A View of the Countryside…

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A View of the Countryside…

from my kitchen window..

As I was diligently cleaning the other day, I was amazed, yet again, at the beautiful view, just outside my windows.  Sometimes I still have to pinch myself to believe that we really live out here in the countryside. In fact, we live right inside the border of the Sam Houston National Forest.  If you are new to Comin’ Home, then you may not know that we are ‘transplanted urbanites’ as I like to call us. We’ve lived in the city all of our lives.

Dining room window
from the dining room window..

In our efforts to ‘save’ a teenager from the influences of ‘friends’ (public school football team) who seemed to think that the way to be ‘in’ was to be willing to be thrown in a dumpster amongst other things..Ha!ha!ha! (Somehow I didn’t find it all that funny.), we decided to leave Sugar Land and find a place that was quieter and maybe a bit more ‘sane’.  We wanted a place where you could fish, hike, dig big holes in the yard etc. and no one would care.

 From entry way
from the sewing room…

We dreamed of a place where the brand name of your tennis shoes, or your income didn’t decide your value or worth; a place where you could appreciate nature and self-reliance, at least to some degree.  We ended up here. It was the saving of our 16 yr. old and our 14 yr old..and probably our daughter and the younger two boys as well.  Instead of the mall, we have the great outdoors. It was a trade well worth the making. So what if we have to spend a lot in gas toting children to various activities?

Living Room window
to the right..from the living room window..

All of our spare time is spent romping in the grass, swinging on the porch, walking in the woods, making bonfires, hunting squirrels and rabbits, chatting over cups of hot cocoa and coffee and hiking along dirt roads in the beautiful countryside.

Livingroom window left
and to the left…

As a side benefit, one of my first thoughts after getting settled, once I understood what blogging really was, was to share the day to day beauty of our new home (now three years old) with those of you who can’t get away that often.

 out my kitchen window

So today, I’m again sharing the beauties of a home we never expected to find..though we dreamed of it so often over the last 23 years.  It was an answer to a prayer I’d hidden my heart since I was a little girl. And the answer is something I never want to keep to myself.  I hope you enjoy this little tour. It’s all for you… :o)

Happy Homemaking…


Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Your home is a lovely place. The Lord has opened a door for us too. Please pray that all will work out as we look for a "new" home.

nannykim said...

Very beautiful and serene, thanks for sharing this with us! We live in a small town and love a small town atmosphere---it was growing to fast for us, but now things have slowed down!

Beautifully Veiled said...

I've so enjoyed your view this morning. Thanks for sharing! The Lord is sweet, isn't he?

Laura said...

Dear Donna,
What a lovely home you have! We, too, enjoy living in the country. We feel blessed to be able to live in a place that people wait all year to vacation in. Thank you so much for taking us on a tour of your home!
Blessings to you and your family,

GlorV1 said...

Hi Donna. I hope your Thanksgiving was great! I've been just nesting so to speak. Husband got something in his eye, specks of whatever he was drilling and so to the ER we went. They pulled out the specks of grit and cleaned out his eye, so all is okay so far. Now I'm just kicking back looking at your beautiful home and it's surroundings and I feel relaxed. Thanks Donna, that was a grand tour and God has blessed you and yours very much so. Amen! Take care and enjoy the rest of the week.

A Primitive Homestead said...

When we love our kids we always put them first. Even if they may think what we are doing is nuts. The more country & less outside world to mingle in the better I say. I would not trade the country life. God has blessed your family with a beautiful homestead. Blessings!

Jill said...

Beautiful! I am longing to get back to the country....

Debby said...

So glad that this has made such a positive experience for you and your family. Your home sits on beautiful property.

Hills N Valleys said...

I so agree with this post. I really like our home....I just wish it was out in the country like that! (although I wouldn't mind having neighbors like YOU) My dream is to sell this house and buy a smaller one out in the country and eventually build a small cottage nearby...maybe two..for my son with prader-willi syndrome/autism to live in with a roomate...and maybe the other cottage would also have some sn's residents. A garden...some animals to take care of....ahhhh. :D

Donna said...

I know..it's a wonderful dream. I don't know why the Lord blessed us with this...but we are grateful. Funny, we weren't trying to realize a dream...just get away from too much suburbia. We were willing to live in a city..just a smaller one. It was our 14 yr. old who found a house to rent out here about seven years ago. He didn't want us to move to far away from his 'buddies'. We ended up buying our first home..this one..three years later in this same area. The Lord really does direct our steps.

Lorraine said...

what a lovely place to live and raise a family and I presumed you had lived in the country always! i think we would all love to live in the countryside I know I wish I did

Photography said...

What a LOVELY place you live in - I would love to live there. Very jealous :-D Thank you for sharing.

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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