Valentines and A Beautiful Tea Cup

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Valentines and A Beautiful Tea Cup

Only recently, did I hear about the teacup swap that Faith, Hope and Cherrytea was holding on her blog. I thought I had missed the deadline, but she sent me an email and said, “If you want ‘in’..just fill out this form. I have someone who still needs a partner. “

So I said yes, of course! I sent in the form…got one from a new friend, Kim of Kim’s Collectibles and Treasures. Then we both went shopping using our notes and packaged our boxes super fast… And  ‘Voila'! By Tuesday, we both had our cups. Too bad I didn’t know my box was in the mailbox! She wanted me to have my cup by my birthday, but I thought it was still at the post office.

She showed photos of the tea cup I sent her on her blog too. :o) It’s such a lovely post. :o) I have six matching cups of this set...but now I'm wanting to have some of them be different. So a swap is the perfect solution! Now Kim and I can share tea via the internet..using a matching set.. How fun is that?!

I had mentioned that my birthday was on Wednesday and she wanted to make sure I got it in time. Is that not so sweet?!  I just could not quit ooh-ing and aaah-ing over this exquisite tea cup! And the sweet little embroidered hanky she sent with it.

As if that was not enough, she sent me a vintage valentine and a little handmade baby shoe as a valentine too. I just can’t wait to do a Tuesday Tea post with my new tea cup! Rebekah and I will have to have tea together on Monday..and I’ll take photos for Tuesday.

I’ve spent some time looking around Kim’s website…and she is just incredibly talented!! She sells some of the loveliest things in her ETSY shop. She is crazy about vintage things and Valentines.   She makes these little ‘shoe’ valentines and sells them.

If you love really romantic sure need to stop by Kim’s blog.  She’s a fairly new blogger…and I know she’d appreciate a visit from you.  Pretty things like this are what I think of when I think of the ‘art’ of homemaking. With practice and a little creativity, you can make your home beautiful without buying everything straight from a store shelf. 

And if you’d like to see lots more beautiful tea cups and saucers, then drop by Faith, Hope, and Cherrytea’s blog to see her ‘teacup swap’ wall. That’s where I’m going to be linking this post today. We are all showing off our gifts from our swap partners. 

Do you have a favorite teacup and saucer?  I’d love to hear about it. :O)  If you’d like to show it off this weekend, just link up here. This is nothing ‘official’ and you can link to an old post if you have a photo already on your need to mention my blog. :o)  I’d just love to see your cup!

and Faith, Hope, and Cherrytea’s Teacup Swap



Ky said...

What a beautiful and dainty teacup! That teacup swap is a great idea. Wonder if anyone does it in Australia...
I bet your tea will taste even better in that special cup, Donna.

Thanks for popping in today. You always make me smile when you leave me comments. You're a treasure! xx

Anonymous said...

That IS a beautiful tea cup, two of my favorites pink and roses!! What pretty precious goodies. I shall have to check out her blog and shop! What a fun trade. Hope all is well with you and you are staying nice and toasty, drinking tea out of your lovely friendship cup. ;)

Between you, me and the Fencepost said...

The baby shoe is beautiful, soo pretty! I drink coffee so I love nice big cups to fill up. Pretty, delicate tea cups are something I always admire but I have it that they are to be put high up and away as a pretty decoration. But then, who says I can't drink coffee out of something lovely?

Donna said...

I'd swap a cup in a heart beat with you Ky! I'm trying to trade out my matching set of cups so I can have a collection of different ones. What a fun idea that would be..I have four cups left that I could swap and then five friends in bloggyland would have part of a matching set to my tea pot..What a novel idea! Just a thought..:o) I'd especially love to do it internationally..I need to see what the postage would be. It might just be too expensive to do.

Babbs..I just have to tell you I adore your profile look like you are always having a great time. :o) are going to think I'm so strange..but I DREAMED that I MET you and Maria. :O) It was so funny! And I was wearing my most unstylish denim skirt and the elastic suddenly gave way.. So, yes, I was embarassed..but I woke up smiling because we all hugged and chatted and thought it was all so funny!

Sorry you couldn't have been was so sweet. :o) Maybe some day...

Donna said...

You are right, Anita..I don't have a great tea cup collection..I'm working on it. But I have a GREAT coffee cup collection. Everyone of my coffee cups is special. Somehow the coffee just tastes a beautiful cup. :o)

Kerrie said...

Oh I love this post so much Donna! I love teacups and the little shoe is adorable, I gasped when I saw it, how sweet. I will have to check out the site for sure! Have a wonderful weekend, hugs, K

Annette said...

Oh it's a beautiful teacup and I love the idea of a swap! Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment!

Kim Hanauer said...

Sweet Donna,
Thanks so much for the wonderful comments about your teacup and my blog! I love to share my art and ideas. Your layout and photos are so beautiful. I haven`t gotten into photo shop or picasso to enhance my pictures yet. Still working on it....
I think your idea about swapping out your teacups is a lovely one! Let me know if you do...
Have a Blessed day~

Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

i would sooo trade with you Donna!
luvly teaset!!
and i am thrilled for you with your new friendship with Kim! just what i have hoped as a result from this TeaCup Trade...
a deliteful TeaCup gift! Kim wrote me to say it was being rushed to you for your special day! thoughtful blessings...
Thank You for joining us ")

La said...

Oh what a beautiful teacup. It is so dainty and feminine. Enjoy your wonderful gift and new friendship. La

Terri said...

Oh I absolutely love this tea cup! So dainty and pretty with all those flowers on it.
You tea cup post is so lovely, all your photos are fab!

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

This tea cup swap looked like SUCH FUN!!! I hope to be involved in one in the future. I loved your story and I MUST read every single entry!!! I LOVE TEA PARTIES!!!
Happy Valentine's Day to you, AND a belated Happy Birthday too...
Hugs, Donna

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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