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My Dream Room... including the Coffee Filter Flowers :)

As you know, we have an apartment in the city now.. and the office was just very drab.  I could hardly resign myself to working in there.

  So, having little time or motivation for making  decor, I headed off to Hobby-Lobby to buy the decor. (I know.. I'm in shock too! :) 

 It's the first time I've ever just picked out stuff I loved so really it was pretty hard to do.  I have to say though that this stuff is 'me' all over.

How can I not be inspired by such lovely colors and scrappy designs. It's like music, sewing, and crafts all put together. I really think the Lord must have been directing this room makeover. :)

Still, it was all half-price which made it easier. Total cost was $140.00.

 This is basically my dream room.  Thanks Hubby! His take on the floral decor was very kind considering he works in this office with me at night. His response with a grin was.."Umm.. wow.. colorful.. "  One of the many reasons I love him so much. :)

Rebekah strongly encouraged me to get the hot pink curtains. I so avoid bright colors that I actually bought the earth toned green linen ones.. realized they did nothing for such a low light room.. returned them.. and came home with the fuschia ones. I'm such a chicken when it comes to color! :)

PS. Somehow I managed to forget I didn't have a curtain rod.. so off to Ross for one more. 

The main inspiration for the colors came from a coffee filter bouquet (pictured at top)  that my daughter and I made a few weeks ago. This was such a fun project. She made me do it just to cheer me up a little bit. It had been so long since I did a craft project and I have to say it was very very fun.

When I get some other projects done, I'll have to try some different styles. These flowers are so easy to do.. and are amazingly durable and inexpensive.  Here's the link to the tutorial we followed at Bridal Musings.  No sense me repeating it all here.

Can you believe I forgot to take pictures? lol.. I truly am out of the blogging groove, but who knows.. I may get back into it soon.

Hope you have a very lovely Valentine's day. 

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Debby said...

Welcome back. Great therapy to buy something for yourself.

Rayanne McKay said...

Hi Donna...lovely post!! I like all your art!!!
Much love, Rayanne

Donna said...

Thanks ladies.. not sure if I'm coming back.. but I was in the mood.. so I posted. :) It's really in the Lord's hands.

Debbie Huffaker said...

HOPE you continue to post as the Lord directs!!! Your room is gonna be so happy!!!

Debbie Huffaker said...
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Gloria in CA said...

Hi Donna. You live in an apt. now? What happened to your beautiful home? The yard and all? I didn't know you had moved. Well whatever you do, I hope you are happy. Nice to see you post. Love the colors you selected.

Donna said...

Thanks for all the sweet comments ladies. And Gloria <3 <3 Don't worry. We still own the house in the country. In fact I'm here now doing some rearranging and cleaning. We couldn't bear to part with it so we stay go home on the weekends. :)

Donna said...

Monique.. if the apartment people approve I might at least paint an accent wall. We'll have to see. As it is.. my last child is graduating in May. A lot on the calendar at the moment.

Jill said...

Hi Donna,

everything looks lovely and it is so great to see you blogging again! Have a wonderful week!


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