Celebrating Birthdays…

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Celebrating Birthdays…

This has been quite a week for celebrations! Not only was it my birthday on Wednesday, but it was also  my daughter-in-law’s birthday, and my best friend’s birthday, and my grandson’s birthday. February 2nd is pretty popular at our house! And on top of that two grandchildren and my sister all have birthdays in the next week!   It made for a lot of festivity!  The photos of Lena's party which we held last night are going to have to wait until my next 'family news' photo on Saturday.

I packed up clothes and toys for the grandkids and shipped the right away. But I wasn’t expecting to see Ebeth and her daughter, Lena until later in the week to give them their gifts. But with the cold weather, rolling blackouts have been in place in many places, like my aunt’s home in Arlington. My son, Andrew, called on ‘our’ birthdays and asked if he and Elisabeth and the grandkids could join us for the day as they had no power.  It was no problem of course. :o) I loved having them over.  We had quite a pizza party that evening..Lena LOVES pizza! And I got to feed ‘Augy’ his bottle twice! (And change the diaper twice-Ha!) Lena and I read books and explored the house together too.

Jacob tells a story

The grandkids were ready for bed by 8:00pm so they headed on home and only then did we remember my birthday cake, which Dear Hubby baked himself! Pretty amazing huh? Well, he’s a smart guy, so that’s no surprise. :O)

Donna's birthday

  Rebekah decorated it though. That had not yet occurred to him.  But he did arrange 24 candles (one for every two years) in a grid pattern straight across the cake.(He’s a computer programmer..so there was a slight lack of creativity involved here. ) I blew out all but one of them! I told him he could just skip 90% of the candles next time..OK?


Hmmm..what can we do with the 24 candles???  (Thanks a lot dear for reminding me).  Tim is a bit of a pyromaniac. :0)


Tim has a hard time remembering birthdays. But that's OK, after 24 years of marriage..I’ve adjusted. Ha! No use expecting the impossible. But he always does his best to do a great job on my birthday…as long as I don’t mind the last minute nature of the project. Tee-hee!  He loves me dearly..and that’s what matters most. :o) On Friday night he took me out to dinner and to hear his cello teacher perform country music on Lake Conroe. It was a lovely birthday date. :o)


Tim gave me the sweetest birthday card, purchased at our local ‘country market’ grocery store. His note in my birthday card was priceless!   I had to wonder..is he referring to our 22 moves in 24 years? I guess I am a ‘trail blazer’ though..and so is Tim. No wonder we decided to ‘hitch’ our wagons together. LoL!  Mom sang Happy Birthday to me and sent me a lovely e-card and so did Millicent, my long time friend who never forgets a birthday.  David Dabney, (nick name Birthday Dave) called to sing to me too. What is it with birthdays and singing? Even Gloria of Gloria’s VivalaVida sang in a comment just a couple of days back. Well, I’m never going to fuss about a song.

Google Calendar

Millicent told me to set up a Google Calendar and add all the birthdays with reminders which will be sent to my email box. I did this and am so happy! That was one of the things I most wanted to get on top of this year. I lost my computer system three years ago and along with it my whole birthday list. Since then, I had never quite re-created it and had try to rely on memory. Thanks to her encouragement, it’s all arranged. That’s one biggy off my ‘To Do’ list for this year. Thanks Millicent!

You guys all made my birthday special with your well wishes and facebook greetings. :o)
I do hope your birthday is a special as mine was…


crafty creations said...

Happy Birthday Donna :):):) Loved reading your posting - my birthday is tomorrow !!!!! I shall be a very young 64!!!!!!!!!!!!! My hubby will make breakfast whilst I open the goodies I have got in a little pile waiting to be opened from my crafty friends. I am then going off to my craft group for tea and cake

xx Hilda

Photography said...

Oh sounds like you had a wonderful time. I love the look of that birthday cake! Could eat some right now :-) xx

Rae said...

happy birthday! I did remember your b-day over at facebook.
I am so bad about forgetting! I try. I even have a book with all the dates, and I mark them in my calender...but still, sometimes I forget or it's late. Better late than never I say. hehehe.
love you!

Caroline said...

Happy Birthday! Your hubby's card is so sweet. mmmm.... cake!

Trudy said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday.

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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