Quilted Wall Hangings and Other Items I've Made -- New and Larger Photos

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Quilted Wall Hangings and Other Items I've Made -- New and Larger Photos

Show and Tell..
Today I wanted to share a post that I did when I first started blogging.  These are photos ofwall hangings, applique, quilt rows and blankets I've designed and sewn over the last eight years. ( A few were from patterns but not many! We are busy this weekend with graduations, an NCFCA National Tournament trip preparation (for this Saturday) and preparing for a Texas State Square Dancing Festival in Galveston.

I'll be able to post tomorrow evening as I have several things in the works, but for now...I hope you will enjoy this little sewing Show and Tell. (Please forgive the quality of the pictures as I've learned a lot since I first started blogging.  I don't own many of the original pieces here since they were gifts. These were photographs made from film and copied..not digital.)

I'll be posting a darling square dance dress my daughter made for the competition and an beachy orange lace kimono that I made for my self tomorrow or the next day...plus my mom's great gardening tip before the week is out.  :o) 

Happy Homemaking!

Please click on any of these to see the larger view and details.

Pacific Northwest Indian ceremonial button blanket. 
A gift for husband's brother and native American wife, both from Seattle, Washington. This original blanket designed by me won "Best of Show" in the 2008 GCC Art Festival. It has over a 100 hand sewn oyster shell buttons on it.

Landing at Sunset I designed this row for a friend's quilt. Her theme was 'fun' and she had lots of colorful scraps, so I made these stuffed antique hot air balloons on a whimsical background.

Another friend was doing an ocean themed quilt. I hand drew, colored with crayons, and then embroidered each of these seashells..I LOVE seashells. I drew all of these myself.

A little closer view is below.

This is my favorite row ever. It took over 50 hours to hand applique and bead! I made a New York skyline with the statue of liberty in the center and beaded fireworks. I got the idea on the way home from quilt bee. I made it from scraps of a friend's quilt. She mentioned she wanted fireworks to go on her patriotic quilt..and this is what I came up with. Please do click on these pictures to see them better.

Ohio star wall hanging -- made for me! My first ever quilting project. The choice of fabrics, the quilting designs and the applique, I made up myself.  The Ohio star pattern is traditional and easy to find anywhere.

Make a Joyful Sound to God--German Music-themed quilt
for German daughter-in-law's father, Klaus, who is a fantastic concert musician and singer. I designed this myself.

 Wedding pillows for my son and daughter-in-law. One is from a photograph and the other, the cross, I designed myself. (They wanted two ringbearers so I had to whip up a second one...fast! These are all hand-sewn.
 A needle case (from pattern)
This was my first boutis' project.

"Ronde de fleurs" 
French boutis wall hanging, in progress. I learned how to do this from Diamont Berger who teaches quilting here and in France. She gave me a private half-day lesson on how to do 'boutis' or french quilting. This project is almost done.

Woodlands wall hanging
This was  pieced from contributed rows from friends whose rows I made in the pictures below. We all traded quilts for a year. I hand quilted this with lines of wind blowing across the sky. These rows wouldn't fit in a quilt, so I made a wall hanging out of them.

 Antique 1920's Reproduction quilt
 I purchased reproduction fabric from a quilt store and did my best to duplicate this design from a photo on    an 5 x 8" postcard! My husband's grandmother, Georgiana Brune, inspired me to learn to quilt and sent the postcard as an example of her favorite kind of quilt. I gave this copy  to her a few months after I started quilting. It is hand quilted with fans. The block pattern is flying geese. (Will be given away by me on June 21st as part of Shabby Chic's GIANT giveaway day!)

(copied from an 8x11 watercolor painting by Andrew Reith)   
Andrew let me re-make his painting...but with fabric using trapunto, boutis, reverse applique and Cuna indian mola techniques. This is all hand sewn and one best of show last year at the art show.

Turkey scraps. Friend was going to pitch this project and gave it to me to finish. I finished the head and misc. feathers and added the border then machine pieced it. Won 1st place sewing award in our GCC art show.

A friend wanted spring flowers...so I pieced some wild flowers for her..

another quilt friend wanted chickens...well you know how much I love chickens! I hand appliqued these cuties then added the funny border. 
Angels through the seasons. 
Made from a pattern. Learned to use new methods of applique with this project.


Trudy said...

You have such great skill. They are all beautiful.

Laura said...

Good Morning!
Thanks for sharing all your projects...I can't decide which is my favorite! Of course, like you, I love the chickens. But that "french quilting" is simply beautiful! You do lovely work!

Dana Leeds said...

Wow! I love them! You do beautiful work. I was wanting to learn to sew this summer. Maybe I'll learn to quilt! :-) I'm glad you posted these.

Room for More said...

These are all beautiful! I always loved watching you work on the the French boutis though!

Here is a fun project I sooo want to do with some fabric that is lonely in my closet for a project. I thought you'd like to see the link: http://www.purlbee.com/ironing-board-recovery-project/

Have a great weekend Donna!

Breathing In Grace said...

You never cease to amaze me with your talent!! WOW!! God has truly blessed you, Ms. Donna!

Julia said...

Oh my , you are one talented and creative lady. I stand amazed!!!!

Geetha Srinivasan said...

wow Donna, masterpiece after masterpiece. Liked the German music themed a lot.

My Owl Barn said...

That turkey quilt is stunning! You are so talented. Have a great weekend!

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