

Christian playing trumpet

Last night, found our family playing music..Tim on the cello, Rebekah on the piano, and Christian and I on the guitar each performing our favorite songs. We also had a guest and he played worship songs for us..which we all joined in and sang too at times.

Our Property 117-3000

At one point we played ‘hide and seek’ with Percy, our Dachshund/Chihuahua mix. We’d hide Rebekah (whom he adores) under a blanket or behind a door in the living room. Then she’d call him and he would race in and begin running around the room looking everywhere trying to find her. 

It was just hilarious! He even climbed on a chair to get a better view ! Our sides just ached laughing at his anxious efforts to find his dear owner..and his joyous reunion..every time he found her.

tim on cello

He also ‘sang’ to accompany Tim on the cello. His little nose would raise up into the air as high as it could go..and just like a coyote..he’d howl to match the beautiful notes of Tim’s playing.

hula hoop 006-2000

Then we got out a couple of decks of cards and gathered around the table. We had such a fun time learning to play Canasta! (How I wish Ebeth had been there to guide us! It was only my fourth time to play!) There is nothing that gets everyone laughing and (groaning at times)..like a good card game or board game.  :o)

Livingroom Makeover 029-2000

The evening went by so fast!  We ate Rebekah’s brownies with whipped cream…and a large bowl of ripe cherries. It was late last night when we said good-bye to our guest..and headed off to bed. But I know we all had big smiles on our faces.

Jacob threatens poor Micky with hatchet

I must say…it was a lot more fun than watching a movie!  I felt like we truly ‘spent time’ with each other. We got to know each other better..and made some special memories. We laughed a LOT! And it was good medicine..for sure!

Perhaps tonight..instead of everyone sitting around with laptops or cell phones..or plugging in another DVD…you might want to try a leisurely activity of your younger days..like a board game, hula hooping or an impromptu musical performance..or just a little sing a long with the radio.


Maybe an evening stroll through the neighborhood would do it or just curling up with a good book….

Dog meds and weight journal 032-2000

Or maybe you need to get out a couple of cups for coffee or tea and sit on the porch for awhile..and just chat.   Some of the best things in life…are free..and don’t require electricity. :o)

Have you ever taken a ‘vacation’ from your electronics? You might be surprised at how rested and timeless it feels!

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Trudy said...

I've got my tea ready, rasberry again. Thanks for mentioning Marty's photography. I am so blessed to have my own personal photographer.

Donna said...

You are Trudy..but he does have a gorgeous subject!


Lorraine said...

Hello donna, lovely to see your photos..thanks for your comments on my blog..Otterspool is at the south end of Liverpool near where I live and is part of the main city of Liverpool..its quite good as you can ride along the whole of the Mersey right into the city so nicer than having to pay the heavy car parking fees.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Donna,
What a pretty tea cup! I have tried several times to link up with you but I keep getting a message that I don't have your link in my post, which I do! Anyway, hope you have a lovely week and thanks for sharing with Tea Time.


Caroline said...

I so much more enjoy time without electronics - well, the TV anyway = the internet obviously grabs alot of attention! We've been playing "baseball" in the yard, swimming, etc. And not watching as much TV, which does wonders for all our dispositions.

Ah, music. We are about to be owners of a used piano (Kevin plays, and goose will one day)

Wanda Lee said...

Hello dearest Donna,

Lovely post!.., I also am getting a message that I do not have a 'backlink'/ link on my post which I also do; it is on my Silken purse blog..,

I am thinking perhaps;(if I may sincerely and humbly suggest): that you might want to switch-off the requirement for back link Donna.

Just as aside re., my own experiences: I have 86 post plus with my, 'The Plumed Pen' blog, 58 posts with my, 'Silken Purse' blog, (and 68 plus tea posts with my former, 'Wednesday Tea For You And Me', blog tea party as past experience..,

.., I find that almost all participants are most gracious in back linking,( albeit some don't grant it); yet at least for me personally. it really doesn't matter as long as we're all having fun..,I know it can be frustrating however when folks don't do as requested!

I remain committed most happily and want to see you succeed!
I love what you post ; it's truly amazing and very inspirational Donna!

Hugs, Wanda Lee

Wanda Lee said...

Just as a further clarification Donna,

~ I had meant to say rather;

..,That although I have literally hundreds of blog post and nine blogs to my past experience, I was referring only the the number of blogging 'tea party meme' posts whereby I find the overall experience has been affirmative, uplifting and delightful..,

Cheers, W.L.

Amy said...

I enjoyed reading your post and imagining all the real activities vs. sitting for a movie. We've been sitting around our firepit a lot this week, and it makes me so happy:)
I tried to link to you today, but it won't let me. I have your button up as usual, and even added a second link to your name, but it says I'm not linking. If I were more tech-savvy I might be able to figure it out. No biggie.
Keep having summer and musical fun!

Donna said...

Yipes...so much for improvements by Brent Riggs Linky tool!
I'll get that weird 'fix' off right away. I don't know why it happened!


Terri said...

Hello Donna,
Yes, I remember those days when the best thing was to be outside doing something. We never wanted to come indoors until we had to. I loved playing tag on the grass, and having Koolaid (thats all we had back then!).
Your post is a lovely chance to reminisce. Thank you,

Needled Mom said...

It was wonderful seeing your beautiful family enjoying special times together. I feel so blessed that we did not have all of the technology when we were raising our children. We always had great games and fabulous conversations. This was a wonderful post.

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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