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What are You Thankful For? (New Grandbaby Photo!)

That's an easy question for me to answer! Still, I'm glad we have a holiday that reminds us to 'Give Thanks'.  We had a wonderful dinner with some church friends. It's our first time to share Thanksgiving dinner with someone other than family and it really was a special day.

Debbie and I were surprised and delighted to see how well our table decor complimented each other's. I had to use green & white gourds since the stores were all out of orange mini-pumpkins..and the only tapers I could find were burgundy.  I didn't know she had burgandy napkins and green table cloths. Her dishes and goblets were lovely.

Isn't this just perfect? We were both so pleased.


Three More Thanksgiving Crafts....for You!

It looks like fall around here...at last! We hung my Thanksgiving Turkey, the one I quilted many years ago. My friend, Margie, actually did this turkey's body and then she got tired of the project. She gave it to me, so I added the feathers and the scrap border. It was my first attempt to machine quilt..but I try not to look to close. :-)

Mr. Turkey always announces the beginning of fall at our house.

My daughter and I have had a lot of crafty fun this last couple of weeks.  We went on a nice long walk and couldn't help but gather leaves. The colors were SOooo pretty!  Of course, then we had to figure out what to do with them all.

A Quick and Easy 'Give Thanks' Banner

Hey friends, This is just a quick peek at my 'Give Thanks' banner. I'm off to run an errand, but thought this might inspire you.

Cut out some triangles from an earth toned fabric...or even brown paper!

Print out some letters (extra large) cut out and trace backwards on freezer paper.



Get Ready for Christmas in Seven Days!

Have you ever noticed how some of the 'biggest' jobs on your 'To Do' list rarely take as much time as you thought they would?  Christmas looms for many of us because every task seems BIG.

This year, I surprised myself when I found that I had completed most of my shopping in less than 3 hours! Online..of course. Between Amazon and Melissa & Doug (a fun and educational toy supplier), I was able to do 90% of my christmas shopping..for the packages that need to be shipped.

It felt so strange to have that particular job--DONE--just like that. I feel positively giddy!

That got me to thinking... Could it be that many of the tasks that we do to prepare for Christmas aren't so scary after all?  How about, if for the next week or two, we skipped movies, or computer games...for Christmas projects. :o)


Time for Tea: If I Had a Whole Day....Just for Me..

It's been so long since we had our weekly 'tea'. Would you like to join me for a cup? I got to musing the other day and thought I'd share my thoughts with you.

Have you ever thought about what you would do, if there was nothing on your ' to do list'? What if there were no bills to pay, no groceries to buy,...

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Creative Holiday Centerpieces by the Women of Grace

Hello friends! It's been a month since the holiday decor competition (all in a spirit of fun ) and the ladies at my church, Grace Community,  really out did themselves, I think. :o)   

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we were challenged to come up with a centerpiece for Thanksgiving or Christmas and decide whether to make it elegant, family-friendly, or traditional as we saw fit.  Our team chose Thanksgiving..and traditional.

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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