A Great Fireworks Video and Photos from Afghanistan

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A Great Fireworks Video and Photos from Afghanistan

by Donna

Hi friends, If you are like me and your town has banned fireworks due to the fire hazard, perhaps you would enjoy this youtube video that I just uploaded.

We visited Gelsenkirchen, Germany about four years ago and were there for the New Year's celebration. The fireworks were spectacular! One reason is that all the buildings are made of stone and are completely safe from any fire danger. Everyone in the town sets off their fireworks in the city streets and all bedlam breaks loose..all at once! It's pretty amazing to witness!

Also, please keep our dear young men and women in the service in your prayers. Matthew called to say his camp just got mortared..but  all are safe. It's the middle of the night in Afghanistan right now. He said they are all just mad as anything..and shook up of course. A piece of shrapenel went six feet above Matthew's head and right through his tent.  He took it so stoically I must say!

  He was about to go feed their camp mascot..a little kitty who lives in their tent.  He said they all got one sausage, one hamburger patty, and something else..I forget what...to celebrate the fourth. "The fireworks tonight though..they were a bit over the top!", said Matthew. :o)

You can read all about Nana the War Kitty on my son's wordpress blog, JarHead 286 that I think he just started. It's a sweet story..and there are more photos too.

 Life is rough out there...you can read more real life accounts of every day interaction at the bazaar..with the Afghani children and other stories at Jarhead286. 

Matthew said the kids love the hard candy everyone sends him.  This is a great idea for those of you with sons or daughters overseas. It helps our soldiers make friends.  I filled his last box with Jolly Ranchers! :o)

I'm still on bloggy vacation, but wanted to share this with your for your celebration this evening.  Enjoy!

P.S....Happy Birthday Mom...one of my very BEST friends. :o)


Debby said...

God bless your son and the other soldiers. I know that this is so hard on you. Prayers and (((((HUGS))))

meg said...

Hugs to all of you and we're praying still for Matthew. God bless the children and lil' critters that help keep the soldiers 'human'. They need them.

Kathy said...

We were able to see two amazing displays of fireworks this weekend and to hear a marvelous Christian group - The Akins - a father and sons group - I was so uplifted!
I am glad you took a moment to stop by to share - I pray your son will remain safe until he returns - great idea with the hard candy! Hope you have a great vacation!

Maria Killam said...

Donna I still remember that post where he was talking about how hot it was there so I am having trouble looking at him in full uniform, how do they do it?? Happy belated 4th!!

Jill said...

Keeping your son in my prayers!! So very thankful for our military!!

Many Blessings to you Donna!


Needled Mom said...

That is certainly NOT the type of fireworks one would like to see or experience. I keep them in my prayers, Donna. I am sure that does not make for a good sleep for you either.

Happy birthday to your mom.

Ama x four said...

Thanks for posting the link to Matthew's blog. He is such a good writer...just like his mom! I posted a link on my facebook page and hope that others will read it too. Hope you all had a fun fourth!

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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