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Adorable Sock Monkeys - You Can't Make Just One!

I hate to admit it but I have an addiction--Sock Monkeys! Last Christmas my daughter, who is a big Pinterest fan, called on Skype and said, "Momma,we're making sock monkeys! Here's the link to some mens' socks from Amazon." So of course I agreed to do it. I'm not one to skip a chance to make something crafty!

She told me to buy men's large colorful dress socks. I bought this collection of fancy stripe colorful cotton socks because I needed at least 8 pair! 

Aren't they so cuUute??!

You see, she knew I was facing a year of grandbaby birthdays-- eight to be exact and we miss sewing together so much! Sock monkey making was the perfect mother-daughter activity. So we hung out via  Skype, sewed a few monkeys and had a fun girly afternoon.  I sure miss my girl!

These monkeys are just adorable! (Not referring to the grandkids here. Haha!) My grandkids love them and boy do their monkeys get a workout! Be sure to sew sturdy stitches!  I've made several but have about five more to do.

The funny part is how much grown ups like these cuties. I had a blast taking pictures and posing these guys.  I know. I'm not supposed to be playing with toys, but I never had a sock monkey and now I want one.

Amanda with River holding her brother's monkey.

In fact, a month ago I ran out of gas right in front of an antique shop--boo-hoo! lol I got to chatting with the store owner while waiting for my son to pick me up and showed her this fella on my phone and she ordered one for herself and asked me to make several to try to sell in the shop. Sweeet!

Tip: It really helps to use a walking foot. Quilters use them a lot so I had one on hand. Be sure to get one that will fit your machine. The one I linked to is for Singers.

 My sister called saying she was having a lot of trouble and it turned out she just needed that foot so that both the upper fabric and lower fabric move beneath the needle at the same speed.

Everyone needs a sock monkey in my opinion or maybe several! Don't you think?

Happy Homemaking!
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GlorV1 said...

Hi Donna. My how time has flown. Grandbabys? Wow! It's good to see you, glad you are back. I think I cleaned up my list the other day and I don't have you on my list-at least I don't think I do. I'll add you again. Your socks are wonderful and I hope you sell a lot because they are very darling. Look forward to seeing some of your posts when you do. Congrats on being a grandma.:) tee hee. Your photos of family are wonderful.:) ::hugs::

Donna Rodgers said...

<3 Love you Gloria and yes.. I have scads of grandbabies now. :)

Thank you for adding me back. :)

Needled Mom said...

Those are adorable! I don't think it was a coincidence that you ran out of gas at just that moment!

Jill said...

Love sock monkeys! WE have a few too. Love the pictures and the smiles :-) Have a wonderful weekend! Happy Mother's Day!


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