What Would Your Dream Home Look Like?

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What Would Your Dream Home Look Like?

I've been busy cleaning away today... It feels so nice to get all the nooks and crannies clean and dust free! Two roasts are busily simmering in the crockpots while I work--one for our friends who just moved back from Michigan..and one for us.


Last night, I was resting from a busy day of school planning for my homeschool co-op class and helping my 16 yr.old get on with his work. (Learning a new curriculum is tough!)  Today he's having a blast looking at ranunculus and onion slides. (Yes Dear, the slides are beautiful.)

Last night, being the sidetracked child that I am though, I went to do something on the computer--heaven knows what--and got to looking at desktop backgrounds. I guess I wanted an 'escape' LOL!--some place green and luscious. (Thank goodness it DID rain buckets last night!! PTL!) And I did collect a few nature backgrounds to use but....

What I ended up with was a lot of beautiful home interiors, like the ones my friend, Maria, designs. I love to inspire myself to clean by putting pictures of homes that appeal to me on my big desktop monitor.  

 And I learn a lot from them too...like how to not crowd the furniture...and to arrange things nicely on the coffee tables. You also get reminded about what isn't 'decor' i.e. newspapers, tennis shoes,..coffee cups...and dvd cases. Tee-hee!

You get a 'feel' for what color you ought to paint the livingroom or what couch to buy, I think. This is strictly from a non-decorating person's perspective. :o)

Hmmm...think I see hints of my zebra striped pillows and retro style chair in this photo.

What about you? What would your 'dream' home look like?

You might try typing in a google search on 'residential interiors' and see what comes up on the images page.  I set the parameters for larger than 600 x 800 which means all the photos came up big enough to use for a desktop background.

Having a vision for a clean and beautiful home, can really inspire you as you clean and decorate.

Happy Homemaking!

PS. I apologize to anyone whose photos I used without credits. I searched and searched to try to find them again. Hopefully, I'll find them later today and can add them. :o)


Micupoftea said...

Oh, wow....great bargain shopping. Love the home interiors...so welcoming with beautiful views :)
Have a great weekend~

Maria Killam said...

Stunning, I love and adore that first photo! And thanks so much for the mention!

ps. I'm coming to San Antonio in September for the CMG Conference, which part of Texas so you live in?

Donna said...

Maria!! I'm going to be there the same week during my husband's oil convention!! Hurrah!

OMgoodness! I am pinching myself to think we will actually get to meet. :o)

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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