Praying and Pow-wow with Hubby about a 'weekly post'... and Here's a 30 minute skirt...

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Praying and Pow-wow with Hubby about a 'weekly post'... and Here's a 30 minute skirt...

My 30 minutes (or less) Square Dance Skirt 
This was made from a thrift store sheet whose fabric I just couldn't pass up.
The waist band was the strip at the top edge of the sheet. I made the blouse too from a very old square dance blouse pattern I used eyelet ruffle that has holes in it so I could change the lacing to match whatever color skirt I happened to be wearing. 
(Bekah made me laugh too much..silly girl!)

Ladies....I'm really praying about this...and I'm going to talk to dear hubby about it tonight. I can't even describe how LARGE my family's needs there is always so much to do... tournaments, mentoring an adult daughter and accompanying her to social activities because she really wants me there, teaching Christian, banquets and Honor Society and other events with Jacob, grandchildren coming and going, Tim traveling week after week, and needs of family both here at at church.  It's like Grand Central station here! I don't want to miss this because I was too busy doing my own thing that I forgot what my job really was. The kids will be gone in a few years and then I'll have all the time in the world.

The problem about my blog is that I'm such a perfectionist that I seem to feel the need to do it all or do nothing. I have a hard time doing a 'little' post if you haven't noticed or getting it all just too organized.

Today after making this 'big decision'...I spent such a stress free afternoon just knowing I didn't have any pressure on me. I'm helping a daughter get ready to house Shona's actually.It's such a 'huge' grown up thing for her to do. I feel we are on the precipice of adult life and I'm so honored and humbled that she wants me to share every moment.  I've been cooking and cleaning and helping her get packed. Then I finally sat down and for the first time in ages read a magazine!

You know...I don't sew any more or create fabric art. I'm always 'squeezing' in the bill paying and housecleaning instead of giving my home and hubby my heart.

But reading your comments makes me think ..maybe if I just posted once a week..with no plan..just whatever the Lord pops into my would work. I will talk to hubby and kids and the Lord and if I don't have to plan anything...then I'll be fine. I hate to be so dramatic..but it really has taken over my life! This is not what living is supposed to be about.

On the other hand..I went square dancing twice with my dear daughter this week and we came up with such a cute fun way to make a square dance skirt that even she wanted me to post it and the video of me dancing of all things! We will be making matching white with polka dots..from the stash donation my friend, Beverly, gave me to wear to the State Square Dance Festival this coming weekend.  She wanted us to wear matching skirts.

So I guess...if I could convince myself that I NEVER have to post until it's TIME to post and the bills and chores were done..then I'd be happy.  I feel so foolish for being wishy-washy about this but something's gotta give and it can't be the kids, or the house...or hubby...or my fabric art.

I can't imagine not doing the Colorado Rockies that I did the mock up of (4' x 5' wall hanging I'm designing for a friend)  because I'm writing a daily post. And mom's couch cushion covers will never get done...and their home (which burned down Christmas before last) is almost done. I like to finish those and send my friend MJ the tutorial when I do the big cushions.  All of this is just on hold along with two quilts that really must get finished!

If the family all approve and feel peace about it...then when I'm ready I'll post a 'smorgasbord' of whatever came up on the plate this week. Maybe I just need a vacation...  :o)  I love love love posting and commenting..but I over do things so badly that it becomes something so much more than it needs to be. At least for this season of life.

I will keep your thoughts and suggestions in my prayers this week. In fact Tim and I will both pray about this. He's gone until next Tuesday and then my daughter-in-law (wife of Marine stationed in D.C.) with three grandchildren will be here. It's going to be another very busy month. :o)

When I get the chores caught up..I'll share the skirt is so very easy to make that I want everyone to have this in their 'sewing repertoire'And it would be wonderful to get to visit during the week...but to feel like I've got to maintain 'traffic' or something spoils all the fun.  I was reading Southern Living and that's really what life is like here around our house..but it doesn't feel that way if I feel bogged down by needing to have a 'great post' ...

So I guess, please pray for me and we will have a family pow-wow... I'll get back to you soon.

.. Love you all more than I can say! 


Ps. I would never delete the blog...I was just going to save it until I felt it was right to pull it back up again.--Too much history here. :o) 


Trudy said...

Donna, I think that is very reasonable. It is very easy for blogging to take over our lives. It is so important that we keep what is really important in the forefront. And like you said, the kids will be gone in a few years. I don't think you would lose your followers by posting once a week. You have such great things to share. It would be worth the wait for everyone. Even if traffic did go down? Is it really that important? You will help who God wants you to help when it fits into your life. He will send just the right people who need your message to your blog. But most of all, you will be there for your family, which the most important, outside of your relationship with God.


Trudy said...

Forgot to mention, cute skirt. Can't wait to see the video of you dancing. This should be fun.

Donna said...

Thank you so much dearest Trudy. :o)I don't know why it all loomed so big in my mind or why I felt so compelled. But I felt like the Lord was clearly showing me that neither he, nor my hubby, nor my family were the priority any more and that something must change.

I'm glad you like the skirt. You will love what a simple method it is. Rebekah took the photos of how to make this and it's so incredibly easy that anyone could do it just about. I got the idea from how I make the yo-yo circles without a pattern..only I made the circle much bigger.

Thanks for helping me feel like it's ok to just post when it's the right time. I'm such a type A sometimes!!

nannykim said...

It is a good hobby, but I agree--you can't let it take over your life and it can sometimes do this, as any hobby can! Doing it once a week or every so often sounds good.

Colleen Rieth said...

Donna, Of course you need to prioritize family first. But have you thought of doing a shorter post? Maybe this could be an exercise in moderation/restraint for you! Believe me, I understand the all or nothing mentality, but I think you could do this. You could just post a picture of something you've recently created, or just a highlight. Pioneer Woman often will do a post of about a paragraph with a picture. It doesn't have to be long! For example, you could have just posted the picture of the skirt today with a short comment, and the dancing video for the next day. Maybe take one current day's worth of a topic and spread it out over a week. I'm not sure how blogger works, but whenever inspiration hits you, could you write it out and post it in increments? Or just post once a week. But I'd hate to see you completely gone! I don't get to visit with you much anymore so I look forward to reading your blog. Love, Colleen


I think blogging once a week is fine. Many weeks I only blog once or twice. I am just busy. Of course I don't have a ton of followers, not sure if that is why or not. But life is life and I love to blog and read the blogs I follow but God and family must come first. I will still read if it is only once a week! I also would hate to see you completely gone! A shorter post is ok also. Many of mine are short and quick. We don't want perfection from you at all!

Donna said...

Dear Collleen...that is such a good idea..but I think the kids are feeling so bad about how much time I spend on the blog..that it will do them good to not see mommy typing up the day's post in the morning.

Eventually, I think that is what I ought to are so right and I'm getting a vision for that. But for at least until the kids all feel like they are first in Mom's would best to do it all at once and then be done for the week.

The bad thing about daily I check it daily...and get caught up in it. For awhile at least...I need some blog free days.

Tim and I talked tonight and he said he was SPEECHLESS. He was so touched that I wanted to put him first over the blog and recognized what it was beginning to cost us as a family. He is going to pray about this tomorrow as I am tonight and he will let me know what he thinks.

Even a weekly newsletter is going to be short blurbs of several things that come up. I already have quite a list and thank goodness I just click as I go through life so the photos are ready. I'm going to be writing much less--either way.

Rae said...

I sure hope and pray that you can post every so often....that's what I do and I just post how the Lord is leading me.(except for tuesday tea)
I like what Colleen said, but again, it does not need to be everyday, not even every week.
You are a gifted writter. If we could have just a little bit ,that would be wonderful!
You are not foolish about this...your heart is speaking to all of us, how family and home life comes first!That's God's own heart in the matter, and that's a good thing.
I'm praying....
Love ya,

Hills N Valleys said...

Yay! (I say selfishly) I love your blogs...they keep me in check. Just like this one. The last few days I have not been checking the computer first thing...just spending time with the kids and getting ready for several super field trips we took this week. My hubby works a few nights a week so I'm going to try and cut back myself to when he is not here and the kids are in bed. I love your blog. :D

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