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FlyLady Baby Steps to The Rescue!

Flylady to the rescue!
Today, I woke up and knew that it was time to get back to work.  The vacation is over and I need to carry on..with or without a working right hand.

Suddenly those baby steps to a clean home look a lot bigger...

(Meet Baby Lillie!)

Still... they are the only thing that makes sense in my situation.   I started to panic at the sight of all the mail and laundry  (try folding anything one-handed--Not!)..and unpacking. 

Then I remembered that my morning routine was all I needed to worry about: 
  • shower
  • devotions 
  • a load of laundry
  • start the meat defrosting
  • keep the sink shiny
  • pick up for a few minutes
  • sweep
  •  take out the trash
  •  open a few bills  
  • answer emails

Source: scribd.com via Laura on Pinterest

We'll be just fine. This is do-able!  

Now the real question is...can I still hula hoop???


Recouping at a Cozy Mountaintop Retreat

I must say that if you have to break a wrist and need a quiet and cozy place to recoup, then Robin's home is the place to be.

Next week, we'll be back at my son's home and cuddling with the grandkids.  By that time the pain and swelling will be minimal.  We will do a little sight seeing in Seattle, some shopping, visit Tim's brother and sister-in-law, and we'll celebrate Lena's birthday. So fun!

For now, I'm dealing with the challenges of dressing, writing, typing and even sleeping with one hand.  The constant dull ache and swelling bothers me very little during the day, but starts to get to me at night.

My next DIY project will be a giant pillow with the exact right height and shape to keep your arm elevated while you sleep. Anyone got a huge roll of duct tape I can borrow? LOL.

Elevation--all day, every day, is my constant challenge and will be for several weeks.

In the meanwhile, I am enjoying the most amazing views in the mountains overlooking the John Day river valley. All of this view is seen from the comfort of a recliner next to a cozy fire through picture windows of giant proportions! You can actually SEE the snowstorms coming from across the valley!  It's like being in a snow globe!  Enchanting!

Robin's home is bright and cheery and spacious.  She waits on me hand and foot.  Hot tea, coffee, magazines, ice packs, an extra pillow, fuzzy blanket or a pill (only at the proper time of course) are just a whisper away.   She loves taking care of people and here I am...an invalid dropped right in her lap like manna from heaven. LOL!

Still, Hubby has to work ALL day long with boss and co-worker.  Working together is not something they get to do very often..and the hours are invaluable to them.  So I miss him..and the kids...and bloggy friends..and my church friends.  Cell phones don't work and internet is sketchy. It's hard not to feel a little lonely.

On the bright side, we're driving back to Seattle tomorrow.  Soon we'll be with family again...and cell phone reception. Who-hoo!  I'm supposed to get a cast if the incisions have healed up properly right before we fly back to Texas.  We hope that will be on the 28th.

If you could send up a little prayer for those stitches and not getting bumped on our space available flights, I'd be so grateful.  Trying not to get too homesick..but when you are hurting, it's a little hard not to miss your own bed and pillow.  Don't worry--I'm counting my blessings.:)

You, my friends are high on that list.  Thanks for you sweet notes.  :)


Surgery Today

Just wanted to let you know that  surgery is at 1:30pm pacific time. That's 3:30 Texas time. I sure don"t care for anesthesia. It's out-patient surgery . Btw for those who were wondering,I broke my right wrist. I'm left handed so that's good news.   They are putting in plates and pins to reattach the ends of the bones that broke off.  The cast won't be put on for a couple of weeks. I'll have a splint at first.
No driving or washing up for six weeks! Yipes!  Sounds like life will be different around our house for a while. We are heading to oregon tomorrow so I'll be recouping at Tim's boss's house. Thanks for everyone's prayers.  Here's a sweet photo my son took of Lena. I have photos of the kids but can't post them yet. I'll share them soon.  The snow here is goreous! 
xo Donna


On a 'Break'.....Literally!


Two days ago we arrived in Seattle for our visit with the kids and grandkids. Yesterday morning i slipped in my fuzzy socks and landed on my wrist.  It's broken pretty badly and I'll have to have out patient surgery this coming Thursday to get one of the bones in the proper place.

I'm typing this with one hand. :)   I'm afraid it may be awhile before i can type again.  Just wanted you to know where I was.  When the pain subsides  I'll try to update you.  I'll be in a cast for six weeks.

Sadly, i had to cancel my trip to Maria's in Vancouver. We're so disappointed.

The bright side is that I'm still getting to cuddle with the grandkids and visit our kids.

The pain is pretty severe and the medicine makes me groggy...but hopefully things will get better quickly.
 Be assured that I'm resting in the Lord's peace.  Somehow this will all work out for the best.

Hubby drove us to his childhood home in Issaquah and to Snoqualmie falls. Inspite of the pain, I couldn 't help but be awestruck by it's majestic beauty.  Thought you would enjoy seeing it.

Have a lovely week. I'll catch up with you as soon as I'm able.

Happy Homemaking!



Celebration, Resolution, Moderation...a Recipe for a Happy New Year

Happy New Year friends!  We're packing for a two and a half week trip to Washington to visit our kids and grandkids so our vacation will be longer than most.  We'll be taking school 'on the road' too. I'm not sure how the posting will go with grandchildren nearby. (I'm so excited!)

I'm also looking forward to visiting Maria Killam of Color Me Happy. She lives in Vancouver, BC which is just a short bus ride from Seattle. (Well--four hours isn't too bad. :-)  Who would have ever thought I'd actually make it to her house!  Yippee!

I hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas and have an even more wonderful New Year!  Thoughts of New Year's Resolutions were floating around in my head and I couldn't help but mention the topic.  
The fact is that I'm not too big on 'resolutions'.  For me, this year has been one long resolution. LOL!

Still, it's wonderful to reflect on all that we've been able to accomplish this year...
  • de-cluttered home
  •  a small weight loss and  better eating habits
  • exercising more consistently
  • 90% of our debt paid off
  • new school program for our youngest child (the last one still in homeschool)
Tim and I have purposely slowed down to spend more quality time with family and friends. We've talked on the phone with our adult children more and mended some bridges too. I would say that was the most important thing that happened this year.  Loving each other. It's what we care about most.

Really, the things that have already happened are the things that most of us would want on our list: more spiritual, physical, relational, and financial peace and wholeness.

A new year is a great time to reflect on our progress towards a life lived purposely and to renew our commitment to those goals.

If there is any one thing I would encourage you to do this month, it would be to make a list of all that you HAVE done already.  Celebrate those things first...Then..make a list of things you would like to see work on for this coming year.

Source: google.com via Pao on Pinterest

If I WAS to make a list it would be to 
  • pray more
  • love more
  • write more
  • eat less
  • move more
  • and sew a LOT more!! (Who-hoo!)

My hope for this year, is to continue doing what I was last year...but more faithfully.  Sadly, I'm a pretty naturally undisciplined person, and I've decided that I will always be striving to improve.

Procrastination is still my most decided weakness..though that seems to be on the decline too--hence the most awesome Christmas ever! Next year--I'm starting in July! (Just kidding.:o)

It's called growing up...  but I have a sneaky suspicion I will be 'at it' till I'm 80.  (Ah well..)

Just remember...the Tortoise got a lot further down the road than the hare!  Don't beat yourself over the head for what you haven't done this last year...

Just keep movin' along the right track and a year from now, you'll be celebrating too!

4Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! 5Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. 6Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Phillippians 4:4-7

May you be blessed in every way this coming year...
Happy Homemaking...

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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