We’re Sewing Aprons!

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We’re Sewing Aprons!


There’s nothing quite as cheering as a fresh new apron! Don’t you think? Rebekah was in the ‘mood’ to sew..which hasn’t happened in quite a while. So I was not about to nay-say a chance for some mommy-daughter time. She’s so busy now with work, bible study, and things like the brown bag live concert at Chick Filet last night, that we don’t get a lot of time together except for our early morning..just before she leaves for work..tea time.

We didn’t bother with patterns (though I think maybe I should have. Note to self—use online patterns—they/re free!) Rebekah traced a little apron I had made for her brother, Andrew, when he was only nine. Did I tell you she’s a size 4? (Sigh.. Note to self—do not be jealous of daughter’s gorgeous figure. Check. ) She just enlarged her brother’s apron using freezer paper to trace it. 

We scrambled through my sewing stash and she pulled out her favorite colors…classy black and white. She lined the black and white striped fabric with black and white polka dots. She laughed a little when she saw what I pulled out of the drawers. We are so opposite when it comes to style. Her apron was simple, stylish, and subdued in design. That’s just the way she likes her clothes.

Me..well..did I tell you I ADORE chickens? I’ve been saving this fabric, which I bought on sale some time ago for something special. I had even bought a little furry orange trim as I had planned on making a purse or tote bag out of this. But I never got around to it.  To tell you the truth I was NOT in the ‘mood’ to sew anything. Too many must do’s on my plate! But for her sake, I decided to give it a go.

It gave me a chance to practice on my Serger. It was only after I did the straps to my apron that I realized the most important of the three threads was not threaded. The edges were finished but the main seamline was missing. Gee..I don’t have a manual..have to get that online..on my very slow laptop. That’s it..I used her machine to finish my apron after she headed off to work.  Another day, I will force myself to get over the learning curve with the serger.

My friend is hosting a Works in Progress at the Clip Cafe, so I thought I’d show you my apron even thought the pocket, neck strap, and ruffle are not done.  I’m off to alter my son’s pants while is wife head’s off to class at college. He’s flying to Oregon for an interview this evening and his wife said they really didn’t know who else could even begin to alter brand new suit pants. Well, I’ve never downsized them before, but I have altered a couple of pairs of suit pants. Pray for me…we are now out of my comfort zone!

Speaking of sewing..I wanted to leave you with an introduction to an amazing seamstress…Julia of Julia’s Sweet and Special Occasion Clothing for Children. She is a MASTER seamstress!! If you want to see some stunning things like smocking, knitting and very formal children’s clothes..her blog is the place to visit. 

Julia, like Needled Mom, has been visiting me since I started my sewing blog (which I’m retiring by the way).  I always know I will see something really special when I drop by her place! If you have time, you might like to visit Julia and browse through her posts. You will see some of the most beautiful sewing and knitting I’ve ever seen!

Well..I’m off to take a son to junior college and go alter some pants..while the grandbabies look on. That’s a pretty fun way to spend a morning!  What projects are you working on this week? If you want, you can join in the fun at Clip Cafe’s Wednesday WIP’s. And for some amazing transformations, why not visit Between Naps on the Porch's Metamorphasis Monday?


Cindy said...

Donna..sew love both of the aprons...but the chicken one...makes me want to run to Hancock fabric and get started on me one...sew you did a great thing..you got me motivated..lol

Where in Oregon? My 1/2 sister lives there alllll her family and all her life.
In oregon...you are not allowed to fill up your gas..they do it..no really it is against the law.
There are hardly in day cares in the Portland area..most children stay home with a relative..the cost is 4 times what it is here in Tx. The cost of living up there is also about 3 times Tx prices..I was sooooo shocked how much things were.They know no difference..been there all their lives.Even with all my nieces and their spuses working....they still can't afford to buy...they all rent.It is beautiful...and damp alot! I loved the scenery...and I would still think about living there...but it will take alot more money to live there than to stay in Tx.
I will be praying for them and of course for your daughter...hey it happens to all of us at some point.I just call it learning lessons. God's time for us to turn to Him and learn something!!

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rick and Gingham

Maria said...



Needled Mom said...

I'd be making the chicken one too, but the black and white one is very classy. Both are lovely.

I love seeing Julia's blog. She does such gorgeous work.

Good luck with the suit pants.

Debby said...

I love the aprons. That one with the chickens and the red fringe is just way too cute.
You have alot happening in your family. I will pray for your family members in the service.
(((((HUGS))))) for you.

Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

Great aprons! and the serger's not going anywhere ')
wonderng if you rcvd the email letting you know i have a teacup partner for you [if you have 2 min to rtn the questions")] blessed day in every way Donna!..

Julia said...

Thank you so much for the feature of my blog and some of my creations! How humbled I am!

Trudy said...

They're both adorable.

nanasknoll said...

Hope the suits turn out ok. I always say Lord help me figure this out and sure enough He brings how to do it to my mine. That may sound silly-but I believe that it builds fellowship to go to my Lord and ask Him for small things just like I would do with My earthly Father.
Love the aprons. Makes me want to sew. I am reorganizing my sewing things and putting them in containers. Must finish one project before another. I use to be a Side Tracked House Wife. If you ever read that book.
Be praying for your success.
Oregon is a beautiful place-I know you will miss your kids. Same thing happened to me. Only I was the one that had to move. 2 daughters in California.
The Lord gives us comfort-but we still miss them.

Anonymous said...

Donna...the aprons are so beautiful.

I need to start making myself some.


nanasknoll said...

I know if we lived next door we would be great friends.
I love chickens-have them all over my kitchen.
My daughter when here in Oct. totally reformed my dressing style and bought me clothes.
I buy things for a project/do not get it done/use it for something else.
I use to square dance and loved it.
Love being at home.
Going to your blog is like going over and chating with a friend. I have not had much of that-as everywhere I have lived or gone to church all the ladies worked except me. They totally did not seem to get me wanting to stay home. Oh well the Lord has his reasons.
I must sew some aprons for myself.

Photography said...

I just made my very first apron tonight! (well it's early morning - I should be in bed....) It's only a half apron but still no pattern and my own idea . I am wrapped with how it turned out and I don't have a serger so had to double fold the hem etc. Anyway love both of them here very different. I am probably more like your daughters choice but yours is very cheery! Thanks so much for linking up and the mention :-)

Donna said...

Hi Friends, I'm glad you liked the aprons. It's funny how everyone likes different styles. I was pleased that so many of you liked the chicken one..love that Suzy Homemaker look. Aprons are such a good way to use your stash and scraps. :o)

Thanks so much for all your sweet comments! The grandbabies have the flu so I'll be babysitting tomorrow morning and the next. Always busy around here!


antmee said...

I love both aprons! Both are so me! lol. Depending on the mood I am in. my daughter told me just the other day that she thinks I have multi personalities. No I said its just different moods and that she is starting to see me as a person and not just her parent.

GlorV1 said...

I think the chicken apron is great. I also think the one your daughter is making is pretty nice. Thanks for sharing.

خياطة وتفصيل said...


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