Comin' Home's Top Ten Picks for Christmas Gifts $20.00 or Less

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Comin' Home's Top Ten Picks for Christmas Gifts $20.00 or Less

The Christmas countdown has begun..hasn't it? It's only ten more days till Christmas! If you didn't start my 'Get Ready for Christmas in Seven Days plan', you may be a little stressed out right now.

Don't worry though, there's still plenty of time to get your list finished.  If it's been 'one of those years' where life has thrown a few monkey wrenches into your holiday preparations, perhaps this list of my favorite gifts (either ones I purchased or received) will help alleviate some pressure.

(If you are a local friend or family member--stop right here and go back home to your facebook page or blog. LOL! You know who you are!! Read this AFTER Christmas, if you must. Tee-hee!)

I was making a list of ideas for blog posts (in a rare moment of spare time), and the first thought that came to me, was my beloved shopping list! How I love a bargain. :o)

My 'criteria' for gifts for friends and family is...

  • Thoughtful (What do they like?)
  • Frugal ($20 or less)
  • Low shipping -- How much does it weigh?
  • Useful! (no white elephants allowed)
  • Fun..if at all possible! LOL!
Here is my 'Top Ten' List for those who are scrambling for creative but frugal gift suggestions.

#1  Table Top Blender $13-16 (Personal To Go Blender) 4+star review out of almost 6,000 reviews! This is a 'personal' frappucino maker..not a substitute for a blender. Cup is meant to be removed and used on 'the go'. Great for college girls and ladies with busy schedules!

#2  Racheting Ready Wrench  $16-20  by  Black and Decker (a version for 19.99 at Home Depot) Great for most of the guys on your list! It seems to 'do it all'. A self-tightening wrench that also works on a rachet. It's a dream tool and I think our brothers-in-laws and adult sons will love it!

#3  Measuring Cup Babushka $20.00 for the dedicated cook on your list (or a subscription to Southern Living!) I adore these!!

#4 Leatherman Skeletel Multitool $20.00 (key chain accessory - my hubby's favorite  (We lost it..along with the keys..a year ago. Guess what I got him for a surprise gift!)

#5 Sandwich Cookie Cutters $10.24 (For the mother of young toddlers - I have a couple of mother's of young ones on my list and thought this was just darling!

#6 Amaryllis $6-10 (ready to bloom) for that last minute teacher gift. It blooms for a long time. Check out my post on 'An Amaryllis Blooming' to see a photo journal of ours day by day as it bloomed. What a gorgeous and rewarding gift this is! 

#7 Stash Happy Felts $11.06 A fun book for the crafty/artsy person (Wow--do I love this or what?)

 #8 Collected Poems or Stories $15.56 by A.A. Milne...  Our family has read everything he has written for years, out loud, to our children. The humor was as heart-warming and endearing to us as it was to our children. No family library is complete without these! We have four of his books and love every one!

#9 Soft Touch Weed Puller (under $10)for the gardener on your list. My gardening friend is getting this.  I hope she likes it!

 #10 The Firm Cardio-Training Kit -  $19.67 for the fitness or health conscious 'buff' in the family, what a fun gift set!  A certain family member is getting this. I won't say 'who'..but I'll let you guess. This is a pretty timeless gift since most of us are trying to get into or stay in shape. It comes with an instruction DVD too!

Kids are pretty easy to shop for..but it's the adults in our lives that stump us..don't you think?

If all else fails...get a Michael Buble Holiday CD. ($11.00)  (It's a top seller! I ADORE his singing..and it appeals to both the older and younger generation!  Rebekah got me started listening to him..and now he's my favorite Pandora music genre.

If you are scratching your head for good gift ideas, I hope this is list helps you out just a bit. Have a great holiday season...and don't forget who the 'reason for the season' is. :o)

Happy Holidays...


Maria Killam said...

YOu know I don't think I've ever bought an Amarylis in my life (I have no idea why). I did buy one all in full bloom for my house before my photographer came and now each bloom is dying one by one :( I didn't know an Amarylis took a long time to bloom, I thought they were like tulips, you bring them in your house in within a week it's over in the warmth.

Anyway great Christmas ideas, I need to do a post like this :) xoxo Maria

Donna said...

I remember you saying you had never had an Amaryllis before. You really need to get one Maria! :o)

I bet your post of top ten gifts would be awesome! I'll be by to check things out today.

Thanks for visiting. :o)

claudia b said...

This is an awesome list, Donna - I would love the weed puller! We have those sandwich cutters and the boys love them ;D

Debby said...

Great ideas. I am finished with my shopping but will keep them in my mind for next year.
I hope your son is doing better from his adjustment. My son experienced the same thing. We were worried but with time it got better.
Happy Holidays to you and your family.

nanasknoll said...

Good ideas.
Loved the shopping list ornament!!!!

Music Masti said...

Beautiful Christmas Gift ...

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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