Puppy Love… Giving Refuge to a Stray

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Puppy Love… Giving Refuge to a Stray


I know just what you are thinking…. Your hubby is going to KILL you when he gets home! But contrary to what you might expect,  I was a good girl and called him yesterday. His first response, “So you called the pound…right?”..long pause of silence on my end…”Right!?” 


Sound familiar? Sigh… 


Well at least we were able to give this little puppy refuge from the storm—we had a huge one right after we picked her up.  My sons went for a hike near Turkey Creek and found this little girl..not more than six weeks old…wandering all alone. 

There aren’t any homes anywhere nearby, but I will be printing and hanging posters in spite of the varied protests ringing in my ears. LoL!


Yes, she’s darling, she’s potty-trained (mostly), and even Percy loves her. But Tiger, our cat, has disappeared—again--He HATES dogs! He’d rather starve than live with another dog. 

This puppy is two thirds the size of Percy. I’m assuming she will be a pretty big dog too. The kids think she’s a Rottweiler. She and Percy romp all over the place. It’s very cute!

How I wish people would quite bringing drop offs to the country to starve! I’ve seen people in their expensive cars and trucks drive out here…and just leave them. Do they really think we are going to take ALL of those strays in? Not hardly. Most of them starve—painfully or get run over, or shot when they are tearing up people’s property. 

puppy sleeping

To see the poor dogs frantically chasing their beloved owners down the long dirt road is just heart breaking! I admit that I get downright MAD when I see them. Those owners are so lucky that I can’t shoot. (Ok..I’ll go back to being nice Donna again..but this has got to be my biggest pet peeve –no pun intended.)


So, we are making a two hour round trip to take yet another sweet dog to the SPCA. We will first print out the posters—just in case—then we’ll try to give him away on Craig’s list. The pound is the last resort.
 DSC08899-2000 DSC08905 DSC08903-2000

Rebekah is so in love with this cutie that she is going to try to find her an adoptive parent on Facebook.  You can be sure that we will leave no stone unturned before we give in and take this sweet puppy to the pound.  


But this is probably the twentieth pet we’ve come across since we moved out here!  Many of our cats have just walked out of the woods and we took them in. For some reason, we take in more stray cats than dogs.  (Perhaps because they eat less and maintain themselves.) The adult dogs tend to be destructive and we have to take them to the pound right away.

I’m working on my glass harp and fabric wall art posts today and they are taking longer than expected to put together, so I thought I’d just share this with you in the mean time. :o)


Please, don’t ever drop off your pet. In fact, I’m sure none of my readers would ever do this. But if someone Google searches this post and reads it, maybe they will think twice. before treating a pet this way.

How do you feel about this?  Are you one of those wonderful pet adopters? My mother and sister can’t say NO to a stray, but my hubby sure can. LoL!   

Everyone loves a puppy..right?
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PS. Sorry about the photos! I had a terrible time getting the ISO speed right in our poor light.


Serenata said...

People are just so cruel aren't they? He looks a real sweetie, although I think you are right he is probably going to be quite big. I would imagine he is a cross breed.

Good luck rehoming him!

GlorV1 said...

Yes it does happen and it's so sad. She looks like a sweetie pie but dogs become family pet members and that involves a lot of loving care and work and if you don't have time time right now, it is best to try to find a home for it. It is said that if you take her to the spca, they can only house her for x amount of days and then...well you know what happens. It was good of you to take care of her for a while, hopefully she doesn't get too used to you because then she will be saddened having to leave. That's what happened when I found that small chihuahua at the post office, remember. She was with us for about a week or so and I couldn't find the owners so I took her to the spca and she seemed so sad to have to leave. She was kissing me as I was taking her off the car. In any event, I called later that day and she had been adopted. I was so happy. Listen to your heart Donna. Take care. ::hugs::

Donna said...

I'm sure he isn't a pure breed either. If he was, I could contact the Rotweiller rescue group. I'm sure there is one.

Debby said...

What a cutie. Makes me sad to think of them being deserted. I can't believe that our SPringer was.....never anyone looking for him. He is such a wonderful dog. Do you have a humane society. Try to place him with a place that has a "no kill" policy. Good luck. I would porbably keep him and my husband would throw a fit.

Jessica said...

We took in strays when we lived in the canyons of California. Seemed people thought us country folk would take in all their pets. If we couldn't find homes for them, then we kept them. My husband found a dog and her puppies tied to the little store in one of the canyons he lived in! (I moved in shortly after). People are just heartless sometimes when it comes to animals! Since moving to Colorado, we have not found any strays. But my husband did find a monitor lizard of all things while on a job site! He couldn't figure out where it came from, it was an industrial area. He brought it home until we found someone that wanted it for a pet. (I didn't like having to feed it live food, plus it wasn't friendly. At that time we had a big iguana, and it was very friendly!)

Anonymous said...

Donna-Those aren't Rott. markings, those are German Shepard markings..she has the same ones as my pure bred Ziva.

Unknown said...

Donna that puppy is adorable. I would try my had at keeping him as well if I found him, good luck finding a place for him!

Jill said...


That puppy is sure lucky he came to your home! Just breaks my heart that someone could do this to an animal. So little too...I would fall in love and keep him for sure! LOL I wish you the best on finding him a home!


Maria Killam said...

Donna that is terrible that people just take them out to the country instead of at least the SPCA. You are so sweet to take them all the way there!
What a darling puppy!

Anonymous said...

Donna, the pup is sooo cute. Too bad you can't keep him. He looks so at home with your family. I so glad that you are going to take him to a shelter; maybe you have a no kill shelter near you.

If you put a notice on Craigs and are listing free pup, might I ask you to sell your pup for $75 or more? A friend of mine told that when some folks pick up free pups, they may not be bringing them home but instead selling them to a lab to be used for experimentation purposes.

We had two lab/German shepherd mix puppies stroll through our backyard over ten years ago. After trying to find their owners (though I suspected someone just dropped them along the road and they found their way to our house), we ended up adopting them. I'm so glad we kept them. We couldn't separate them as it looked as if they had been on the road a long time and had formed such a close bond. . Weeds and burrs stuck in their hair; they were a mess but so cute.

(Sorry for the long post. If you can't figure it out, I am a real dog lover.) :-)


Wanda Lee said...

Dear Donna,

With tears in my eyes and 'a lump in my throat' I read this!.., She is so adorable!

I have been an animal rescuer from way back and detest cruelty to animals!

Thank you, thank you kind people and my God bless you as you seek to find that precious pup a home!

Hugs from Wanda Lee

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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