Thinning, Harvesting, and Repotting Herbs - It's Spring!

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Thinning, Harvesting, and Repotting Herbs - It's Spring!

Spring has just about played out for the year. I’ve been so busy sewing masks that I hadn't realized the flowerbed was overrun!

I’m a terribly negligent gardener, so if an herb survived the winter at my place, you know it’s easy to grow!

The winners...thyme and chocolate mint! They smell amazing and they're so pretty too!

I had so much that I had to repot a bunch in miscellaneous pots around the porch. How thrifty too 'cause I was just about to go buy something to put in the pots. How cool is that?

My neighbor, Glenn, gave me an itty bitty bay leaf tree in the fall. He bought two in the hopes that one of us could keep ours alive through the winter. I have to say that I baby this little tree! It didn’t grow a speck for months! But the moment the spring sunshine kicked in, it exploded too. So excited about that tree! Bay leaves are awesome!

So what are your favorite herbs to grow? I need to plant a couple more before it gets too hot.

Hope you're enjoying the great outdoors this week!

Donna :)

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