Little Miracles Mean Just As Much

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Little Miracles Mean Just As Much

Last week, while at the oil convention with Tim, I was sent on a 'mission' by Tim’s boss to  find a USB stick.  He needed it to give away some ‘free’ software to a potential client.  Finding a USB stick amongst the 100+ vendors who were giving away 'freebies' that day was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. And my feet were getting sore too…

But I dutifully headed off…breathing a little prayer that the Lord would guide me. (It’s still embarrassing for me to walk up to all these business types looking for goodies, however normal it might be…and it is of course.) I don’t really enjoy doing this.

I looked and looked and finally found myself wAAaaay off in the back where the poor little companies from other countries tend to get tucked away in tiny booths. I always feel a tad sorry for them. They are pinching pennies just to get to the show…and then they sit and while away the hours hoping someone will stop by.

As I was walking past one booth, a Nigerian woman asked me about my complimentary 'spouses' bag. It was a woven, burlap style tote with pretty red accents.  I told her where it had come from and of course there was no way she could get possibly get one, since registration was over already.

She looked so wistful, though very polite of course, and I felt like the Lord was nudging me…“Just give her yours.”  So, I told her just to hold on a minute—I would be happy to give it to her but I had to drop off my stuff. ( many tote bags does a gal need?)

So I walked ALL the way back to our company booth, emptied the bag of my goodies and trekked ALL the way back to her. (Sadly, I had not found any USB stick on either trip.)

As an aside, I mentioned that the only reason I’d come so far back in the first place was to hunt for a free USB stick. She just laughed and pointed directly across from their booth and said, "Oh, they have tons!"

Happily,  I grabbed the stick and hot-footed it back to the company booth where Tim’s boss was in deep discussion with a new potential client. The boss’s wife, was so relieved to get that stick! 'Boss' was giving away his last one as I arrived.

I said a quiet prayer of thanks to the Lord for helping me find what we needed.  I do hope the Lord’s love shined through, in a tiny way, to my new friend that day.

Sometimes, the best miracles are the little ones. :o)


GlorV1 said...

Of course that is just like you to do something like that. You know something?, I would have done the same. Of course God is always on your side Donna because you are such a wonderful person. Hope all is well, I'm trying to catch up a little but now I will have to sign off for a while. I want to be able to watch DWTS tonight. Take care and be well.

Donna said...

That is so kind of you to say that, but you know..I know you would do that too. I just know how it feels to feel 'left out'. But the neat thing is that I found my stick!

Thanks for visiting.You are so sweet.


Maria Killam said...

You are so sweet Donna! xo Maria

Debby said...

Such a sweet story.
Amazing how those things happen.....hmmmmmm.
Love your new look.

Jill said...

You are so kind and caring! What a great story. :-) Have a wonderful week!


Home Decors said...

Great idea for a USB. Beautiful. Where can I get this stuff?

Donna said...

The heart shaped USB is cute isn't it? Here's the link to the place that sells the heart-shaped usb stick.

The link for the tie clip USB is The company is called (odd, I know!) It sells for $9.90.

They are cute aren't they.

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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