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Making Homemade Candles...for those who haven't seen this yet. :o)

I've shared this tutorial before, but have submitted it to a super fun blog Linky Party at Shabby Chic Cottage. Every Thursday, Gina hosts Transformation Thursday and everyone submits fantastic ideas for transforming your home. If you want to see some incredibly good ideas for make overs and re-do's...you will want to visit her blog, The Shabby Chic Cottage. 

I'm also sharing this post with all the Savvy members of The Shabby Nest They really know how to make the dollar stretch! If it can be fixed, re-done, or repaired...the ladies at The Shabby Nest know how to do it. There's lots of great ideas there and I love their blog too! Drop by The Shabby Nest on Frugal Friday!

Here is an excerpt from my post on how to make these candles. By all means, re-use old candles! I started out with store-bought supplies, but once I figured out what I was doing...I started chopping up every candle in sight!  It was great because the old candles were already scented and colored cutting out a lot of extra supplies and steps....

6. If you want a layer candlepick three shades of one color or three separate colors.  I like to do the three shades.  I use the lightest shade first, pour out a third of the wax into the jars. While the first layer is cooling, I add a darker shade (about 1/3 of a crayon), pour that on top, then stir in the darkest crayon (about 1/2 a crayon) and pour it last.

7.  POUR the 1st Inch of wax to set the wick:  Pour about one inch of wax to set the wick at the bottom. While it is cooling, I use a skewer or ice pick and push the metal tab down firmly on the bottom of the jar and make sure the wick is hanging straight.  You will want to regularly check and straighten your wick as it is cooling anyway. It is important that the wick be as perfectly centered as possible or when you go to light your candle, the circle of burning wax will be off center and look funny.

Read all about it here, How to Make Simple Jar Candles.

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Laura said...

Dear Donna,
Thanks for sharing this idea...especially the layering part. We've made candles like this before but I never considered layering the colors...what a fabulous idea! I love how you can get the neatest colors from using old crayons!
Have a wonderful day!

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