Unslumping One's Self... on Your Weightloss Journey

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Unslumping One's Self... on Your Weightloss Journey

It's summertime and I think the perfect time to focus on our health. What about you?  Yes, we will be traveling more, but at least we don't have quite so much to do in the summer as at other times of year. Learning new eating habits, excercise, etc. takes a lot of focus and we need T-I-M-E in order to do that.

Now that things have gotten back to normal..and with our recent graduation out of the way, I really want to pay better attention to my health again. I've gained back a lot of weight from my loss last year (sigh..) and am determined to change that... for good!

If you are also struggling with this problem, you might like to join my friends and I in taking the Eating Well Challenge for June with Josie at Finding It.  She shares a challenge each month--last month it was exercise. It helps so much to have a goal!

This was last week's post that I wrote at our weight loss support group blog, Gettin' Thin Together.

As Dr. Seuss puts it so very well, "Unslumping One's self is not easily done."  

Of all the books that describe life's ups and downs best, "Oh the Places You'll Go" has got to be the best! ($1.33 used at Amazon.) Tim and I used to sit and ponder and even feel hopeful after reading this book, when we were in one of those 'terrible' times in our lives as a young couple. Those times when everything seems to go wrong.  You don't feel so alone when you realize everyone has ups and downs.

For me, this last week has been a process of 'unslumping' myself from my weight loss journey. Are you in a slump? Then you know just how I feel! It's nice to have company. LoL!

Really, the only solution I know that I haven't tried yet..is to just keep going through the motions even when I'm NOT inspired. It's how you get through life..and that interminable 'To Do List' so why wouldn't it work for weight loss?  

Really, it's just simple faith and obedience. Doing what you know is right..regardless of the results. (Thanks Elisabeth Elliott!) 

What are those 'things' that we have to keep doing regardless of the results?

It's pursuing whatever weight loss methods you feel you should pursue--especially things that have worked in the past like...
  • waiting on hunger, stopping when full
  • food journals or diaries
  • counting calories
  • exercise--especially fun kinds like walking, hooping, swimming, square dancing or aerobics..
  • avoiding junk food, eating healthy
  • bible study (great spiritual food!!)
  • Prayer (we need all the help we can get!)
  • weighing in daily, weekly..etc.
  • posting on this or some other weight loss website..like spark people (accountability!)
  • drinking more water
  • gyms
  • smaller plates..smaller portions
  • healthier recipes
I don't know about you, but I don't think HOW to lose weight  is our problem. I think it's the DOING part that escapes us! :o)

At least for my part, when I don't see quick results...or any results..or I get busy and can't focus on what's going in my mouth, I get discouraged or distracted and stop.  If I fail, even for one day....it makes me feel hopeless.

One thing I've learned from Keelie of Real Fat...is that you just have to keep going. If you look at her sidebar, you see her weight posting. One month..losing 2.5 pounds...another gaining .5...That's monthly progress, mind you,  not daily or even weekly. That's called perseverance.  

Perseverance and commitment is the heart of the problem. We have to quit quitting. Period. So what if you don't see big losses or even gain now and then? Quitting only makes things worse.

I'm convinced that if we keep doing the right things long enough, we'll see permanent weight loss. 

So even though I'm not in the mood...I'm gonna do all the 'right things' anyway.   I kept a food journal this week..though I must admit I didn't always take the time to write things down or procrastinated...until noon sometimes!! Or I left off the evening meal..(subliminal excuse for avoiding the stuff that doesn't look so good on a food journal.)

Three of the days look pretty good..  But guess what I ate on Thursday...
  • 3 cups of popcorn
  • a bowl of macaroni and cheese
  • three pieces of toast
  • 2 tacos
  • and finally 6 strawberries
Gee..wonder why I didn't want to write in my food journal on Thursday??Take a BIG guess....

But am I going to give up..NO way!! I got out my Thin Within devotional this morning...wrote down my food for today...watermelon, milk w/ coffee, 2 eggs....weighed myself (groan!) and I'm going to just DO IT! 

I may not feel like dieting..but I can write down what I eat, weigh, read my bible and pray, exercise..etc. I can do SOMETHING. 

So what if I'm in  a slump...and don't feel motivated. Like Keelie..I'm just going to keep going anyway.   What have we got to lose?...maybe a few pounds!! :o)

I have this feeling that if I just keep moving in the right direction..at some point along the way..I'll get out of the slump.  It works for housework and life in general, and I have a feeling it will work for weight loss too.

Are you trying to eat healthier, exercise more, lose weight? I'd love to hear from you.

PS. I wrote this post last week and since then have lost 2 pounds! Seems like it's working pretty well. :o)


Trudy said...

Great post, Donna. Congratulations on losing two pounds. I have been in an exercise slump lately. Need to get back to doing at least a little each day. I don't always feel like making right food choices. Yesterday at church I tried three different deserts. I usually try to abstain. These are great principles.

By the way, I sent you the email on the hoop measurements.

Needled Mom said...

Way to go on a great start. You have the right attitude and I wish you continued success.

Rae said...

Wanted to pop in and say hello friend!See what's going on over here. Lots!! Love ya, Rayanne

Natasha in Oz said...

That is brilliant that you have lost 2 pounds already Donna! Good on you! I have started walking more in the last couple of weeks but since it's winter here I can really only go in the afternoons if I work during the day, by which time I have a million things to do at home. i will keep trying though...thanks for inspiring me!

Best wishes always,

Donna said...

Thanks Everyone--you are so encouraging. BTW, Trudy...I've made my hula hoops per your instructions and I'll be posting the 'tutorial' later this week. Thanks for your help! I got 30 minutes of hooping in today. Yipes..my left leg (the one I keep the rhythm going with) is stinging. Guess I'm out of the groove. Ha!

Trudy said...

How awesome, Donna. Be sure you stretch after hooping, just like with any exercise, so you aren't too sore.

Maria Killam said...

A food journal is such a great idea. My once-a-week trainer suggested it and I didn't send it to him but the thought of doing it every day made me think about what I was going to eat next and I actually lost 7 pounds. But now I've been on a little vacation for the last week, plus it was my birthday as you know and I'm sure I've put on at least 3 pounds! eeeeek!

Anyway, I love and adore that book so much the best parts of it are framed in cute little frames in my guest room. I'll have to post about it at some point so you can see what I did!!
Great post Donna!

Anonymous said...

Dear Donna...

May I join you?

I have been trying to loose the last 30lbs and they are proving to be the hardest.

Johnnie Seago said...

This is great info and so ENCOURAGING! I have done so many "plans" through the years and it all boils down to what you said: eat less, move more, journal and pray. I also want to have a realistic picture of the body God wants me to have: not Hollywood and not my lazy flesh. I want to exercise because I feel I need more physical strength to grow old and be able to enjoy those grandchildren God has given us...not so I look good at the beach. You are doing a worthy work, Sister. Keep it up!

Donna said...

Thanks so much Johnnie. It means a lot to me that you like what I'm sharing... :o)

After all, you are my pastor's wife. Tee-hee! You are such an example to me in this area! You look like a fashion model.
And I know playing with the grandkids is a biggie for me. I want to have fun with our family!


PS. I didn't realize you read my blog..but your comment made me smile. :o)

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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