How Clean is Clean Enough for Company? A Reader Writes...

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How Clean is Clean Enough for Company? A Reader Writes...

Dear Donna....
I found your blog a few weeks ago and I have sooo enjoyed it.I did the DEEP clean the first of Nov. We had a big get together here the week before Thanksgiving. 
My husband told me he hates having people over because I go crazy getting everything spic and span. I told him all this needed to be done anyway and having people over is a good excuse to get it done. He tells me I'm too clean--that there was no reason to deep clean before people come over.I should just clean after they leave because it is going to be dirty then with all the kids running in and out.       
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 Men just don't seem to understand it's not the everyday things or the once a week things that needed cleaning. It was those things that you do a couple of times a year that I thought needed to be cleaned before we have 35 people over. 

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My home is never not company ready but I like everything to be as perfecly clean as possible when the entire family are at my home. My husband doesn't seem to understand my need to make a good impression esp since I do not work outside the home. 
I'm not as picky when it is my family at our home but when it's his side I guess I do  a lot more cleaning.     Am I crazy?   Teresa

Teresa, Thanks so much for your note. No, you're not crazy..your just a typical woman. 

Funny, my hubby feels the same way about the yard, that you and I do about the house. To me, the yard looks fine..I mean after all--we live in the country! But his reputation is on the he's sensitive about it's appearance. We women feel exactly the same way about the house.

I he at all anxious about the yard? Tee-hee!

 You are right though, it does depend, in part, on who is coming as to how deeply we feel the need to clean.  I know our friends wouldn't be too worried about the cleanliness of our home, but since their homes are immaculate..and much nicer, it's not hard to feel a little extra pressure to make things nice.

Even more importantly, it's a 'party' and it's a special occasion. I've never been to someone's home that wasn't sparkling at the holidays. If we went over for a visit at some other wouldn't be so sparkling.

My hubby isn't worried at all about the state of the house..but I know how bad the bathroom floor needs scrubbing.  The fact is that many of us get used to 'not' seeing the dirt, the cobwebs, the clutter..because in order to get things done, most of us have to overlook stuff just to function. It's like homemaking'triage'.  Bills come before scrubbing..and so do homework projects.

The trick to not upsetting Dear Hubby's 'equilibrium' is to start WAY in advance so they don't perceive the excess cleaning as overkill. Some hubbies get stressed by the noise and fuss of cleaning.
It really is important to either get more consistent, so it doesn't require all out war on the walls and floors when company's coming...or start a month or so in advance.

Of course, as I isn't until you get close to the deadline that some of those trouble spots become obvious.  Hence the need for those glasses!! If I come up with a good trick for that..I'll let you know. LOL!

So glad you enjoy my blog! Your feedback meant the world to me today. It was like a sweet little surprise Christmas present.  Thank you for letting me know you appreciate my efforts. I do love to encourage others in their homemaking. :o)


Donna said...

We have a party tomorrow, so my list for today is.. vacuum under couch cushions, scrub bathrooms, mop floors, clean out fridge. (I've been cleaning for two weeks now!) LOL!

Thank goodness Hubby is out in the office. ;-)

Needled Mom said...

I think the only company we should have should be male. They don't notice the little things that bother us!!!!! I can't wait to get back to some good cleaning around here.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Teresa here. I was shocked when I read your blog tonight. I had no idea my comment would become a blog post. :) I guess we notice all those things that need to be done more than our guests do. I never notice it when I go to someones home. I'm not looking for it, I'm there to enjoy myself. I don't go crazy cleaning when there are just a few people coming over, just when there is a large crowd. It's strange, a large crowd is going to create a bigger mess esp if there are a lot of kids and this is when I will do the most cleaning. You asked about the yard when company is coming. I do most of the yard work too (by choice,I love working in the yard).He does help me if needed. We are empty nesters and I don't work outside the home. But yes he does want the yard looking nice. He says they can't mess up the yard but they sure can mess up a clean house.LOL Have a great evening, Teresa

Donna said...

Teresa, I do hope it's OK that I shared your comment. If ever there was an 'every woman' question..yours was it!!

You voiced a question that so many of us ponder over. How clean is clean enough? I think your concerns were just as reasonable as any man's concerns would be for the yard.

I've done LOTS of yardwork in my time I say KUDOS to you! I loved and appreciated your comment. It deserved a post. :o)

Mary, I can't agree more. My favorite 'get togethers' are when my teenage son's buddies show up for the weekend. They are absolutely oblivious.

What do they notice? The food. They loved the relaxed atmosphere at our place and the plenteous amounts of eggs, bacon, watermelon, grilled chicken and potatoes.

(Add soda and/or pizza plus cookies..and it's the perfect weekend. LOL!)

On the other hand, I love the motivation I get from knowing that my sweet girlfriends are coming. They love me too much to fuss...but still..I like to make it 'lady friendly' sometimes. :o)

Keep up the good work Teresa!

Frankly, even guys will tell you that there's no one who understands a a guy..and vice-versa.

I really enjoyed your comment and really related to it.

Happy Homemaking!

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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