Gardening in the Winter

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Gardening in the Winter

I know...for many of you there won't be any gardening for awhile. But in Houston, the growing season is almost ALL YEAR. In fact, if you check the back of the seed packets, planting starts in January!

Having gardened north of Dallas most of my childhood, my internal gardening clock is set to their schedule...April for planting and possibly later. So I always feel so BEHIND.

But Houston is a gardener's dream.  My sweet friend Laurie, who is an avid gardener and doesn't live far from me,  is still serving tomatoes out of her garden!

  Her flowers are exquisite and survived our terrible drought with flying colors due to her tender loving care.  The zinnias you've seen here...were grandchildren of Laurie's beautiful flowers.  Rebekah has been regularly inspired to garden because of Laurie's friendly example.

The weather is perfect too--so balmy that we had to turn the a/c on AGAIN.  The fall colors are even deeper than last week--very unusual for us. And the breezes are almost too warm...and very humid. This warm spell should last for another ten days, so says Laurie.

It certainly spurred on Rebekah!

She headed straight for the flowerbeds today with a bag of fresh soil and a handful of lettuces, cabbage and pansies per Laurie's expert advice. (She told us just to cover the new plants with plastic if a freeze threatened..and they would be fine.)

I wish it was me that thought of it...and no, I don't have time...but I offered to fund another row so I could enjoy even more botanical splendor from the fruits of my sweet daughter's efforts.  (She's a fantastic photographer too...if I do say so myself!)

The Christmas packages are all wrapped and shipped and I'm putting the finishing touches on the online photo album that I forgot about after day seven--LOL!  I'm cleaning house and paying bills.

The Adoration of the Christ Child
c. 1500
Oil on panel

We even squeezed in a homeschool field trip to the Houston Museum of Fine Art with Hubby and son today...(What a TREAT! I could not quit staring at this exquisite painting by Botticelli! It's much larger than you could imagine.)

So you can imagine my surprise when we got home... and found Dear Daughter up to her elbows in dirt!  (She is her grandmother's child.)

Thanks, Rebekah, for bringing a little spring sunshine to my bloggy friends' world this Christmas.

Happy Homemaking!


Needled Mom said...

We are year round gardeners here too - good and bad!!!

I'm liking that soft touch weed puller. Now they need to get soft touch clippers to go with them. lol

Have a wonderful Christmas with your family.

Donna said...

I know...but it wasn't in the budget. Maybe next year. Tee-hee!

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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