Visiting Cathedral Square in Tulsa Oklahoma

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Visiting Cathedral Square in Tulsa Oklahoma

You know, when you go on a road trip... a place like Tulsa, Ok is not at the top of the average traveler's list of 'places I am dying to go see. ' In fact I am certain it never would have made the list at all. 

It was, however, the unforseen jewel that turned up at the end of our 20,000 mile, ten day trek.  We got to the hotel late in the evening and crashed in our 11th floor hotel room at the end of the longest trip we've ever made. I was thoroughly tired of sitting in that truck however much I adore my dear hubby. lol

But I was indeed rewarded for my flexibility and patience. Who would have guessed what I would discover out my window the next morning! :)


 There are at least seven cathedrals in this sleepy little town (little as compared to Houston.) I'd love to find out the story behind this massive investiture in architectural beauty!

 Honestly it was so hot, dry and barren, at least downtown, that I really expected there to be nothing worth seeing while we were there.

Tim was doing a little job for his former boss so we tacked on an extra day to the trip to help him out. I am so so glad we did!

I really was in heaven.. being the architecture 'buff' that I am. :) 

It must have been 115 degrees outside--I mean baking hot.  I got sunburned and almost over did it in the 45 minutes that I trekked around the block of our hotel--but I just couldn't refrain from snapping pictures left and right.You can see even more from other photographers at flicker.

It was absolutely worth it!  Tulsa, Ok now holds a special place in my heart. :) 

Cathedral square.. the hidden jewel of Oklahoma.
 If you happen to be passing through that state.. stop and visit. :)

Happy Homemaking..


Trudy said...

What a treasure. Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures.

Donna said...

You're welcome. Love you Trudy. :)

Pam said...

I live in Tulsa and Cathedral Square is just the tip of the iceberg. Tulsa is rich in history. And while downtown Tulsa looks like any other city with tons of concrete, you only have to venture a bit further out to enjoy a lush green oasis. Of course, like much of the country, we've been under drought conditions for the past two years, but with this summer's mild temps and rainfall, it seems we are getting back to normal. I do love it here because of the history, landscape, and many hidden treasures. I hope you come back and explore Green Country, soon. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Grace & Peace
Mrs. G

Donna said...

Mrs. G Thanks so much for the note. As a resident you should know. :) It didn't help that I was there in the baking heat of the summer. lol As it is, my husband has another trip scheduled.. for the 2nd weekend in December and we are going back! I plan to take more pictures too. Perhaps, I can take the car and do a little more exploring while he works. I did see, on our way out, that it is much greener and lusher as you get out of downtown. That is true for any big city I'm sure. :)

Looking forward to visiting Tulsa again on Dec.5-9th. :)

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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