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Christmas Store for Class Motivation (quick update)

Hmm...what should I buy with these hard earned tickets?   This was the question my girls were pondering over as they shopped at my 'Christmas store'.

You may recall that I talked about holding this store of goodies, purchased on clearance and even while on vacation, for the girls in my writing class at my son's homeschool co-op.
I wanted to motivate them to work hard to add strong verbs, quality adjectives and challenging vocabulary words to their weekly essays.

How excited they all were that the 'big day' for using those tickets had arrived!  I don't know who had more fun..them or me. :o)

We will have another store in May for the end of the year party. This time I had included stationery, journals, candles, toys from San Antonio, and a tiny bit of jewelry, plus some electronic gadgets from my husband's trade show.  The laser lights and led flashlights (some solar powered) were very popularand only cost 10 tickets!  

My gift bag stash made the shopping even more delightful for them. Thank goodness I can reuse their raffle tickets! (They aren't cheap.)

Next time, I will pick up some jewelry from the dollar store or Sam Moon's...and possibly some tea cups or mugs from Ross's outlet store.  

Well, I have to go as we're have the boys' buddies will be arriving  in just one hour for a Christmas get together.  I've got to get the sweeping and mopping and baking done in the next hour or so, but I had to share this little update. 

(Someone tell me again WHY I am mopping? LOL!)

I'll be posting..probably tomorrow..but for now, it's time for a party! :o) Hope your week is going well too. 

Don't forget to ENJOY the holidays!


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