Sewing Fabric Face Masks for Vulnerable Family and Friends

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Sewing Fabric Face Masks for Vulnerable Family and Friends

What a month! It's hard to believe that we are all 'holed up', hopefully safely, in our homes for the foreseeable future. At first, to be honest, I was kinda depressed. I had been watching the virus devastate Italy long before most Americans were really concerned.

The reason is that I've been working on my art degree for the last four years, and learning sculpting (like my father) from Mike Kirby at The Sculpture Workshopin Houston. One of the last goals for my degree was to make an art trip to Italy. So my friend Chris and I purchased our tickets in August of last year. It's hard to imagine that that trip is canceled now, but how my heart goes out to everyone there! Chris and I have been praying for them since Day 1. But we also were trying to figure out whether or not our month long stay in Florence, Rome, and Venice was really a wash or not. It was. We are hoping to get credits for our tickets.

At first I did what I'm sure most of you did--stock up! I probably started a bit sooner than most of you due to keeping a watchful eye on Italy in early February. Eventually, my husband Tim came home and set up a home office. He's been working in Houston for the last seven years, but all of a sudden he's home again. Yay!

My youngest son got activated in the Texas Army National Guard. He's helping direct traffic at Huntsville Memorial Hospital where they are testing about 250 people a day. He can't come home and doesn't want to out of concern for us. So I was missing him too! I was really at loose ends at that point.

I don't know why it took so long, but eventually it occurred to me that I should sew some fabric masks. I knew I ought to--not that many people are super 'in' to sewing, but I am certainly one of them! :) At first, I just thought I'd help with the movement. But before sewing for them, I offered to make some fabric masks for the most vulnerable friends in our church at Koinonia and extended family in need. I got a lot of takers on that offer. It made me so happy to offer that peace of mind to my dear church family.

On Saturday, I made eight masks using the pattern suggested by MakeMasks2020.  A friend donated two bags of quilt scraps, and another friend donated probably 30 spools of ribbon! Sewing ties (since the elastic is gone) doubled the time it takes for me to make one of these.

What started out as a 'whim' turned into a totally unexpected opportunity to bless others in need. When the President and the CDC said, "Ok--wear masks." most people didn't have one.

After posting some photos on Instagram and Facebook--I ended up with 56 orders! Friends, neighbors, and family started messaging me asking if I could make a few for them. I am even making a couple of masks for my good blogging friend Gloria and her mom. She's an amazing artist and a kind woman caring for her elderly mother.

Isn't it funny how the Lord just directs you.. even when you have no idea what you are called to do to contribute during a crisis? So I sewed 20 masks today and delivered four. I bought a postage scale and set up an account with, so I don't have to go to the post office to ship stuff and bought 30 envelopes. Hopefully I'll be shipping out my first 'orders' this Friday!

We can't do much against this virus but stay home--and that's huge! And we can pray and encourage each other online.  But for me, it was time to sew! I feel so glad to be able to do my part for the elderly, friends with asthma and serious lung issues, family with vulnerable children, a friend undergoing chemo, and friends with diabetes.

The project's purpose is to sew fabric masks and send them to companies who have N95 masks in stock, but don't really need medical grade masks. We sew fabric masks for them so they can send their medical grade masks to local hospitals. What a great idea!  After I send mine to my friends, I'll start sewing for them.I delivered four masks today and mostly finished another 15! Tomorrow I'll keep working. I've made about 20 total and have about 40 to go!

If you are interested in sewing for them, please check out their site! Or maybe, like me, you have friends and family who suddenly find themselves needing a mask, but can't buy one. Either way, it's a great way to bless others in this difficult time. Let me know if you decide to jump on the sewing bandwagon this month!

Praying for you and yours!

Happy Homemaking!

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