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Crochet..the perfect solution for anxiety!

Good Morning! 

I am finally able to get on my father's computer, after I found his password, to post a little update. He couldn't remember it due to the influence of his pain medication.  My last post was made from the hospital and I have been trying to get settled in with my dad, at his house, ever since. I just brought him home yesterday. He had a bad fall last night, but is fine now.
Today, I'm working towards getting my laptop connected through his wireless connection. Hopefully, I will be able to do some more posting in a day or two. Thanks for visiting my blog Cindi! Trudy, I can't wait to see your post about the candle I sold your daughter and the one I gave you! I gave one to my dad last night and he was so pleased. It started a long talk on candle-making. :o)   Christi--Hey!  How are you?  I'm a little exhausted...but alive and finally kicking again. Ha!
 This last few days have been some of the hardest of my life, but blogging, if I can make it work, will be my sanity saver! Last night, I finally thought to bring out something to work on while we visited.  I spent the evening crocheting a colonial baby cap out of yarn while my dad talked and talked with me. It really helped pass the time and helped me be more patient.
At first, I was too overwhelmed to think of doing anything but sit and listen to him, but this was just what I needed to relieve the stress from this new situation.   My sister is making these caps for the Ren-fest and other shows and she showed me how to do it just this week.
 I'll be crocheting a pull string to lace through the edge about 2 inches from the edge.  Then you pull up the strings and tie them into a bow.  It causes the circle to puff up into a colonial style cap.  These will be great for me to sell at the next spring craft show and will also make cute baby gifts!  I'll post a picture when it's done.
Please keep us in your prayers.  My husband and kids are at home managing on their own and we don't know how long I will need to be here.
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Trudy Callan said...

Your dad will be in our prayers.

Donna said...

Thanks Trudy!

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster
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