Matthew's Safely Home....Precious Pictures..

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Matthew's Safely Home....Precious Pictures..

I'm glad to share with you all that my son, Matthew, is home from Afghanistan. Amanda and the kids, Colin, Brennan, and Nikolai were so excited to see Hubby and Daddy again.  Thanks every single one of you for your prayers and kind notes. They meant so much to Matthew and to me. :o)

 Please keep them in your prayers as the adjustments from life in the field to life at home are VERY difficult! I'm trying not to be too anxious.

Gosh Nikolai looks just like Matthew! I almost fell over when I saw this photo!

Missing my grandkids so much!

Please pray too that the hurricane won't damage their home and they will stay safe. They live in North Carolina.



claudia b said...

Very happy to hear this, Donna, I will pray for a smooth adjustment and to keep them safe from Irene. Blessings!

Ama x four said...

Thanks for this post, Donna! I am so excited that Matthew is finally home! I will be praying for them on all counts. Loved the pictures! And I agree...Nikolai does look just like Matthew! What a cutie! Hope you get to see them soon!

Donna said...

We're working on a skype chat soon. Amanda and the kids are at a friend's house in Pennsylvania. They will all drive back to N.Carolina tomorrow after the hurricane is gone.

Debby said...

Oh that is wonderful news. I will still pray. I remember when my son returned. I couldn't be there as he was in Hawaii My DIL called and told me he was having a really rough time. It does get better but it is an adjustment.

Needled Mom said...

That is FABULOUS news!!!! I will continue to keep them in my prayers along with our other service members still in harm's way.

Donna said...

Thanks everyone! I knew you would like to know he's out of harms way. But he is having a rough time adjusting. Please do keep praying as I will!

You are all so wonderful!


Anonymous said...

Rejoicing with you all... and praying that the hurricane doesn't damage their home! Blessings!

PS forgot this wasn't FB and was looking for the LIKE button! LOL

Donna said...

Too funny! I know...I wanted to LIKE your comment back and couldn't. Tee-hee!

A Primitive Homestead said...

I am happy for you & your family. So blessed to have your loved one home. Wonderful photos of the family together. Prayer lifted for them. Blessings!

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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