On a 'Break'.....Literally!

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On a 'Break'.....Literally!


Two days ago we arrived in Seattle for our visit with the kids and grandkids. Yesterday morning i slipped in my fuzzy socks and landed on my wrist.  It's broken pretty badly and I'll have to have out patient surgery this coming Thursday to get one of the bones in the proper place.

I'm typing this with one hand. :)   I'm afraid it may be awhile before i can type again.  Just wanted you to know where I was.  When the pain subsides  I'll try to update you.  I'll be in a cast for six weeks.

Sadly, i had to cancel my trip to Maria's in Vancouver. We're so disappointed.

The bright side is that I'm still getting to cuddle with the grandkids and visit our kids.

The pain is pretty severe and the medicine makes me groggy...but hopefully things will get better quickly.
 Be assured that I'm resting in the Lord's peace.  Somehow this will all work out for the best.

Hubby drove us to his childhood home in Issaquah and to Snoqualmie falls. Inspite of the pain, I couldn 't help but be awestruck by it's majestic beauty.  Thought you would enjoy seeing it.

Have a lovely week. I'll catch up with you as soon as I'm able.

Happy Homemaking!



Hills N Valleys said...

Oh no Donna! I'm so sorry! I've had the thought cross my mind wearing fuzzy slipper socks. I pray you are healed up soon.

Debby said...

Oh no. I hopw the surgery goes well. You poor thing. Beautiful waterfall. Take care.

Debi said...

I am so sorry! Ouch!
I enjoy your lovely blog and look forward to learning more from you.
Meanwhile, rest up.

nanasknoll said...

So Sorry about your fall and the injury. Will pray for a fast recovery.

Trudy said...

Oh, Donna. You poor thing. I am so so sorry about your wrist; and I'm so sorry you won't be able to visit with Maria. I know how much you were looking forward to that. I'm so glad you at least still get to visit with your family. Tim's hometown is just breathtaking. I will be keeping you in my prayers for a fast and speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

Praying for a fast recovery too..

Kerrie said...

Oh girl, you did not need this! Praying for a fast recovery. Meantime, get some pampering and know you will be missed by MANY!!! The picture of the falls is gorgeous! I did not think it was a real photo at first!Hugs, K

Gina said...

So sorry about your wrist. Praying for a speedy recovery.

Maria Killam said...

So sad that we didn't get to spend the weekend together! I hope your wrist heals fast!!
Take care sweet friend!

Maryissewfast said...

So sorry this happened Donna! I pray for a speedy recovery for you. I didn't know your husband is from Issaquah! I grew up in Granite Falls and every summer I would travel by Snoqualmie Falls with my best friend to North Bend where her Dad logged. Small world!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you were just meant to relax and be loved and loved on. :)Someone knew it would take pain meds to slow you down and get you to just soak up every little hug, kiss and cuddle.

Breathing In Grace said...

Bless your precious heart....prayers going up for you for a speedy and less painful recovery!!!

Rae said...

So sorry Donna! I have not been blogging a lot but WOW, your blog looks great. Praying you heal fast.
Love ya

Needled Mom said...

Oh gosh, Donna. I am so sorry and I can relate. Isn't it the pits? Looks like it is the right hand too. Isn't it fun to feed yourself and do your hair? I hope you heal quickly. Pump that calcium!!!!!

Donna said...

thanks so much everyone! Yes, doing my hair is a problem. i guess i,ll have to get used to bad hair days. lol!

Your sweet comments have cheered me up so much!

Donna said...

ps I don't know if the picture is quite real. It looks edited. The falls look just as pretty as the picture though. Really breathtaking!

meg said...

Not quite how you want to catch a break, eh? So sorry; we're praying for your comfort and a quick healing! {hugs}

Between you, me and the Fencepost said...

Was looking forward to meeting you at long last ! So sorry about your wrist. Quick healing and take the love and care from those around you don't try doing too much.

xox Anita

(Marias sister)

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling much better soon and that the break heals quickly!

Guess this means you'll have time to relax a bit and let others take care of you.



P.S. Beautiful photo; almost looks like a painting.

Dreams of cakes said...

Oh, I was so sorry to read that :-( I hope you get well soon!

Anonymous said...

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GlorV1 said...

Oh geez, so very sorry Donna. Goes to show how busy life has been out this way. I had no idea you broke your wrist. Darn!! Sorry for the pain that you are having dear girl and yet you managed to provide us with a beautiful picture. Take care of yourself. geeez.

brett said...

amazing photo of the Falls. where were you standing to take this shot?

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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