A beautiful spring afternoon with just hubby and me...

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A beautiful spring afternoon with just hubby and me...

I have to apologize for forgetting all about Show and Tell yesterday. I'm afraid the spring flowers and the unexpected absence of the kids totally distracted me! I've been trying to play 'catch up' from our trip all week!  Today, well..it's beautiful around here...exquisite actually! Days like this are why we moved out here to the country. My daughter decided to drive her siblings to a debate meeting from 10-2pm today. Suddenly, Tim and I were alone. The house was so so quiet!  Talk about great timing--I had just posted about that very thing yesterday!

And the temperature outside is absolutely perfect today. Tim asked me to go for a walk on our land...He showed me where he and Christian mowed around the pines in the front pasture so the kids would have a safer place to shoot..right into a hill of sand. We now have a neighbor on our left side and we don't want to shoot in his direction. There is hunting property facing west, so that's where Tim has the boys aiming now.

The blackberry bushes are growing wild all over the place and my legs got scratched up. Jeans are much better for trekking around here than capris are.The bees are all over one of the trees near the deck and hum continually .... and they seem so happy! All of the trees are blooming except my peach tree. I took a few pictures because the blooms last such a short time and I'm always missing them! I guess I just don't get the camera out quick enough.

Tim and I had lunch on the deck this afternoon and had a really nice long talk...about blogging of all things! We also talked about his work and a major hurdle he had just overcome with keycoding on Linux.  Of course, I was just 'sooo' interested!  Actually, I was probably more interested than you might think. With the company being so small, we've gotten to know his business very well..especially since Tim has worked from home all of these years.

Anyway, we talked about how we are going to make our own private 'campsite/picnic' spot in the front pasture which is now quite wooded. It's in a really strange spot, but Tim was so excited to show it to me. When we first bought this land a few years ago, everything was mowed down, but we really wanted wooded land. We've kept the back land mowed as pasture, but the front three acres are growing very fast!

The original landowners had dug a huge pit for a pond, but they dug too deep and got through the clay into the sand. Sadly, the pond never held water for long.  (We have an ornamental pond, but it's not huge like the tank.) Now the pine trees have grown up around it and into it so that only the very bottom has no trees.

Once you walk into it, the world seems a million miles away...and that's where Tim wants a private picnic spot. It makes me think of Narnia somehow.

We think it will be a great camping spot for the grandkids plus a perfect get away, when the weather is nice, for some quiet time and maybe even a 'date' or two! This afternoon, he and the boys will move the picnic table out there...and then..guess where I'll go for quiet times...you guessed it! Of course, this nice weather won't last very long and then it's going to be too hot. But for now..it's just about....perfect!

But if we walk in the Light as He Himself is in the Light, we have fellowship with one another,
and the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin. I John 1:7


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful and well deserved mini date with hubby. Sometime it's those moments that mean the most and help you to see just how much you really do enjoy their company. I love Spring too, I could do without the allergies but the sight of the dogwoods in bloom and the smell of the Old Man's Beard make it worth taking the pill. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful day and shared it with us, I love the photos.

Gracie "Neky White" said...

Beautiful photos!!! I envy you! I would love to take a walk like that ^^ .

Unknown said...

Donna your photos are just beautiful. I've been meaning to tell you that all the pics you post look really great!

Donna said...

Thank you everyone! I've been trying so hard...

Shannon M. told me to get sky behind the pix...and I have been cropping to leave out the excess.

But Rebekah said to start cropping more with people..stick to the subject and leave the background out. Out of the mouth of babes...

Nuvofelt said...

You certainly live in a beautiful spot. The blossom is just beginning here, in a couple of weeks it will be everywhere. It's my favourite time of the year. Isn't God good! He always gives me a quiet time just when I think I can't stand it any more! Glad you got one too.


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